International Expo

Master-D Greece began its work in this country in 2007 and in 2008 has consolidated its position in the open training market. He currently has a center in Thessaloniki, where he taught courses in renewable energies, and computer languages, to which an additional four courses next year and specific training in preparation for competitions in the country. Soon will open a second center in Athens. The turnover in the next year it expects to triple this year, reaching over a million and a half euros. New facilities in Madrid: 12.5 million investment Alongside the announcement of increased activity outside Spain, Master-D today opened its new facility in downtown Madrid, 2.

500 m2 and have involved an investment of 12.5 M. The center presents the new image of the company and has modern facilities to provide better service to thousands of students the company has in Madrid. It also hosts a number of departments such as marketing, business management or human resources. The Madrid headquarters is postulated as an important logistical support for its central location for the company has in Zaragoza and will soon be located in an emblematic building of the International Expo held recently in the capital of Aragon. Forecast Results 2008: 64.1 M The company maintains its strong growth, as revealed by the increase in contracted courses and the evolution of its sales volume. Specifically, the end of 2008 estimated a turnover of 64.1 M 50.5 M registered against the previous year, ie 26.9% growth in turnover.