Consumer Sentiment Index

Among employed and unemployed Omsk confidence in the future indicated a roughly equal number of respondents (51% and 55% respectively). Figure 4. Omsk confidence in the future in the long term (next 5 years), Omsk expressed some optimism (the index is 146) – every second believes that the financial situation of Russians in the next 5 years will be improved, and only 5% believe the opposite, although quite a lot of Omsk – almost one in three – found it difficult to response (Fig. 6). Figure 5. Opinion Omsk to change the material conditions of most Russians in the next 5 years, evaluating feasibility of major purchases (furniture, electronics, etc.) in the current economic situation, Omsk opinions are divided: one in three believes that this is neither good nor bad time for such purchases, and almost equal numbers – 29% – gave conflicting responses (Fig. 6). Thus, in the coming year will be Omsk caution in purchases that require serious material costs. Index of favorable conditions for large purchases totaled 100, while a similar index in Russia in the first quarter of 2009 totaled 55. Figure 6. Omsk opinion about how now an opportune time to make major purchases were different views

Omsk and about what good it time to savings: almost every third ohmic said that now a bad time for the savings one in four believe the opposite, while 27% said that it was not good, but not a bad time for savings (Fig. 7). The index of an enabling environment for savings was 93, while a similar index in Russia in the first quarter of 2009 was 39. Figure 7. Omsk opinion about how now an opportune time to make savings in addition to the ppi indexes were calculated current market conditions and economic expectations. The index of current market conditions calculated on the basis of the partial indices for the changes that occurred on personal financial position and favorable conditions for major purchases. In April 2009, the index of current market conditions in the city Omsk was 86, which confirms the thesis of pessimism Omsk in the short term. Economic expectations index is calculated based on the indexes on the expected changes in personal financial situation and economic situation in the short and long term. In the city of Omsk, the index of economic expectations in April 2009 is 111, which means a slight excess of over-optimistic estimates pessimistic. This study is the first wave of research in consumer sentiment Omsk. Of particular interest will be the dynamics of IDUs in Omsk, so such research company “Delphi” plans to carry out regularly in the future with a periodicity of 1 time per quarter. For information:

A method for constructing the aggregate index of consumer sentiment (Consumer Sentiment Index) was developed in the 1950 years of the twentieth century, a group of researchers University of Michigan under the direction of George Katona. In addition to the U.S. consumer sentiment index is calculated to include more than 40 countries. In Russia, the ppi was calculated VTsIOM in 1993-1996. At present – the Foundation ‘Index consumer sentiment. ” Goskomstat of Russia (now – Rosstat) calculates the index of consumer expectations (IPO) in 1998 Tatiana, the Executive Director of the Study of “Delphi” Prepared for the magazine The CHIEF_Omsk. When reprinting the materials and use them in any form, including electronic media, a reference to The Chief and company Delphi Study “is required.