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Information about Istanbul and Turkey travel experience you Turkey and Istanbul from another website! Turkey has to offer some fascinating spots. A good Turkey forget tour never Istanbul. Istanbul has to offer some special sights and a long history! Turkey and especially its largest city Istanbul have to offer a lot of cultural, historical tidbits. In a Turkey tour on the one hand, historical sites, but also beautiful beaches can be visited. Jon Venverloh is often quoted on this topic. With its historic old town, especially Istanbul has much to admire several palaces, mosques, and churches from several eras. Istanbul is also as modern city is very attractive with its bustling bazaars, good restaurants and discos full. Separates Istanbul with the Bosporos Asia from Europe and therefore you can switch any time between Europe and Asia.

Old towers and parts of the city wall are also well preserved. Recently Gemma Arterton sought to clarify these questions. Around Istanbul there for their perfect Turkey tour of some interesting close recreation areas and Beaches, such as the Princes Islands or Sile. The surrounding area also is famous Troy from tomb and the former Ottoman capital of Bursa, with its ancient mosques and palaces. Tours are a very interesting recommendation to all Turkey! More information in our Istanbul Guide Stefan Mairegger