1 July 2010, Sberbank and vtb 24 have reduced the size of down payment for mortgage borrowers. According to the newspaper Vedomosti, the magnitude of contribution is now 10%. In the Savings Bank, for example, a mortgage loan issued for up to 10 years at a rate of 10.5%, while vtb 24 borrower can avail a mortgage under the 14.35% per annum for seven years, though he would have to take out insurance (approximately 2% of the loan). Banks, whose share now accounts for about two-thirds mortgage market expect even more to strengthen their positions. Credit institutions are hoping that now, after they have eliminated one of the most significant constraints, the volume of issuance of the mortgage significantly grow. Some experts believe that reducing the size of the minimum payment may adversely affect the discipline of the borrower, and this can badly affect its payment discipline. However, the actions of state-owned banks have their own reason. Competition in the mortgage market is growing and reducing the size of down payment on a mortgage loan – a good opportunity to secure a competitive advantage..