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Leak test: Are your sewer pipes sealing? FA. Jutzy plumbing & service GmbH advises slowly talk is: no later than 2016 all land and property owners must able to demonstrate immediately on request that their sewer lines are tight. About DIN part 30 laid down in the German industry standard 1986, that proof of a leak test of the sewage must be lines at the latest up to 31.12.2015 for each plot. In the new water resources Act by July 31, 2009 are decisive innovations for all property owners. Click rephael sternberg to learn more. In article 60 and article 61WHG establishes the principle of equity control of wastewater treatment facilities on private land, as well as every operator of a wastewater plant has your sewage plant after the “recognised rules of technology” so homeowners operate and are obliged to check the condition and operation of itself and to prove to the competent authorities.

The “recognised rules of technology” are defined in the DIN 1986-30 and serve as Basis for the investigation. Prescribes the thorough cleaning with high pressure nozzles and a Visual examination with a tube camera, if necessary, still a leak test with air or water as is compulsory for industrial wastewater. Damage freedom, the exam that is passed. Possibly sighted damage must repair, in the worst case the piping system must be refurbished or renewed. The competent authorities the documentation and the result of the test must be brought to after demand as digital video as well as digital photos and test protocol. Such a leak test is valid, typically 20 years after repairs, major renovations or new construction of the sewage system is making a re-examination. The obligations according to the WHG addressed homeowners directly to the operators so and therefore require no special authorities or local call and immediately to implement.