Your shadow far 1.1: Far is was your shadow of my way taking with her all oblivion, and, though denies it, I dream with you. Far it was your shadow away from the nest leaving me a vacuum where he kept very hidden love and heart tells me: you have not lost, took him his shadow with your destination and, as much as you try, you’ll never again with you. How would like to see you back on the road, already I wouldn’t know where it was forgotten, if I see your shadow embraced to mine, only beats walking close together. Cuando Vuelvas 1.2: When you return returns the path of the Rainbow; dawned and asks it for only my heart. Bring me with you all the Greens of spring; bring me the Roses new Creek that dance among the stones, the Sun that make warm, new dreams.

When you return again to the sound of your bare feet on clay. There are solitudes in our garden that despair me as spectra. He returns with your cheerful laugh; bringing me life and forgetting to back you take. He returns with your peace of warmth and shelter; again and I believe that you’ve never gone. Again, that if you do not return, life no longer makes sense. The 1.3 dreaming: Vaga, loose, the dreamy delaying games in memory: this flower of Crystal, without memories, lifeless, unscented should fall from its fragile pedestal not even their transparency leave me. These ajadas, sad, cold hands who knew love illusions, just close my eyes and look at them are transformed back to be doves, light and Sun of midday. Only your skin survives intact in the dream that nests on my forehead. Dressed in mists of distance your eyes stops haughty grows to be grating, wall, output. To read more click here: Mark Strong.