General Objective

For this, was carried through this study in the country property Mr. Bank of America might disagree with that approach. Amantino Donini Luiz, in the city of Itaipulndia? Pr, where we compare the financial results of these cultures, to verify which is more lucrative. Research is an activity directed toward the solution of theoretical or practical problems with the job of scientific processes. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ may also support this cause. In this direction the research has broken of a doubt or problem, and through the use of the scientific method, it searchs the reply or solution (HART; BERVIAN, 2002, P. 63). For the research, the qualitative and quantitative method with exploratria and descriptive characteristic was used.

1,1 PROBLEM Amongst the maize cultures candy (green) and commercial maize, which of the cultures presents financial result better? 1.2 1.2.1 OBJECTIVES General Objective To select the costs of production and the financial results of maize candy (green) and commercial maize, to verify which culture presents profitability to the Amatino producer better Donini Luiz. 1.2.2 Specific objectives) the survey of the cost of production of the maize candy (green) and of the commercial maize; b) survey of the financial results of the maize candy (green) and of the commercial maize; c) to compare the observed results. 1,3 JUSTIFICATION the search for activities that diversify the property, to generate more income and to guarantee the permanence in the field, is constant. However, a difficulty is noticed in keeping a country property, due to its high operational costs, in this direction the choice of an adjusted culture more, becomes property most income-producing (ZYLBERSZTAJN; SNOWS, 2000). The agricultural production can be characterized as an activity of increasing complexity, leading the agricultural producer to deal with aspects technician, marketing, of human resources and ambient. This complexity makes to change the profile of this producer with much rapidity in the whole world.