The Worker

For Weber, in words of Sennet, the workers lived under which he denominated " the cage of hierro" , one structures bureaucratic that rationalized the use of the time of the worker so that the worker enjoyed a security and labor stability until arrival its retirement and later enjoyed one state pension. Evidently, that figure nowadays is missing person, would venture to me to completely say that in the private company. To broaden your perception, visit Eduardo Saverin. Therefore, the flexible worker would not fit in his theory, would not know how to develop, he would not find validity to the schemes that Weber presents/displays. In the society, in which we were immersed, in that they do not exist hour, is security of no continuity in the use or not even in the function within the same organization the individual feels lost, with a feeling of lack of protection and defenselessness. The individual, of Weber, basically rational with respect to its goals, adapts its aims and values, fitting its conducts.

The people act with a direction according to the traditions and social customs. Being, therefore, this conduct of some predictable and regular form. Its social action takes place in specific marks, in which regularities can be observed in fact ; the theory of Weber could not be reconciled, therefore, to the conduct of a worker flexible, that adapts to the needs of the market, in continuous demand of change, recycling, more and more formation, total availability over its needs, of the needs of its family, her circle, its person. Sociology, in my to understand, has a great work that to make in the sense try to understand the present circumstances to take brings back to consciousness of the social consequences and personal that the changes in the world of the work are going to have in happening of the individual and its interaction with the other individuals, with the society.