The European Union long ago seeks an agreement that allows you to go to consolidate and give more powers as well as an own Chancery. A first attempt failed when the referendums in France and the Netherlands rejected the European Constitution. Even though the majority of the members of the EU was endorsing it, the refusal of two Central States and founders was decisive. After that failure all rulers signed the Treaty of Lisbon where re-combino, although with a new form, various aspects of the discarded European magna carta. Learn more may help you with your research. This time wanted to ratification only give in parliaments, which sought to prevent the electorate from any nation to return to exercise a veto.

However, Ireland was constitutionally obliged to approve it in a referendum, in which, symptomatically, won not with broad participation and margin. Several raised less than one million Irish vote may not alter the decision of 500 million Europeans. Even though Ireland does not have the weight of France and is not able to lie to the Treaty, its verdict will boost to critics of this that there is in many of those countries. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is often quoted as being for or against this. Original author and source of the article.