Dominios Agrees

A frequent situation over which many agencies of professional cathedral encounter is the coexistence of several names of dominion of the same owner or group industralist. This is that when trying to work in the positioning a page, the company owns other similar dominions with the same content. The reason for which some people in charge of dominion tend to gather together similar dominions responds to an attempt to diminish or to neutralize the possible competition, or to safeguard the integrity of the mark against little ethical attempts of the bad competitors. That is that in prevention of which other competing companies can become of easily posicionables dominions or that they can buy very similar dominions and fill them of information that could damage our client, is chosen to buy or to reserve that name of dominion. The intention is reasonable, but not always it causes for the cathedral and positioning of the dominion that we tried to promote.

The main obstacle it is the duplicated content. On the other hand Google tends to penalize any type of action that can be interpreted like a manipulation of the natural positioning. Thus if it detects that several exist " websites espejo" a sanction can be triggered. This becomes more evident when the mailing dress that it appears in the forms of contact of these sites is the same, and does not require of concerted effort to realize, then, of which websites is of the same person or the same person in charge, and they are not competing, being at some moments causes sufficient for so feared penalty. I want to make clear, that I talk about precise to the creation of a site residing in each dominion, with its own space of hosting. I am not speaking than we know like Parking. That is, dominions that direct to the same site with the unique content of the main dominion.


Kiko Lyaneras, creator of the site, examines the decline in property values in Spain, based on available data. He succumbed to widespread criticism dissimilarity information in respect of data, depending on who their provides. Lyaneras believes that "the simple question" How much prices have fallen? "Is actually very difficult to answer. We have a large amount of information, but they are inaccurate, inconsistent, and although it is believed that these data are the same, they are a bit different. " Therefore decided to compile Lyaneras data from three sources, which are considered the most important and significant: the normative price of real estate (Ministry of Housing), the estimated value of the property (data Sociedad de Tasacion – the leading organization for real estate valuation expert – approx. interpreter) and a starting price of housing sales in the secondary market (as a source of data he chose Thus, we have three interesting graphics: Lyaneras said that this figure raises some doubts on the one hand, "there does not appear" black "payments, that would mean that the real decline in prices was in fact a large (if we assume that the "black" payments have little value) "and the other – new housing goes into the ownership of several months late, after it was agreed the final price. Regarding the assessment of housing, the author points out that "the valuation of the property always seems surrounded by skepticism: after all, this method is partly subjective, and its results depend on the interests of agents (eg banks) and it seems to me that when assessing the value of property is generally underestimated, even though it is convenient for home buying on credit. " Relative price index of the expert notes that "this is the starting price and no final, and that should expect that market shrinking, as now, the negotiations will be tougher, and therefore the final price will be much lower than claimed. " The same was said and on, where it is noted that the final prices often much lower than initially announced due to personal negotiations between the buyer and seller. From the findings Lyanerasa can say that prices continue to drop, and trying to give a definite answer on how to how much property prices in Spain fall, meaningless, because the price of each home depends on many factors, such as "area, type, age or location of the property." And finally Lyaneras emphasizes the importance of tracking data on the number of transactions, as an indicator to "anticipate future sector." Source: Property in Spain


If a person has a need for additional income, then the easiest way may be a bank deposit with monthly interest payments. Then the question arises about the value of such deposit to profit from it equal a certain amount. Of course, this sum is not small, but usually a few times in her life, she is available to most people. Then the person has a choice – either spend it on durable goods consumption (cars, apartments), which, however, will generate a negative return on content. On the other hand, this amount can make a substantial asset with an income that will be important for the owner. Here I show the calculation of this magnitude. Assume that the consumer needed extra income as a share of (n) of their basic income (salary – Z). Period of payments is a month for which the consumer receives the interest with your deposit of size N, with an annual interest rate r.

! in the formula must be substituted values of n and r is not in percentages but in fractions of a unit (for example, instead of 30% must be substituted 0,3) Thus, we need the amount of interest on deposits for the month equal to a percentage of salary consumer: N – size of the deposit, Z – Salary consumer, n – the share of additional income from wages (for example, 0,4 ie 40%), r – the annual deposit rate (eg 0.13). Example. Let us obtain the average salary of 15,000 rubles, and want to earn extra income in the amount of 40% (n) of the salary. We want to open a deposit with an annual rate of 14% (r), so the monthly interest on it were equal to this additional income. Thus, we need a deposit of 514,000 rubles to receive monthly interest equal to 6000 rubles. (= 40% of salary). In this case, the deposit amount remains unchanged.

However, even if a deposit is not reduced nominally, its real value declining inflation. To take into account the impact of inflation, interest must be received divided by the part that will increase the deposit in proportion to inflation, and the remainder used as additional income. Assume that inflation in the year amounts to inf (for example, 11%), then the formula will change as follows: In recent years, the inflation rate is comparable with the rates on deposits, so you should look for other investment assets that provide returns of 20%. These may make structured products (eg, ordinary deposit + option to oil, etc.).

Declaration Property

The carrying value of the corresponding group of fixed assets reduced by the cost of fixed assets in the event of their transfer to the lessor (landlord) in finance lease (rent) in the manner provided for the sale of fixed assets. In this case the lessee (tenant) increases the carrying value of fixed assets of the group in order provided for the purchase of fixed assets. In addition, under subparagraph 8.1.2 of paragraph 8.1 of Article 8 of the profits are subject to depreciation expense of the taxpayer for the purchase of fixed assets. In the case of operational leasing state and communal property ownership costs for their purchase does not occur. On this issue in its letter of 21.05.2004 4058/6/15-1116 STA, referring to part 3 of Article 23 of the Rent Act, explained that '… 9294634833278’>ARC Investment Partners. Depreciation deductions for fixed assets as part of integral property complexes of leased enterprises, their divisions charges and reserves at its disposal a tenant who used them to restoration of leased fixed assets'. Same paragraph also found that ownership of property acquired by the tenant at the expense of depreciation, belongs to the owner of leased property (state), unless otherwise provided in the lease agreement. Therefore, the depreciation of fixed assets and intangible assets as part of integral property complex leased identical Ltd. Depreciation of fixed assets of their own, so the amount of depreciation that fixed assets and intangible assets should be assessed in accordance with paragraph 8.3 of the Law on income and reported in line 07 Declaration of income tax and enterprise application in R1 to it.