Magazine Sales More

After that, a loyal customer finishes to arrive. Alone, without other colleagues to assist it, you need to locate yourself and to decide for who it will go to dedicate to greater attention. Which would be its attitudes to take care of all wait that it? In these circumstances the salesman will need to demonstrate to all its charisma ability and. However, the life is made of choices and certainly it will not obtain to please Greeks and troianos. In this in case that, it is necessary to decide which customer has that to wait more! its decision can give a trophy to it or sign its resignation.

1 to compliment all educadamente; 2 Demonstrar interest for all; 3 the person most fragile is the one that it needs bigger attention; 4 remembers first impression to it is the one that is; NEVER DEMONTRE PANIC FOR WORSE THAT IT IS THE SITUATION! Its autoconfiana and credibility will be its greaters allies, therefore it does not lose the control remains calm and Cortez. 1.5.O effect UAL always Has a letter in the sleeve, is not previsible! It always surprises positively its customers. The people want to be special, they give to this and you will gain its credibility and affection. He answers with sincerity) Why I deserve the credibility of the customer? B) I surprise the customers? Yes () not () C) What I make to gain the loyalty of the customer? D) You already lived deeply scene 3? E) You already lived deeply scene 4? In case that the reply he is yes, he counts its experience. 2.O witchcraft turns against the wizard the credibility is not conquered pointing weaknesses of the competitor or pointing imperfections of the fellow worker much less depreciating the workstation.

To speak badly of the competitor is antiethical and clearly leaves its lack of arguments, convincing, on its product. To point imperfections of other fellow workers, to value its attendance, indicates that the salesman is disloyal. He leaves that its customers carry through this judgment. To depreciate the workstation discourages the customers and cause questionings on its intellectual capacity. One remembers: Many people believe dictated popular ' ' You say me with who you walk and I will say who to you s' '. Bibliography: Candeloro, Raul. After-sales. As to improve the relationship and to guarantee the loyalty of its customers. Curitiba: Quantum, 2006. Candeloro, Raul. Preparation and planning. As to prepare and to plan action, and to manage the time to reach objectives in sales. Curitiba: Quantum, 2007. Magazine Sales More. Year 17 – N 198, October of 2010. I love vender. Curitiba: Quantum, 2010.

Nielsen Online

Sufficiently it is used in the half musical comedy for launching of new bands and musics. It occupies, currently, as the place in ranking of the had access nets more world-wide. Figure 7? Initial page Source: (2010) the Linkedin is a social net directed toward networking, with possibility to insert the professional description with diverse information as: carried through escolaridade, courses professional experience. Although Linkedin has been established in 2003, it tried an explosive growth only from 2006. For example, in accordance with ranking Nielsen Online, since October of 2007, the subscribers had jumped more than of 1,7 million users for more than 4,9 million users, a jump of more than 189 percent, between October of 2006 the October of 2007. (BUTOW, TAYLOR, 2009) Figure 8? Public profile of an user in the LinkedinFonte: Linkedin (2010) For Recuero (2009), the Flickr (to see figure 9) allows that published images are labelled with word-key that are objective of searches and organization. With this the social net has a character of personal expression. Figure 9? Agency Senate in the Flickr Source: image of the site (2010) Was, originally, developed for a Canadian company called Ludicorp, in the year of 2004, and acquired, in 2005, for the Yahoo! group.

To use the system, it is necessary to create a normal or professional account. Against the account professional, it is possible to postar a greater amount of photos. The Flickr allows the user to send videos and to make commentaries in the photos of the users of its net, beyond participating of comunidades.2.4 the use of the social nets for interaction with the customers Due to war of prices and the strong competition, the form most practical for a company to be distinguished is to enter definitively in the social nets. To give this step does not mean, as many store come making, to act with propaganda in the same way that in the traditional medias.

Perspectives Compliance

From there the term happens that means ' ' to make cumprir' ' , of the English ' ' you comply' ' , or COMPLIANCE as some know. 2,1 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INTERNAL AUDITORSHIP AND COMPLIANCE the internal auditorship is an independent activity, of objective evaluation and consultoria, destined to add value and to improve the operations of an organization. The internal auditorship attends the organization in the achievement of its objectives, through a systematic and disciplined boarding, in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the management of risk, the control and the processes of governana. It participates of this affirmation MANZI, Vanessa.? Compliance in Brazil? Consolidation and perspectives. So Paulo; Saint Paul, 2008. P. 61: (…) the internal auditorship effects its works of random and secular form, by means of samplings to certify of the fulfilment of the norms and processes instituted for the high administration (…).

In the scope of the Compliance one executes such activities of routine and permanent form, monitoring them to assure, in corporative and timely way, that the diverse units of the institution are respecting the applicable rules to each business, that is, fulfilling to the norms and internal processes for prevention and control of the involved risks in each activity, also in this direction MANZI, Vanessa.? Compliance in Brazil? Consolidation and Perspectives. So Paulo; Saint Paul, 2008. P. 61: (…) compliance is an arm of the regulating agencies next to the administration as for the prevention of the good image and reputation and to the norms and controls in the search of conformity. Compliance also must be so independent how much the internal auditorship, referring the high administration to inform it to it of events that represent risks for the institution, mainly risk of compliance, that is, regulatory and that it can affect the reputation. It agrees to this affirmation MANZI, Vanessa.? Compliance in Brazil? Consolidation and perspectives.

Spring !!!

Dear, hurray! Spring comes, is nearing time for the puddles, the season drops, and gurgling brooks. The smell of spring hit in the nose, you hear birds chirping and the sun more and more and the day becomes longer and is about to swell the buds on the trees. Soul turns around and wants to breathe, walk a lot more come on the air. And the only thing that can spoil this mood elevation after a long winter – it's mud, damp and wet feet. Yes, and as a consequence – cold. In this case, there is nothing better than to buy rubber boots! Better yet, if rubber boots attract attention, such as fashionable and stylish! If boots adorn your legs, is not it fun? You can boldly advance into all the deep puddles to walk on the wet grass in the summer. And most importantly, it is convenient for them to care for, put in a bathroom, shower and watering – Ready! Again as new! Pick yourself beautiful boots, boots are in a cage, in pea, with a picture of roses, with prints of various animals, even with the vegetables. Whatever, different colors from lemon and bright orange colors, to intelligent juicy risunochkov where you can go, do not believe in the business talks! And as you look cute in the garden in season "after the rain, walking on the grass in rubber boots, which depicts a delicious fruit and vegetables or sweet red hearts on a pink background! Funny Rubber boots, buy – this is a very good buy, and most importantly – it's convenient!

Jose Robert Arruda

At the end of the year past, used to advantage the valuation of the property in Brasilia to vender 500 hectares of the property for the construction of a luxury condominium. It enters the partners of the enterprise, beyond Sarney, is the lawyer Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro, the Kakai. It counts that he entered in the business as part of the honorary ones received for defending Roseana senator Sarney (PMDB It to ME) in the Lunus case, as she was known the suspicion of that it, then daily pay-candidate to the Presidency, would have been favored for the shunting line of resources of the State for its campaign. ' ' Not wise person of this order of tombamento' ' , she said. In return to the Presidency of the Senate, Sarney started to pressure the governor of the Federal District, Jose Robert Arruda (DEM), for intermediary of an old collaborator, Wild Gorgulho, former-assessor of the press of the Presidency during its mandate and current secretary of Culture of the DF.

It supports the order of Sarney and its position is the same one of Arruda, in accordance with the assessorship of the governor. According to president of the Senate, the proposal to overthrow the small farm was waked up with Arruda. The idea would be to create a tourist script that included the houses of the old presidents: the Fazendinha de Juscelino Kubitschek, the Catetinho, the Pericum and the House of the Dinda, of former-president Fernando Collor de Mello.PRECEDENTEA bigger difficulty to make possible the falling are to know as to pass over seeming technician of the Direction of Historic site and Artistic of the Federal District (Depha), competent agency to evaluate if the house has some value for the history of the city. the document ridiculariza the order made for Sarney. In the city where only workmanships of Oscar Niemeyer are overthrown by the National Historic site and the Catetinho, the official residence of JK at the time of the construction of Brasilia, the Depha classifies the next historic site to Brasilia as simple ' ' house of fazenda' ' with traces typical architectural of one ' ' property destined to the leisure of ends of semana' '.

Classification Binders

A wide variety of construction konctpyktsy, their construction and snetsifika-mode eksnlyatatsii tpebuyut isnolzovaniya based materials samyx pazlichnyx binders. Binders called noroshkoobpaznye matepialy that nozvolyayut sformipovat mascy, solidifies kamnevidnoe body. To this end, neopganicheckie minepalnye binding closes the water and the organic binder is usually shuts acids, alkalis, substances based on dpygix compounds. Classification of binding is dependent on the composition, properties, fields npimeneniya, as well as the chemistry THEIR zatvepdevaniya. Binders are divided into three-dimensional chetype gpynny.

1. Hydraulic binders, mixing with water that npi snocobny to harden and vozdyxe nocle npedvapitelnogo zatvepdevaniya on vozdyxe sohpanyayut and napaschivayut npochnoct in the water. Therefore, hydraulic binders and their products as a eksnluatiruyutsya nazemnyx and in nodzemnyx and even nodvodnyh konctpyktsiyax and facilities. K nepvoy gpunne binders include Portland cement, aluminous cement, nutstsolanovye, slag, expanding cements, cements with mikponanolnitelyami, hydraulic lime, and romantsement paznovidnosti nepechiclennyx binders and cements. 2.

The second-gpunna vozdyshnye binders that nocle mixing with water and tvepdeyut coxranyayut npochnoct only vozdyxe. Such binders icnolzyyutsya exclusively for cooryzheniya aboveground structures and facilities. Under the influence water, these binders nostenenno pazryshayutsya. In the second part gpunny such as matepialy gincovye and magnesium binders and lime vozdyshnaya, kotopyyu npigotovlyayut in the form of lump lime quicklime, burnt lime or ground in the form of gidpatnoy lime (nushonki). By ginsovym binder is vysokoobzhigovy ginc, gincovoe binder and binder anhydrite. By caustic magnesia binder is dolomite and magnesite caustic. 3. Third-binding gpynna autoclaved tvepdeniya who actively tvepdeyut nri autoclave treatment for 6-10 hours in an environment saturated water napa npi pressure 0.9 MPa. The third gpynne include lime-nepheline binders kotopye consist of nepheline and lime lime-kremnizemistye substances that are composed of quartz and lime necka and necchanicty cement, lime-slag binders, lime-ash and other blended binders. When nopmalnyh CONDITIONS and npi npi nponarivanii temnepatype from 90 95 degrees binders third gpynny not harden and do not increase npakticheski npochnoct. 4. Kiclotoynornye binders kotopye nosle hardening in the air to keep nrochnost npodolzhenii prolonged exposure vpemeni nod most pazlichnyx acids. By knitting Substances fourth gpunny is kislotounopny cement, and cement and kvaptsevy kpemneftoricty dpugie binders. The most extensive hydraulic binders NO nomenklatype, volume nroizvodctva, npodazh and npimeneniyu in ctpoitelctve is grynna gidpavlicheskix binders, etc. NO nonylyapnocti are air binding. Most pasnpoctranennym gidpavlicheckim binder is Portland cement, which can contain the active mineral supplements. Depending on the content of additives distinguish between Portland and Portland with active mineral additives to 20% slag or other additives. Depending on the composition of clinker for cement production icnolzuemogo, Portland nodrazdelyayut to belite, ordinary ferpitny, alitovy, magnesium, alyumofeppitny, aluminate. Slag cement for portland slag cement pazdelyayut, sulphate slag cement and lime-slag. Varieties are divided into cement nytstsolanovogo nutstsolanovy Portland, izvestkovoglinisty cement, lime and sulphate nytstsolanovy nytstsolanovy cement. Varieties of alumina cement nodpazdelyayut on ordinary cement, and gincoglinozemisty angidpitoglinozemicty cements. For expanding the cement nroizvodstva icnolzyyut nortlandcky or aluminous cement with various types of npimeneniem pacshipyayuschixcya supplements in the form of clinkers cylfoalyuminatnyh, krentov, alumina slag. Portland sandy, carbonate-and neschanisto tamnonazhny npedctavlyayut cement is cement with mikponanolnitelyami.

Automatic Irrigation

Even at school, of course in general biology, we know that all living organisms for normal growth and prosperity requires moisture, and plants for the most part, are no exception. Plant maintenance optimal water balance is simply vital. Therefore, many vacationers most of the time spent at his country estate, invest in irrigation, trying to literally "fill" area, as they say, that the moisture enough before the next weekend. However, they have no idea that flooding the soil, causing even greater harm to their favorite plants. Proper watering of plants – is a science and understand its not given to everyone, especially since this takes spend a lot of precious time. In this situation, the owners of suburban areas are beginning to think seriously about installing automatic watering system, which provides rules for each watering absolutely garden plants. However, even when irrigated with automatic irrigation system appropriate to follow some basic rules watering plants. 1.

Watering is desirable to produce early in the morning when the sun is still has not risen high, or late at night, when the sultry heat has receded and came to the evening coolness. In no case can water the plants under the scorching sun. So watering can cause irreparable harm to plants, leaves which, under the influence of focused water droplets midday sun can just burn up. With automatic watering start watering the plants can be set at a time that is convenient to you and which do not interfere with your rest.

Wastewater Construction

Water house structurally divided into outer (external) and internal water supply system. External water supply – an autonomous system of water supply from boreholes, wells or laying of pipeline tie-in with the system village or district water supply. Internal water supply system – a system of preparation of sanitary water (water purification filters mechanical, iron removal, softening, disinfection), the layout of pipes installation site SANTECH devices, installation and connection of the hot water equipment. In order to implement water and wastewater country house, you want the natural sources of water and wastewater treatment system and water, performing tasks of water supply. To date, water purification and water treatment relevant as ever. Unfortunately, the quality of water we use is poor, and the question of choosing the right water treatment system excites all of us. Particularly acute problem of water supply systems (water treatment) affects the rural areas and suburban areas.

In many villages still remained "Grandfather" water (water treatment, water) that is "vederny" water from a nearby well. In this approach to water supply can not even count on a minimum of comfort Water (Water of a private house, cottage or villa water) is often the host country house reflects on water supply (water treatment) after the project is completed. Explore water resources plot (their composition, size, depth, etc.) should be at the stage of preparation for construction, in order to accurately determine the necessary water system (water treatment). The first step is determine the choice of water source: well, well, pond, stream, etc.

Winter Garden

Pros to create a stylish and quality – a winter garden. Winter Garden is created for a variety of "scenarios". It's either a lot of ornamental plants with no decor, "naked" gardening, or set decoration, water elements, large and small stones. Actually create a winter garden, a tropical or landscaping along the lake with a beautiful decor of the stones. Pros create a winter garden that pleases the customer, bringing peace and comfort.

Winter Garden of dreams – it's real beautiful landscaping with professionals! Actually planting or large winter garden, where planted tall ornamental plants and trees. Greening is a big and very popular. But this winter garden requires a lot of height and size of the room, where is gardening. The huge room has a lot of different possibilities, albeit in a smaller room a beautiful winter garden, planting a more modest but no less beautiful. Although in a large room, because the room is not enough, looks great winter garden, a forest-planting, when walking, like a man among the true nature! So that the planting of tall trees – a real in our time a winter garden. There a variety of options to form a winter garden in a small office.

Greening is transforming office without the high cost and hassle. A sort of winter garden is very concise, consisting of 2-3 or more potted plants in beautiful plant pots – simple but beautiful landscaping. Such a simple winter garden in any part of the office appropriate. Planters also taken of any quality, color, shape, form, because the landscaping – very few ornamental plants. But we should remember that Winter Garden must implant in the office must, let it be planting 3.2 ornamental plants. Just need to select suitable decorative plants, then a small winter garden – quality landscaping – it is pleasant to the customer. And the winter garden is very interesting to create a separate room, if possible. It's a win-win solution, gardening grows "concentrated" and bright. And if the winter garden was created in a transparent room and has an output of him, then planting outside, as a fabulous winter garden, and so at any time of year. Guests will immediately notice the landscaping – a winter garden in a separate room – and be able to relax here. Winter garden in a separate room provides ample opportunities for improvement of recreational areas: sofas, armchairs, tables, even a dining room and billiard room is a perfect fit with the interior. Imagine how great it would be landscaping surround the cozy sitting area. So planting appropriate in any house, and a winter garden in a separate room, and even more so!


I open the catalog of vehicles on one site and get lost in a huge number of proposals, vendors are fighting fiercely for customers by offering more and more new types of machines. But what is primarily for the buyer? Comfort and security! This is what builds the joy of the owner when purchasing a car. And of what constitutes safety and comfort? Every detail of the car brings its contribution to the cause. Here's an example of glass In the early 20 th century or a number of Paris newspapers do not get along without reports of bloody injuries which passengers horseless carriages, cut glass machine. Only to 1927 on the machines appeared safe laminated glass, but only the most expensive, only a few decades they have become the norm. Modern car manufacturers take responsibility for the safety of passengers and testing of glass in the enhanced mode, spending a lot of tests strength. And yet another glass protects against noise, ambient temperature, for this it is treated with special coatings. It's okay to withstand ice and fogging. Another function of the glass – to create a machine must be level of light load to save the driver from the sun and glare.