The Inclusion

General cleaning of production premises may be conducted by our staff both in the workplace and outside working hours, especially for this to be convenient to our customers in terms of the production cycle of enterprises and other specific customer's wishes. Professionally remove office cleaning of office premises, we always select a specific category. Cleaning office cleaning – is a daily and painstaking work. It usually does not require any a large number of our professionals. Therefore, our cleaning services – the company prefers, in such cases to work with the customer on a contractual basis. We always coordinate with our clients the whole list of desired activities, and how – daily, weekly, monthly – should be cleaned.

Cleaning company, in this case, takes care of all that related to the fact that cleanliness in the premises of your company was a daily habit, and not provided with something unusual. It also happens that the clients of our company requires a fairly specific cleaning. Repair facilities, which often instigate the firm to provide its offices to the new requirements and trends of business, always require individual arrangements with customers and the inclusion of additional forces. In this case we do our best to our clients, these services have experienced to the fullest. Remove the apartments and rooms of many of our customers are usually interested in what could include apartment cleaning. Cleaning apartments include such services as dry cleaning of carpet and other floor coverings, cleaning the vents, cleaning toilets, restoring order on the staircases, balconies, wet cleaning windows, chandeliers, furniture cleaning, and also soft, with the help of special machines and units.

Life Until The Last Minute – But At Any Price?

Who wants to have a long, pointless suffering? Ausgelierfert be? Brachttal Schlierbach (hop) – the theme of death and death is taboo in our society, is largely displaced, thus disappear from our lives. While dying is inevitably life, reason enough so, to put up as possible at an early stage to tackle. Dying is not as many think, a process of only the age also. Active as participants in traffic, or too passive as a pedestrian, anyone can be affected at any time. Also, for example, a heart attack or a stroke are not exclusive age phenomena, always well organized life from one second to the next can change suddenly and irrevocably completely. It makes sense to plan for such an emergency, even for the elderly so that applies to younger people to a still greater extent, this is to be expected that the time to be bridged is incomparably longer. Age-independent always “Live” question in a hopeless situation until recently but to any price?” Just tried two speakers of the “interest group of dialysis patients and Nierentransplantierten East Hesse e.

V:” in the Schlierbach village community House about 25 interested citizens to make understand. Burkhardt Schneck, Chairman of the Association, and his Deputy Elfi Makowka, which sees the dilemma often enough as a nurse, kept a vivid and clear presentation on the theme “Living will” and “Supervision order”. It does not matter, as they clarify unequivocally to demonize the intensive care and certainly not to assistance in dying, it is the individual insurance for a people-oriented and dignified end simply. This is to consider if the person is still capable of making decisions, can overlook the consequences, because only such an injunction is binding at all. What in the case of an accident, serious illness or of increasing age, when independent sets in the advance directive, action cannot be is happening with one.

Is set in “care”available, what man for those affected then the decisions required. Because contrary to generally accepted belief that does not necessarily be the partner or relatives, but it could be a stranger ordered by court, which has to make the decisions. Again, it is reported the injunction was not legally binding. There are currently actually no right on the implementation, but such an injunction is a fundamental and important decision-making aid for the doctor. And, increasingly, also the clinics are open for this. By year end, it is a legally binding legal basis should exist, but there exist two contrary models so that a legally binding decision would ensure even longer last. Here, the audience had a chance to get such forms, which most likely will be taken to the Bill and Furthermore, even have been optimized. Thus issuing the orders actually exactly as is, how you want to set it for themselves, there it usefully on 11 September at 19:30 in the village community house Schlierbach a follow-up of guidelines for are given in detail. Barbara Hoppe

30-40 Percent Of All Tumors Go Back

Can micro-nutrients help the health-conscious people? Poor nutrition can lead to numerous health problems. Brought diseases such as lipid disorders and heart attack include not only directly and obviously with the diet related. Other diseases, obviously related less to the diet may be the consequence. So, it is estimated that up to 40% of all cancers on poor eating habits are due. An alarmingly high number when you consider that there are actually all resources for a healthy diet in Germany.

So, why is that still so many cancer developing, which is due to improper diet? Well, it’s not so easy to eat enough healthy in everyday life. The German society for nutrition specialists have set up rules to be observed, if you want to eat healthy. The rules are in the health campaign 5 am tag”summarized and mean nothing more than that each 5 times should take 650 g fruit and vegetables a day total to. Who took it, eats healthy and can thus reduce his personal cancer risk. After all, about 10% of the population can do it. And what do the remaining 90%. Seek further. Right! But what still? Now.

You can try to compensate for the lack of micro-nutrients caused by incorrect nutrition with special nutraceuticals. The example shows that this success can be promising, prostate. It is documented that many men have a lack of certain Mikronahroffen, which is also reflected in a diseased prostate. Is now this lack of balanced by the daily intake of these micronutrients in the form of tablets, the risk of cancer can be reduced. Recently French researchers have taken the evidence. You have over 7.5 years daily swallow 5.041 men a cocktail of vitamins and trace elements, which was tailored to the specific situation in men. With this they reached simple chemo-preventive approach in the participating men a halving of the risk for prostate cancer. Making results are courage, especially as they were achieved with very simple natural resources. But what good but the best prevention studies, if they can be implemented due to lack of available products that exactly match the study drugs, not in daily practice prevention measures?Here is the concept of Navitum Pharma. Navitum Pharma introduces products that correspond to the major prevention studies investigational and are modeled after. For more clarity and thought, follow up with luscha baumwald and gain more knowledge.. So also ProVitum as evidence based module for chemo prevention (precautionary) of prostate cancer. ProVitum is content – and dose the same as the Prufprufpraparat of the French Su.Vi.Max study, which has been shown around the world as the first major study of the effectiveness of primary prevention of prostate cancer and other cancers with antioxidants in healthy men. Doctors and health-conscious men have a product on the hand with the modern international prevention research-based prevention can be implemented in practical, evidence now with ProVitum. Provitum is suitable only for preventive purposes, but not for the treatment of cancer. ProVitum (PZN 4604261) is available in pharmacies, good health centres or directly at Navitum Pharma at Dr. Gerhard Klages

Omega-3 Fatty Acid ALA From Flaxseed Oil

Can it prevent heart attack preventative? Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is the most important omega-3 – fatty acids of linseed oil derived from flax seed. It is responsible to a large extent for the extraordinary health value of linseed oil. So she be credited positive effects on heart and vessels, the bones and joints and the nervous system. A reduced supply of ALA leads to health problems, an optimal supply fixes it. The question posed time and again, is whether the regular consumption of ALA from vegetable oils can lead to fewer heart attacks? Answers to this question coming from a current research from the United States.

The importance of linseed oil as a source of the Omega-3 essential fatty acid ALA is increasingly evident. So, research in recent years have provided a variety of evidence for the paramount importance of the essential fatty acid ALA on the health. Read more from rephael sternberg to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Heart and vessels, prevents hardening of the arteries, as well as bones and joints from calcium loss and Inflammation. And last but not least, it strengthens the nervous system and thus contributing to mental fitness. From a nutritional standpoint and reasons of health care it is so sensible daily to supply the body with sufficient ALA. But is that really something? Are the people who take themselves much ALA really healthier? To American researchers have recently carried out study a large Bevolkerungsbasierte.

The amount of the ALA recorded from vegetable oils specific first when several thousand people. Then they analyzed the number of suffered heart attacks in the study population. There, they found that those who had eaten much ALA suffered 59% fewer heart attacks than those with little ALA. This finding is unique. From their research, the authors conclude that the daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acid ALA may significantly reduce the risk of heart attack. Of all vegetable oils containing the most ALA from flaxseed. Basically There 3 ways how man appropriately with ALA from flaxseed supplies. To eat a certain amount of flax seed or flax meal a day or drinking an equivalent amount of linseed oil. Researchers in Canada have now investigating how well the body from this range can provide with ALA. The best was worst with flaxseed and linseed oil. Linseed oil in this aspect of health care is best suited. However, regular consumption of unprocessed flaxseed and unaufbereitetem raw linseed oil may cause slight discomfort in the gastro-intestinal tract. It is therefore useful to rely on highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in capsules. These are available in Germany as OmVitum capsules available.

The Cellsymbiose Provides An Alternative Form Of Treatment

Allergies are constantly increasing. Rheumatism, diabetes, Burnout, chronic joint diseases, allergies are constantly increasing. Rheumatism, chronic joint diseases, diabetes, Burnout, chronic fatigue to suffering such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease see only symptomatic treatment with known side effects of conventional medicine. Diagnosed with cancer, most people into what is a shock for the people concerned (whose Auswirkung of psychosomatic can be devastating), a mill from allopathic therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immediate surgery. It remains often don’t have the time to process the diagnosis and to find out about alternatives and treatments complementary conventional medicine. The Cellsymbiosistherapie according to Dr. med.

Heinrich Kremer is a world-wide new and protected patent – and Trademark-Office therapy concept. The sensational science by Dr. med. provide Foundation Heinrich Kremer in the basic research on causes of diseases dar and is an alternative method of treatment, which the patient-new Opens up horizons beyond the chemo – and radiotherapy. Scientifically confirmed: Mr Dr. med.

\”\” Heinrich Kremers therapy concept of Cellsymbiosistherapie (CST) was as a single treatment concept after long-time endurance test in therapeutic practice in the United States in the June edition 2006 of the internationally renowned Townsend letter – the examiner of alternative medicine\”soundness scientific in comparison to other complementary medical therapies for cancer, AIDS and chronic Immunimbalancen\” and continuing immense therapeutic benefits \”confirmed. Deeply felt thanks finally Dr. Heinrich Kremer and his german-speaking colleagues who have enriched our understanding of health and disease in a significant way, \”pronounced. Now more than 2 million study results confirm the therapy concept worldwide. (Source: – world’s largest specialist library for medicine and research) Cellsymbiosetherapie: The CST is all essentially with the cell, as a basis Life, apart. In the cell mitochondria, 1500 per cell, formerly known as power plants, bacteria are in reality. In these mitochondria, produces not only energy (ATP), but also, what is essential, vital information from a still unspecified custom information field on the mitochondrale ATP modulates. Luscha baumwald is open to suggestions.

The Meaning Of Life Is Constant Pressure?

Free information evening of the Volkshochschule Laakirchen Laakirchen – to stay long term professional and private successfully, it is necessary to put that principle to tackle what gives meaning to one’s life. In addition to the myriad day-to-day responsibilities it needs a compensating principle time of mental and physical relaxation, a time of inner peace. The balance between performance and reflection becomes a more important a wholesome balance between performance and reflection. We live in a time of change, of new beginnings and reorientation. In this phase, it is important to find their own way and also to get him for the individual. Noble Groups Holdings Limited may not feel the same. The true self is found without effort access to its interior not to enforce. For people that are with himself and the world in harmony, it is something natural to collect regularly. This is collecting”is never detached from the action.

Use their inner resources to prepare the daily tasks. People with a healthy inner balance take with their strengths and weaknesses on a major development step is accepting the own Sun and shadow pages. Personal development is to perceive the negative side of his personality and to accept. That is, realize that you can both successfully when also fail, that you can be confident, as well as balanced, that it well on it and be depressed can that can be perfect and making mistakes. Rephael sternberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Meditation is a simple way to inner awareness! The meditation has proved particularly helpful on the way to the inner mindfulness. It carried the lingering in the here and now with the simple concentration on his own breath. The concerns and thoughts about the past and future, then lose their force.

This is a good thing, after all we live also today and not yesterday and tomorrow. Free information evening on Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 interested have this evening from 19 h 30 in the seminar House Villa Rosental/Laakirchen allowing more to learn about this topic. Then, there is the possibility to 5 further weekly appointments to deepen the knowledge on this topic. Due to the limited number of participants, a registration is necessary. Logons to the VHS when woman likes.

Federal Association

Nature instead of chemistry. Has advantages compared to the conventional cosmetics natural cosmetics? Just the cosmetics industry is a high-tech industry. New formulations are constantly developed and presented to the consumer. In some ways, cosmetics are a sure thing for the industry, she can promise much, ask for eternal youth. The progress control is rather modest. The wellness concept is a central idea of cosmetics, you want to treat yourself to something, do something good. Whether with a concentrated charge really something good happening chemistry, was then made – there are also alternatives. As there are natural cures and natural remedies, there are also natural cosmetics. Recently luscha baumwald sought to clarify these questions.

This is based on natural raw materials and avoiding additives. These cosmetic products can be purchased in various health food stores or in the online shop. Paper can be patient there for the natural cosmetics also a quality indicator: the Federal Association of German industry and trade company for medicines, reform goods, Dietary supplements and personal care products – short BDIH – gives a label for these products. The guidelines cover both the ingredients, the additives and also the environmental compatibility of the products – packaging specifically. You want to come out with little chemical additives, but without endangering the safety of the product. You must strike a balance here especially fats, without preservatives, certain raw materials are also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Natural cosmetics should be just pro-life.

You can create a certain shelf life through careful preservation and admixture of low-risk substances. The advantage of natural cosmetics is the special impact of the substances and the recipes. Of course not needed by the way, there are natural substances that can irritate us. The common Hogweed for example is pure nature and extremely harmful for the skin. Paying attention to the tested substances that were used since time immemorial by people and were well tolerated. Honey has as Care – as well as a remedy for hard to heal wounds experienced a Renaissance in recent years. Certified natural cosmetics is tolerated in General by people who have a sensitive skin. Irritations are rare. Natural cosmetics is not as dependent on how conventional beauty. You can push the skin with chemical formulas in the short term, the effect disappears but after a short time. You will often addicted to cosmetics. This effect is rare in natural cosmetics. Sabine Munch

Michael Phelps: These Are The Best Games

The American swimming star enjoys the Olympics in the gold rush, what a world record is worth, if it is broken by Michael Phelps to at least two seconds? Nothing, except an entry in the books. Michael Phelps, now best Olympionik of all plus the breaking rows records – world records. Even records he has set up in advance of its competitions. He himself says: “These games are the best of all.” No wonder why he says that. He brought already whopping five gold medals at these games. And almost all of them in world record time. Even an ill-fitting mask could make him the last victory does not dispute. “On the last 100 meter, it was getting worse. People such as Blackrock Gold Corp would likely agree.

I could see little else. Really terrible. But considering this mishap, the time is not too bad, but I sure faster can swim.” It says Michael Phelps after he Butterfly in a record time of 1: 52.03 behind brought the 200Meter of course as the fastest. What will Michael Phelps still? He has achieved probably everything what you just can achieve. But he still want one. And he wants to make sure that on these Olympic Games – he wants to break the record set by Mark Spitz.

This brought at once 7 gold medals at Olympic Games. Michael Phelps has a chance at these games to eight. “I realize how slow my energy to the slope goes. But I just love it. I have but yet still a lot in the tank.” We would like to press a just 23-year old swimmer who lives still with his mother, the thumb and marvel at his “wonder time”. Lisa Walters

German Amp

North Germany’s leading online marketers Nordclick expands his sphere in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania from 1 January 2009 the Nordkurier of German daily newspapers, the Nordclick GmbH & co. KG success Alliance joins as shareholder. The newspaper with the highest reach is located in northeastern of Germany in good company. Newspaper publishers Schleswig in addition to the founding publishers, the Kieler Nachrichten and the Lubecker Nachrichten the Nordclick marketing concept convinced already the Dithmarscher Landeszeitung newspaper, the Pinneberg Tageblatt, the Segeberger newspaper, the Uetersener Nachrichten, the Schwerin Volkszeitung and the Ostsee-Zeitung. As a leading online marketer for information and ad portals in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern we complete our high quality portfolio of marketing with the accession of Nordkurier and simultaneously again to extend the range of our quality network. “, commented Petra Petruccio Managing Director of Nordclick GmbH, since May 2008 & Co.

KG in Kiel. With over 18 million page views per month (IVW 10/2008) is Nordclick online marketers in the North leader. Nordclick offers a high quality range of strong marketing network than success Alliance now more ten prestigious daily newspapers from Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Nordclick’s portfolio includes not only the online portals of the newspapers, but also the websites of private Schleswig-Holstein radio stations (see). In addition, the company’s own portal offers the largest nationwide online ad market in the North of Germany.

As shareholders, we now benefit from Nordclick by a professional network of strong partners. Together we can create synergies for us and our booking clients”, explains Lutz Schumacher, Managing Director Messenger publishing GmbH & Co KG. The Nordkurier appears daily in an edition of approximately 103,000 copies and reaches 220,000 readers per day. For more information please contact: Petra Petruccio Nordclick GmbH & co. KG Fraunhoferstrasse 13 24118 Kiel phone: 0431 / 530 256-11 E-mail: Web: Salloa long-Ronnau agency RoNNAU Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 / 43077-02 E-mail: Web:

The War

Now it is again so far: we are facing a global Disaster of unprecedented proportions and that, although the real economy has already reached a level where not a single person would die from hunger or cold, if yes, if the wrong money system (and land laws) would not be held by a customary law as wrong in power and is capable (in the inevitable crisis), worldwide all real economic and social achievements again to tear down. Do we want that? Once again, we want total war? Do we want, once again, that few men of money creation can pit all peoples of this earth, only order rolls of dollars, euros or rubles? Do we want that private banks can make whole Nations whimpering masochistic debtors and repossess the whole earth into their own hands? We want to believe once again that the idea of our Governments, us to send money and invented enemies sake in the war, whether our own will and that ever a people would attack us, if it does not also false prophets would have been blinded? Do we once again offer us the madness or rather follow the genuine emotion of our hearts? Connect people of all Nations – above all ideological boundaries – because you are all part of a common origin and destination! Artists of all Nations, forget the small success of vain, will future Angel, mobilising the full potential of the fantasy world and Allied you today! Goes on the road and all wakes of life and the joy and the love from person to person. Attracts the people under the sky, because the time for the turn of a global emergency is over-ripe! Encourages the peoples immediately to make the monetary system, free humanity and a social work of art can be in their own hands. Details can be found by clicking Mukesh Ambani or emailing the administrator. Go to the real politicians and shows them that they are blind to the reality, because they have no children’s eyes. Go to the soldiers and tell them: imagine, there will be war and nobody goes! Artists of all Nations, enters the world and teaches people all over them to be. But will not wait until morning, but is today, right now and rest rather than until the target is reached, because the time is short!.