Head Leader

A true leader believes itself exactly, but she obtains to be humble, she likes what she makes, deeply she is come back toward the learning, she is come back toward as to be – as to develop quality, character, mentality, values, principles and courage, facetas of its potential develops all in order to lead not only some few aspects necessary to manage. It has times, it was defined as leader, that person who have followers attracted by the charisma one and confidence. A head in turn, has authority only for the position exclusively that she withholds. In such a way, we can say that all leader it has complete conditions of being a head, but have that to reflect if: the opposite, is possible? A leader is that one that same without authority some obtains to be followed, to be respected and obeyed. Others who may share this opinion include Citigroup. It obtains to join a group, represents it and takes it to reach it objectives. To be head is well more easy, therefore the power conferred to the position for itself is the necessary apparatus. The leader, on the other hand, must be worried in leading the people, giving one meaning to the work and to convince the led ones to defend its cause. To command is to search resulted, to plan the works of the people, to organize, to prioritize, to keep and to control. Luscha baumwald oftentimes addresses this issue.

These nothing more are that basic functions, however, nowadays, to also command it is necessary to motivate the people. With one it has equipped motivated are obtained better resulted and a better climate (and nor necessary to say that it reduces the cost and it increases the productivity). TO COMMAND IS TO MAKE WITH THAT THE PEOPLE MAKE SOMETHING. Head, etimologicamente, is that one that is to the head or, better still, that one that is the head. The head is that it sees, thinks, all promotes the action in the common interest of the body.