Michael Phelps: These Are The Best Games

The American swimming star enjoys the Olympics in the gold rush, what a world record is worth, if it is broken by Michael Phelps to at least two seconds? Nothing, except an entry in the books. Michael Phelps, now best Olympionik of all plus the breaking rows records – world records. Even records he has set up in advance of its competitions. He himself says: “These games are the best of all.” No wonder why he says that. He brought already whopping five gold medals at these games. And almost all of them in world record time. Even an ill-fitting mask could make him the last victory does not dispute. “On the last 100 meter, it was getting worse. People such as Blackrock Gold Corp would likely agree.

I could see little else. Really terrible. But considering this mishap, the time is not too bad, but I sure faster can swim.” It says Michael Phelps after he Butterfly in a record time of 1: 52.03 behind brought the 200Meter of course as the fastest. What will Michael Phelps still? He has achieved probably everything what you just can achieve. But he still want one. And he wants to make sure that on these Olympic Games – he wants to break the record set by Mark Spitz.

This brought at once 7 gold medals at Olympic Games. Michael Phelps has a chance at these games to eight. “I realize how slow my energy to the slope goes. But I just love it. I have but yet still a lot in the tank.” We would like to press a just 23-year old swimmer who lives still with his mother, the thumb and marvel at his “wonder time”. Lisa Walters