Great Mining

The greed of the proprietors of the deposit by the high price of the mineral, the high rents offered by the owners from the mine to the workers, the majority of them without experience or already moved away of tasks, thus rents of that spread were supply almost cannot be waived against his needs (the active life of a miner is smaller to the one of a worker of other areas, the diseases and irrigations of the activity cause that many of them must leave the heading after the 50 years), the lack of a planning in the extraction, the deficiency of investment in safety measures, were colluded to generate this tragedy that just begins, because nobody knows for sure, if the 33 miners will be able to survive almost 4 months of ” burial while still alive ” , still more if that information not yet has been communicated them, to avoid a fall in the collective moral of the group. What is certain in these moments, it is that many other San jOse mines exist in Chile and that is the moment for privileging the life on the economic interests of some. Barclays Investment Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The standards of the Great Mining in Chile are of world-wide level, the one of the medium ones and small producers are of mortal level. The authority has a tremendous opportunity, that if it is known to be useful, can to mean a revolution in the extractive processes in Chile..