In a co-ordinated initiative, the emergent countries announce measured to reduce its dependence of the dollar and speed up the purchase of headings of Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI). The decision of Brazil, China and Russia of if becoming creditors of the Deep one and promoting a small revolution in the market occurs one week before the first cupola of leaders of the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India and China), where it will argue forms to reduce the supremacy of the dollar in the international scene. The example of Brazil, that yesterday decided to buy US$ 10 billion in headings of the FMI, Russia also announced that it will be able to buy other US$ 10 billion. China already announced that it would buy US$ 50 billion and India still studies the value. The Guido, Secretary of the Treasury Mantega, announced in day 10 of June a US$ loan 10 billion Brazil for Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI). He will be the first time in history where an operation of this nature will be carried through. With the loan, Brazil will pass to leadership and commitment Brazil one more time reaffirms the firmness of its paper as detached emergent economy, affirmed Strauss-Kahn, by means of official notice. the Brazilian authorities had shown to great capacity of leadership in its commitment with the process of reform of the FMI and the expansion of our resources, and me of the satisfaction the fact of Brazil to show clearly to its strong support to the economic system and the financial International international, therefore the countries, with the crisis, had left to matter and to participate of the international trade and the investments due to resource. Mantega explained it arrives in port that it will be carried through as soon as the direction of the Deep one to conclude the emission of the bond, that will be acquired not alone by Brazil but also by China (US$ 50 billion), by Russia (US$ 10 billion) and by India, that not yet announced the value arrives in port of it.