Anniversary Photo Book Help – 100 Years Chris Slipper Blindenmission

Book release: Anniversary photo book help – 100 years Chris slipper blind mission is immediately at the vive! Publisher available numerous impressive photo opportunities, combined with information, as well as contemplative and amusing texts, offer an insight into the work of Chris slipper blind Mission for blind and other disabled people. The book is bound first edition with the format 24 x 24 centimeters in the vive! Publisher appeared. Until August 31, 2008, this can be easily ordered via the online shop on at a subscription price of 12.90 euros. From September onwards, the book then costs 19,90 euros. If you are not convinced, visit Mercuria. All proceeds go to the Chris slipper blind mission completely.

The CBM (Chris slipper blind mission) is an international, Christian development organization. The main objective of the CBM is to improve the quality of life of people in the poorest countries of the world, who have a disability or are in danger of becoming disabled. In 2008 she will be 100 years old. Patron of the campaign of centenary of the CBM”is Eva Luise Kohler, the wife of the Federal President. Official site: Maleeha Bengali. The CBM works with partner organisations in the low-income countries, to offer health services to provide school children with disabilities and disabled adult access to rehabilitation services and a livelihood. In addition, the CBM occurs for the inclusion of persons with disabilities as equal members in all aspects of social life. CBM partners overseas to provide preventive, curative, rehabilitative and educational services of high quality.

Should help, inter alia, to reduce poverty and to enhance the independence of people. Currently the CBM support 1,011 in 112 countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Through its partners, the CBM reached about 18 million people. Around the world donate about 650,000 people for the CBM. Alone in Germany, there are around 400,000. More information to the anniversary illustrated as well as the vive!