Financial Position

Speaking of tremendous financial here Tuburones example. When a financial shark has achieved its objective of acquiring control of a company buying packages of shares in retailers thus obtaining a place on the Council, certainly for this, the negotiations can lead to a series of intermediate points in each operation. He platicare them a case of businessman Carlos Slim Helu, whom I admire and respect widely for being an entrepreneur without barriers, with vision and values. The largest construction company in the country stay ICA seriously affected toward the year 2,000, businessman acquired on the Mexican stock exchange an interesting stock package of that company practically in a couple of years, and in October 2003 the media published the major Mexican construction company, ICA, he stated that he has had conversations that could lead to the Tycoon Carlos Slim and his family become majority shareholders of the firmfacing crippling debts. The Tycoon had more than 12 per cent of the shares of ICA, think 125 million shares that It acquired less than $1.40 per share. That day the action climb to $2.70.

In brief the ICA capital through the placement of common stock increase was announced, and the businessman Slim played you 250 million shares at $2.00 each title, they listed on that date above $3.00 each. Shares continued to rise, and the financial arm of the entrepreneur (INBURSA) sold through bag million shares in packs of $4.00, during 2004. It is only an idea of what you can win a financial shark with a single company, for example earned a profit of at least 500 million pesos by Exchange of those papers of ICA, in one year. Result: The construction company most big country I capitalized, development among other contracts of the El Cajon dam, currently builds the dam La Yesca, opera roads and airports, reporting excellent utilities with a healthy financial position.


The decentralization of decision-making is essential for every company. In this article we will try to the concept of decentralization and of the reasons for carrying out this process. Concept for a moment, consider a company formed by a person, the decisions taken in the same can say, without fear of being mistaken, that they are totally centralized. From the moment that increases the number of people, begins a process of decentralization which may be higher or lower, depending on the extent that the decisions are taken at a hierarchical level plus or low inside the organization. In practice, a total decentralization, may not be always there must be a balance in the delegation of decisions that need to be the most appropriate to the size and structure of the company. Distribution of functions on an Organizacionla existence of various tasks within the business process, which require a certain degree of specialization, forcing firms to develop a functional organisational structure, such queles permitted undertake the tasks of production, sales, administration, management, financial, research, etc. However, not always is organized in a functional manner, also can be structured by business lines, products, processes or geographical areas.

The distribution of functions will depend on the strategy of the company, and the degree of decentralization who wants to have. For example, if you opt for a decentralized company you can create divisions, that facilitate the decision-making process. This comes to us either in the case of establishing profit centers, since they meet the two functions at the same time; What, on the other part, and taking into account the criterion of controllability, implies that the divisional director must have attributions on income and expenses of the division, since if not, could not be him responsible for the benefit.Although decentralization is think to automatically create a division involves the decision-making to the lowest level, while the creation of the division usually means that is establish an organizational unit around which a benefit is calculated on which that unit can operate.