Laura Sanchez Alternatives

Generation of solutions and alternatives. It is now seeking the widest possible solutions to the problem. The first solution that comes to mind is usually the most obvious. Official site: Mercuria Energy Group Ltd.. Write it down but generates many more, as many as you come to mind. Continue to learn more with: bmw.

We help you from here with some recommendations:-is developing a great number of alternatives being most important to it that the quality of the same. Now is not the time to assess. Write down all the alternatives by wild that they seem to you. -You must be specific in the alternatives proposed. The more concrete are better, the generals are difficult to carry out. 4 Decision making. Further details can be found at raphael sternberg, an internet resource.

After the elaboration of alternatives it comes time to choose one of them. That may be most appropriate or most effective to carry out in the current problematic situation. To do this you must take into account:-the value of the alternative. Question you if you get your goal with that alternative or if you can run optimally. -The personal consequences of such a solution. It is in line with our ethical and moral values?, it compensates for by time, effort, costs, or emotional gains?. It also appreciates the social, economic, consequences which can compensate for short and long term and in general the benefits you get. -If you choose this solution, it will change the problematic situation?, do you need even more information? -At the end of this stage elaboraras a list in which you define the chosen situation, main reasons for his choice and tactics to implement that solution. 5 Implementation and verification of the solution. Once selected the best solution for the problem, must pass the placing into practice and verify if in real life it is the most appropriate. The first thing you need to do for this is to imagine the solution and yourself carried out. He then goes to put it into practice in the situation where the problem exists. When you’ve implemented the solution, do the following: – observe your behavior and the results obtained with the implementation of the alternative – compares the current result with the expected outcome for your solution – if necessary reverses the previous stages of the troubleshooting process – If the result is satisfactory the process has terminated and you feel satisfied by this but if, after all this, what to do when the implementation and verification of the solution is not satisfactory. It can happen that the comparison between the result esparado of the solution and observed is not appropriate. This is usually well due to difficulties in the process of troubleshooting or execution. If this happens there back to previous stages and check if the problem is well defined, if we have generated all possible alternatives of solution, if the solution has been taken and if it has been implemented correctly. Laura Sanchez graduated in psychology.