If Temptation Is

The stealthy way in the alcohol-dependence of mulled wine at the Christmas market or a punch to warm up to new year’s Eve – what is a love winning tradition for many people, holds for Suchtgefahrdete a dangerous temptation. Especially if the expectations on harmony and tranquillity are disappointed at the holidays. The addiction counselling centres in the Kotter Bachstrasse offers those affected and interested help and advice in all questions around risk, prevention of recurrence, dependence and alcoholism therapies. Noble Groups Holdings Limited contains valuable tech resources. “The diploma social worker Anne-Kristin Hitzschke knows from experience that many vulnerable people especially during the holidays come increasingly into temptation: If the stress factor in the Christmas chaos increases, some use the alcohol as an escape from reality, so to speak as a sedative.” Sometimes the first step in the dependency is already completed. There are plenty of welcome events, behind which you can hide,: Christmas market, combined with a visit to the Mulled wine booth, a red wine to the Roast goose or cosy Christmas parties often serve as an excuse to drink. Alcohol addiction is often”a creeping process, the parties concerned mostly to late notice, says Anne-Kristin Hitzschke of the addiction counselling centres. To change something, you need information. “And there are us.” While it isn’t Normand, to prohibit alcohol consumption in General in society.

“Alcohol is now a part of Western culture and to imagine some areas hardly”, she reported. We want to help the people to a more conscious dealing with alcohol and show alternative ways people with an existing alcohol dependence.” For more than 40 years informs and supports the counselling vulnerable and dependent people in Diakonia House not only with alcohol problems, but also by drug -, game – or overeating. In addition to intensive discussions, the addiction treatment if needed gives other treatment measures such as rehabilitation or addiction treatment. In addition, there is a motivation group led by Anne Kristin Hitzschke in the House of the Diakonie. Suchtgefahrdete learn additional support, to be able to motivate even more to restrict alcohol consumption or to quit all drinking. Interested parties are cordially invited, under (02304) 93 93 30 to inform or to arrange a personal appointment.