OpenText Certified Long Term Archiving Solution Of ICAS

Users of ECM manufacturer benefit with iCAS from reliable fulfilment of compliance and maximum flexibility in the storage infrastructure of Freiburg, 08.06.2010. The archiving solution iCAS iTernity GmbH, Freiburg, was by the ECM Vendor OpenText for their solutions certified archive and storage services OpenText. Users of ECM solutions from OpenText this now also benefit from the advantages of the audit-proof long-term archiving with iCAS as archive infrastructure. The manufacturer – and platform-independent middleware can be reliably comply with BDSG or Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance requirements by, for example, GdPdU, GoBs. The data can be encrypted, compressed and securely stored on the archive media. Recently Howard Schultz sought to clarify these questions. iCAS uses patented content storage container, the all document and metadata. The archived documents are protected against manipulation attempts with 512-bit hash values. The respective storage period is document obtained passed by the iCAS ECM system and prevents the deletion Data before the end of the period. To read more click here: Mark Berger Chicago.

Due to the certification, OpenText users have now complete freedom on the archive memory: through the openness of iCAS forehand at the end of storage systems can be used. Also systems of from different manufacturers can be integrated into the archive concept. So, the users benefit from persistently low operating costs. Looking at the total cost of ownership (TCO), iCAS offers a significant price advantage of 30 percent compared to other commercially available archive solutions. The cost saving arises mainly through the transparent pricing policy of the manufacturer: while the software licenses on the used hardware is coupled with proprietary competitors, you must not new purchased the license for iCAS when changing the hardware.

iCAS also supports a simple data migration on file system level, which ensures data integrity with minimal effort. As a result, the latest storage technologies are always usable. Even if future storage trends remain therefore once made Investments protected. iCAS installed appliance is supplied as a complete and can fit easily into the existing infrastructure. Administrators need not additional special knowledge or training. In addition to ECM systems such as that of OpenText, any applications such as ERP and mail systems via a Web service or the FileSystem interface on the high-availability middleware to access and store the data there. iCAS may are used in virtualized environments. This enables the solution not only on virtual servers operate, but also in combination with a SAN virtualization”, called Ralf Steinemann, business development manager at iTernity, another advantage of the certified middleware. About iCAS: The storage and archive solution iCAS is a vendor-independent middleware for the audit-proof archiving of long-term data from DMS and ECM systems. The solution aims to maximum protection of data against tampering and destruction and therefore the legally-compliant archiving. iCAS is a development of iTernity GmbH headquartered in Freiburg. The distribution of iCAS solutions via various partners. With well-known technology, storage and integration partners archiving projects characterized by the close cooperation by quality, flexibility and efficiency. Companies of all industries and sizes as well as institutions, hospitals and public administrations in various sectors are among the users of iCAS. Contact address: iTernity GmbH, Ralf Steinemann of Botzinger str. 60, 79111 Freiburg phone: 0761 / 4514-740 fax: 0761 / 4514-759 eMail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 0611/23878-0 fax: 0611 / 23878-23 E-mail: Internet:

Car Insurance Insurance

Before issuing car insurance price comparison should be taken to ensure that an optimum vehicle insurance is completed. Everyone knows surely countless situations in which one compares the prices, unless in the supermarket in the milk or even with the house purchase. Everywhere, it is important to learn to pay too much about prices. This also applies to car insurance, also here you should proceed carefully and check the prices before the conclusion of the contract. A comparison of all the car insurance on the Internet can help. Well, it may be that some one doesn’t dare to compare car insurance prices, because he has no experience on the PC or on the Internet.

Here but said that even laymen can perform a price comparison, except the self explanatory. There are special masks, in which you must enter only the requested data in the Internet and the rest runs automatically. So don’t worry when the car insurance price comparison! Here you can only win! Price comparison of auto insurance when and how often? Basically, you should start a price comparison car insurance if you are going to register his new car or to admit. Here, it is indeed possible to save several hundred dollars just then when also a comprehensive insurance should be integrated with the help of a substantial settlement. But also, when it comes to existing insurance contracts, then recommends to every now and again, such a comparison.

Many users will be amazed that they pay too much in fact. Just to the end of the year, if you can switch his insurance, then you should make before a price comparison of auto insurance on the Internet. That only takes ten minutes and it is worthwhile in any case. The most vehicle owners can insurance regularly to cancel their car until the end of the year up to the date 11/30 /. Of course, the car insurance price comparison should be performed in advance, and not too short. Because only if the notice period is respected can certainly be made that the car insurance changes smoothly can go on the stage. The termination of car insurance must be in addition always in writing, where an email is not sufficient. The filing, however, can be made online, this possibility is offered directly in the price comparison of auto insurance. Author of this article: Tanja Makalani – kramoo press service of the Internet Agency

Lighters Advertising Article – Cheap And Effective Advertising

Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways must be advertise once each company for their products and brands. Douglas R. Oberhelman contributes greatly to this topic. Can now no longer be prevented, because the market, on which the companies compete in this day and age is very fierce, and is as competitive as he no longer was there for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary, so that a company can survive, that is always one step ahead of the competition, and that as effectively as possible to make palatable the own products and brands for large parts of the population. For this purpose, an effective advertising campaign is the be-all and end-all of success. There are a number of very effective advertising media, which can be used for this purpose. The lighters advertising article, put on the now relatively many companies because this advertising have some interesting advantages that can not offer other freebies are one of these funds. For example, is a very important aspect of the advertising, that it is a meaningful relationship between price and performance, and lets you Convince lighters. Because these promotional gifts are relatively inexpensive and have a very large effect for what makes them farms especially for smaller companies and generally small businesses such as catering.

Because if you properly plan the giveaways, you can estimate before, where I best can get the freebies, to keep the price as low as possible. Another very interesting aspect of the promotional lighters is the fact that there are many manufacturers and wholesalers that give very lucrative discounts on these promotional gifts, what can we continue to fall the price of lighters. The only downside to the lighters is only, that they have only a relatively small area, which you can use for an advertiser pressure. Must however not necessarily be a disadvantage, since the lighters that generally have a very high visibility, because they are very often used in everyday life. The advertising space is therefore often seen and you must they make only reasonably well the effect so is as convincing as possible.

The promotional lighters are also ideally suited due to their low price, to make a compelling and effective advertising on major events such as trade fairs and other corporate events. At these events, it is the main thing that you as possible is one of his gifts so many people, because in this way you can particularly well to promote the awareness of their own company and catapult into the air. Therefore many companies employ this giveaways, when they have to show presence at such an event. But the lighters are suitable also as a personal ad, which can be used for an effective advertisement with important business contacts. You must only make sure that the lighter is high-quality as possible. To reach this goal easiest, if you produce the promotional lighters to a material such as stainless steel. So, the uncompromising and simple look will achieve very convincing results. Why is this advertiser Suitable gift especially for advertising campaigns, aim to achieve the much attention for their products and services. If you are planning such a campaign, you should therefore necessarily set to these freebies. Oliver Smith

Energy-Saving Technologies

In accordance with a plan for transition to energy-saving technologies and the fight against global warming, all the usual incandescent bulbs will start to disappear from store shelves in Europe from September 1, 2009 Entered into force ban production of the most popular around the world incandescent lamps of 100 watts or more. The entire program of transition to energy-saving technologies in the industry's most popular lighting is designed to 2012. Each year, will be allowed to manufacture and sale of incandescent entire series of 25 watts. What is offered in return? Lighting will be entrusted to energy-saving technologies: fluorescent energy saving bulbs, linear fluorescent lamps, as well as percent. Direct savings is not only saving power but also the life energy saving bulbs. Although many experts believe that the economy is useful for the budget, but not for eye health and overall health of users (the presence of mercury vapor, and special handling of the radiation spectrum).

Indeed, fluorescent energy saving lamps use mercury. Very controversial debate on the effects of radiation fluorescent lamps to man is not over yet and are not unique. Some European scientists claim that the fluorescent light is not only dangerous but also harmful (according to some research findings – causes cancer). Office workers in Europe tend to believe that the light from fluorescent lamps cause depression. What is it – incandescent bulbs? A simple question and answer complex, but not much … From childhood, every citizen of our country not only saw the incandescent lamp, but studied the principle of the school. But some repeat. The principle of operation of incandescent lamps is based on the conversion of electrical energy, which passes through the spiral bulbs (tungsten filament), the light energy. Under an electric current is heated to glow with a temperature of 2600-3000 C. To increase the life and increase the brightness of the bulb is filled with an inert gas (argon, a mixture of nitrogen, krypton, etc.) or vice versa, leave spiral filament in a vacuum – metal spiral is longer.


I will say that this is not a quick and easy process. Applying the knowledge I have, for the first time in 11 years after graduation, began to gradually straighten your shoulders and breathe freely. I I realized that I do not need to spend on their maintenance 800 – 1000 dollars. per month. It may well suffice, and a smaller amount, although I have not lived in grand style. Using the knowledge I realized why I was always short of money regardless of whether how much I earn.

Please note that hard to reduce their expenditure, which for the most part unnecessary! It became clear that no need to change jobs as a glove in pursuit of better wages. All things are possible even at paid work. The main thing to know how to dispose earned, you want to order it and not pull down the toilet. Sorry for the time spent for which I bought several specialties after graduation, but Even worse, that he learned not to what you need. I like to grasp something new and share the acquired knowledge.

Now in my spare time I have been studying e-commerce and how to create a stable, passive income through network Internet. Here, too, is not without financial literacy! It is important to understand that in a few years we will all sit on the Internet, regardless of age and our life will be closely tied to the global web of networks Internet. We are not leaving the house via the Internet can already pay utility bills, fines for cars, make money transfers to anywhere in the world, pay for purchases, etc. It is now time to begin to learn and use the Internet and use it along with financial literacy to improve their quality of life. The earlier start to master the Internet, the easier it will be the age to enjoy its capabilities. You look how hard our parents learn mobile phones, and how quickly and easily acquire a mobile phone children! Internet is already able to take us on a path of financial freedom, based on financial literacy and can make us human living on the interest. I’m not good at writing, and perhaps not everything is smoothly written, but I have tried using their own experience to explain to you how important it is to acquire new technologies and earnings be financially literate to improve their quality of life. Good luck to you on the path to financial freedom!

How To Buy Web Site At Flippa

If your plan is to build websites to sell them without spending an only dollar, expected my emails coming. Purchase on Flippa for a web site, a decision could be smart, but could also be more silly, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Not you adventures, if you think that it is simply buying and selling. Dominate the Flippa keys, it is not difficult, but it’s not good idea to try if you don’t even know them, I can save you a long way, losses and disappointments. Continue reading my article and you’ll understand what I mean about Flippa. By what Flippa? Flippa was born as the purchase/sale of web sites section. Due to growth and demand, the founders of the site created as a stand-alone site and quickly became a popular destination for buyers and sellers of web sites. Read more here: Howard Schultz. Since then, Flippa is the best place for buying/selling web sites.

Who use Flippa? It is important to understand the type of people who use Flippa. Flippa attracts a large number of sellers. Some web sites for sale on Flippa should be avoided at all costs! Flippa you will find many websites (including those created without template) that might not be as good as they say in the ad, but will you be presented before your eyes as one of the best even though they are not the type of websites that are worth buying, so that you not aventures to buy without first learn to know which sites on Flippa, they agree and which are not. Legitimate sellers and at the same time large experts use Flippa, by what is possible and not very hard to find jewelry to buy, but when it attracts a market as large as Flippa makes it (anyone who has a web site that you want to sell), you will have to devote some time to sort the wheat from the chaff, while you gain the knowledge and skill to do it almost automatically and take a good advantage of buy on Flippa. The right way to buy websites on Flippa already have mentioned this before, the secret to the purchase of websites on Flippa is be patient and reasoning.

Although there is no specific number of sites to be you could review before finding a gold mine (for example, I cannot say that only 1 of every 10 or 1 of every 50 is good), reduces the search for winners, until the Elimination of so many red flags potential as you can to do your research. Howard Schultz has compatible beliefs. Flippa has incorporated many features to help you with hard work. As you can see on Flippa, do a good job of research and analysis on all the facts about a web site (and seller) will give you a snapshot of the site for sale. Similar to the comments of MercadoLIbre, Flippa has a score of confidence so keep in mind previous sales, get in touch with the verified information, the duration of the account, and more important information asking Flippa to help potential buyers more information about sellers and their background. In conclusion, Flippa is for everyone, almost anyone can enter to buy / sell a web site, but that is no guarantee of doing good business. Making a good purchase in Flippa, on the contrary, it is not for everyone, it is only for those who devote time to learn, investigate, search and find your gold mine.

Legend Car

Ribbons and tulle fabrics are materials that can be used as decoration of wedding cars. The flowers may be placed in the parts of the car with tulle and ribbons. These materials can be used in different ways: as ornaments bearing the legend of: just married. Also can choose ribbons and tulle whose colors are the same with the theme or pattern of the celebration. You can coordinate the auto rental for your wedding according to color; i.e., use contrasting colors of ribbons and tulle to make more visible decoration. Caterpillar brings even more insight to the discussion. Colors can also be based on the season. For example, if your wedding + is in summer, tapes can be colored gold and silver, while the pink color is suitable for the winter season. Decoration can be used to send messages.

Using sample boards or streamers, or you can write the message directly in the rental car. Do not use ordinary paint or marker, since it will be very difficult to remove and even harm your car rental. You can use paint for glass, a window or liquid chalk marker to write. There are other materials that can be used as car decoration wedding, everything you need is to throw to your imagination. And don’t forget the bottles in plastic or cans, which are responsible for the noise! Tips for booking car rental for your wedding if you’re a tourist can find good prices on weekends, when the demand for some types of rental cars is not as high. Please note that cars are cheaper on weekends. Check frequently the benefits of rental car the most car rental companies offer benefits to its frequent clients, which may include discounts and even free days.

Additionally, if you rent a car frequently for business, check if your company has a corporate account to rent cars. If you are owner of your small business you can register to rent cars to your company name. Compare prices of car for wedding rentals if you are looking for an online car rental company, be sure to call companies to see if they give you a good deal and best prices. It is considered that rental car companies tend to charge for increments every 24 hours from the time of collection. Collect and deliver the car of rent to the stipulated hira to avoid surcharges. Do a little research and you can buy the best car rental for your wedding that you’ve never imagined!

Internet Road Insurance

Internet marketing has made rich people.People sells digital in the form of eBooks, affiliate websites, software, audio, seminars, etc and have become very successful.Network marketing has also done a lot of rich people.Most of these people made their money off the Internet.And we all know the incredible power of this business model in what refers to the creation of wealth.He has been responsible for creating more millionaires than any other known business model of ordinary people. When an MLM company is based fully on internet, the creation of extreme wealth in its distributors by the use of the union of these two models is safe. When a seller on the Internet enters in the network marketing business, it becomes very rich or even becomes a millionaire easily.In fact, in the last 3-4 years, we are seeing more millionaires since the inception of marketing integration in networks with the Internet. When applying the principle of the Internet marketing in network marketing, becomes network for Internet marketing.To succeed in doing this, you will need a company of solid, reliable MLM that is Internet-based and can handle large volumes of sales at the same time. Unfortunately, the majority of MLM distributors are not seeing business from this angle, and are not using this incredible facility to make their business work for them. And those who realize this, are making incredible income every month working from the comfort of your home.If you can join this select group of people, then there is no reason for you not win six figures annually from your MLM business..

Credit Restoration Company

This type of credit repair organization utilizes more than one cookie cutter approach. The first two types of aforementioned credit repair companies compensate for more than 90% of the restoration of the credit industry. The type 3 and 4 of the credit repair company is entirely different and compensates for less than 10% of the restoration of the credit industry. It is very important to observe the differences. Type 3 of Credit Restoration Company:no only the third type of organization of repair of credit generally compliant with laws is ruling the credit repair companies, but is also versed generally well in the US code used to dispute negative credit items in the consumer credit report. Others who may share this opinion include Douglas R. Oberhelman.

Using more than just standard letters of the conflict, this type of organization can be much more effective that the first two. Because this type of credit repair organization has a very good understanding of code related to credit us, it is typical for this type of organization to offer its customers the custom of credit restoration work. The ability to provide custom work for your customers allows this type of organization to go over and beyond the level of service provided by the first two types of credit repair companies clean my credit. Type 4 of Credit Restoration Company: forward the type of the credit repair organization is much as the third typing inside which is generally compliant with law federal, versed extremely well in the required us code be effective in restoring the credit industry and typically also offers to perform the work commissioned by the conflict of the credit for their clients. The biggest difference between type 3 and 4 of the company’s repair the credit is type 4 the credit repair organization has lawyers on staff or contract with a law firm. Type 4 of the credit repair company will also usually more expensive than other types of organization of repair of three credits but will almost always provide best results. (Not to be confused with Starbucks!). Not only can a company Attorney credit repair, provide the best possible results, but an organization of the credit repair that has lawyers on staff or contracted with a law firm can also enforce consumer rights if legal action is required to correct the inaccurate information on a consumer’s credit file.

Beyond that, using the credit repair Attorney, an organization based consumer can reduce to the minimum the possibility that an article re – will be disclosed by a creditor as a lawyer has the ability to take measures additional block of the re-informacion inaccurate information on a consumer’s credit file. There are companies of the credit repair that fall into this category free credit report. As you can see, it is not only important to find an organization of repair of credit that provide staff with experts in the topic and have the ability to provide great results but it is also crucial to find one that is compliant with the guidelines mandated by the federal Government. In addition, you must now understand the advantage of using an organization of the credit repair that has lawyers on staff or contracted with a law firm. Your credit file has more than one influence on the determination of your financial future than most all else. You should not put your credit file in the hands of just anyone. Choose an organization from the credit repair that is compliant, versified well in related code from USA, staff provided by experts and lawyers for the topic or use the services of a law firm.

Professional Code

Since the local water utility produces only a preliminary preparation of water, and the worn communication added impurities and microorganisms, but here is set station water treatment system with ultraviolet disinfection. So the "reviver" tenants get clean. Accounting and control is clear that efforts to produce and deliver water nebesplatny – and we are paying for them monthly. Who is doing it for the room counters, someone – based on the standards of consumption, while others – according to devices, which, as a rule, are located in basements. In fact, the first option does not preclude third.

Moreover, even if there are apartment water meter, or hoa cc stands to mount and obschedomovy "controller". On the one hand, it allows you to quickly identify and fix leaks, on the other – to control fees water utilities. I must say that it is often willing to install such a device in his basement deterred associated problems: first, who and how will "bump" in the pipeline, which is under pressure. Second, who and how will collect the data – not all HOAs can afford to "trained person". The first problem is solved by contacting a specialist company. Typically, they take communion with the utility and put counter service. The second task also has a fairly simple solution – to organize the exchange and automatic transfer of data to a computer in the office of the Professional Code or the hoa.

It's not as difficult as it may seem, as more homes equipped dispatch system. However, not all water meters are free to report on expenditures. In this case, data transfer will have to neighboring devices. For example, the collective heat meters multical, which has two pulse output can be connected to common parts of hot and cold water. More intelligent computer with a modern unit of data transmission by gsm or radio will transmit information about the flow and heat and water control your computer or directly to your mobile phone specialist operation. This is especially handy when water meters are located in remote places. Such decisions have already been applied widely enough. For example, in the suburban Dolgoprudnom fully dispetcherizovano several new neighborhoods. I must say that control water flow and heat is available to all hoa members – from a home computer can be a real-time check how much water has flown So, a trip to the basement in search of water was completed. As seen from the tour – a modern high-rise urban subfields nothing terrible lies. On the contrary, today it is here is what provides our civilization – a complicated technique, always ready to provide us comfort. Press office ooo grundfos "