Unique content (content) is very relevant topic for any website owner. A site with unique content indexed by search engines Horch, he is on nizkochastotnikam, there is traffic. If your site filled with non-unique content copied, it can remain and even without indexing. Ignoring the name of the site is always needed to fill the tag. This is the most important place for keywords is not only helps you optimize your site, but the text is displayed in the search engines as the page title. Wrong keywords The mistake that many people do, especially beginners. Taking the usual description of the site for keywords.

Key words reflect the specifics of the project and nothing else. To choose the right keywords, help services Yandex and Rambler service on the selection of keywords. Correct their selection is very important, it allows you to increase position of the site. Even though it is believed that of keywords are ignored by search engines, I can assure you considered weaker than before, but ignored. Flash-site than it is bad I've already written than to unwind bad sites such I repeat, Flash-sites can be beautiful and dynamic to the eye but not for search engines. Search engines can not index the content of such sites.

JavScript Menu, JavScript is often used for navigation, but search engines do not like JavScript. If you can not do without a JavScript menu, I recommend you make a map of the site. Using images for headers Many people believe that the image looks better than text for headings and menus. The image can improve the appearance of the site, but the use of images in the headers and menus confusing. Backlinks very common misconception is that the more the better bekov. Not to be confused and just a lot of bekov many CASE bekov. It is believed that the registration everywhere, you can lower the position of a site in the search engines, still it is nothing more to be confirmed. Lack of optimizing I often come across customers who think that optimize your site You can once and for all. If you want better results or a permanent place in the issuance of search engines, you have to constantly optimize his website, edit content, follow the changing positions of the grant. Algorithms search engines are constantly changing. For good positions in search engines should be directed to SEO-specialists.