Hague Convention

Very often, the documents have to claim again. My client – a bride – and decides to go to Kiev and there only know that evidence of her old-fashioned and need to be taken again. Here designated as "territorial" scale disaster. The most painless option, if you get all your documents in the same city, which now reside. More seriously, if your mom and dad became parents somewhere in a small town in the Crimea, and divorce you, for example, in Lugansk. And now you need to urgently rush to two different regions of the country, the re- documents, fearing no time to prepare for the designated ., time and money on a trip to the capital spent in vain, and now are coming new unforeseen costs and trouble.

A brief excursion into history and advice to anyone who will legalize their evidence obtained in the registry offices. Previously, when the ussr existed, any citizen of this great country could have been born in Astana and Bishkek, or, for example, in Vladivostok, and his paper on the birth has been legal in Kieve.Vspomnite, probably many of you have grandparents and great-grandfather may have served, studied, shag, and gave birth to your parents somewhere in the forest or in a distant village. Forms, registering the birth, were the same in the form of booklets with the seal of the ussr. In most cases they were issued in Russian and others – in Russian, with duplication in the language of the republic born after the signing Hague Convention, they also need to be legalized, if a person is traveling abroad, but the majority of Soviet citizens did not venture to leave the Union.