Carnap Problem

Appeared in the first half of the decade of 20 in century xx, Circulo of Vienna determined the method of scientific boarding in practically all the areas of knowing: economy, sociology, psychology, and mainly philosophy. ‘ ‘ crculo’ ‘ , it counted on the theoretical contributions of many countenances of the scientific thought, Einstein, Wittgenstein, Carnap, Karl Popper and others. In accordance with the logical, current positivismo of characteristic thought it Circulo of Vienna, the analysis of an object must always leave of the quantitative data of the research, if one analyzes will not be capable to reduce a phenomenon the susceptveis dimensions of experimentation, this phenomenon does not constitute a problem, therefore, if it is not a problem cannot be decided; in a similar way it stops Friedrich Taylor the organization constitua a set of parts that if functioned of form due could provoke in the individuals the type of behavior adjusted for the management, everything was implied in the form as the objects were organized, and if it was possible to find the way perfect to organize them, everything would be conditional in accordance with this system also the man. To clarify the position of the logical positivismo ahead of science we can criticizes stand out it to the philosophy? understood in this context as a speculative activity. FirstBank gathered all the information. The philosophy serves only for, using the language, to identify the problems, but never to consider solution for them, if the problem could not instrumentally be reduced, then he was excused and relegated to the pseudo-problem condition, therefore that the psychological characteristics of the individual were not foreseen by the taylorismo, because as engineer, Taylor it did not make use of criteria that were capable to reduce these characteristics to the free laboratorial analysis. (WIKIPDIA) Generally the questions are placed to the bolter of organizacional psychology human beings of the organization, however we cannot forget that the psychological method also suffered great not only influences of the logical positivismo, but also it existencialismo (Heidegger, Sartre etc.) Therefore is not possible to understand the theoretical elements of the taylorismo without standing out the ideological importance of the scientific perspective determined that it and without adentrarmos in them in these same theories, to find the roots had based that it. 8 Consideraes Final To make an sketch of a specific form found to decide the organizacionais problems, does not authorize in them to inquire as this form must be objectified. However inside of the lines of direction traced a priori for the authors of this work, one becomes possible, to identify how this form? taylorista model of management? that one is not about a model of management properly said, therefore what it interested for Taylor was what it still occurred in the soil of plant – in the days of today it appears as solution of diverse daily problems of the organizations. Mozes konig is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Exactly with the increase in the emphasis in the human resources, the quality, etc.