The Constitution

The question arises, What is wrong in our dreams of an ideal? I think that just those women who are not exchanged for little things, not afraid to miss a chance to "go get married," but it was hard looking for her only as time and achieve success. Neither one of us would not want to pick up what was lying unattended at the curb of life. So the problem of failed marriages is not in our dreams of a prince. The main mistake in the transmission from generation to generation women fear being alone, without her husband. That summer the girls 18-23 want to jump out to marry as soon as possible, so just do not listen to sympathetic questions of curious gossips, "Why are you still single? It's time too, the years go by … "Nonsense! Why jump in 20 years of marriage, cluttered life, diapers, pots and swim ahead of time with fat, jealous of their unmarried friends, free, successful and happy? They are building their careers, caring for each other, meet with men recruited experience and are looking for her prince … And after all are! Find the one of whom dreamed of since childhood-gentle, caring, strong man, capable of protecting anyone. So do not believe deliberate empathy jumped married friends, it you envies.

Jealous of your freedom, your attractiveness, your choice, which she had not and would not likely. I will tell you a secret-you, unmarried free women, mistresses of their own destiny, much more likely to create a happy family than the girls jumped married at 18-20 years for the same fragile youngsters. Because you gain wisdom, which is so necessary, experience with men, blooms and disclosed as complete woman. And in the end become one wife whose husband is on his hands. After all, the family is not just sex. This is life, this woman's ability to create comfort, maintain the household and reasonably .. ability to skillfully manage their Prince. Yes, it is so gently and carefully to give advice, suggest how best to proceed, but just worry about him losing football team and move it without hysterical male gatherings with friends.

How can all this 18-year-old girl? And would be glad to, but no experience. You can learn to cook, wash, clean, swaddled baby, but if there is no knowledge, no experience with men, then by the time my husband will look at such a wife as a servant, not a favorite woman. This is the problem of those who for the sake of the status of married women declined from its own development. Some believe that freedom-only portion of men. But show me where it is written? The Constitution? No! It is recorded only in the minds of women, afraid to be left with nothing and trying to get married as soon as possible. Why we women who have achieved the right to hold leadership positions in business, to stand at the pinnacle of power in politics, why do we deny ourselves in personal freedom and the right to love? Do not give up their ideals and dreams of a prince and meet with men, choosing who is right for you. Do not miss the opportunity to find IT-only, which will make you happy! And hearing men saying "Marry – how to die – never too late to" always remember the woman's responsibility "to marry not to attack, if only to married not divide"

Right Choice

One of the important and the most frequently asked questions is "How to choose a necessary and sufficient software to automate the accounting of the Company?". And in this particular case, to solve problems management and accounting, we consider the most popular in Russia 1C: Enterprise. Each enterprise in its own individually, on the one hand, and on the other – are quite similar when viewed from the point of business processes. Therefore, in this section, we attempt to examine the basic principles and factors affecting the choice of software (SW). And as to present the results of the classification of selecting the appropriate software, in Depending on the critical parameters. The review we have compiled on the basis of its long experience in the automation of various sizes of enterprises and activities. Perhaps it is somewhat subjective, but as Experience shows that there are always exceptions, but they are likely to prove the rule:) The goal is to help you do yourself the initial steps to determine the needs of the company in automation at the moment and suggest that option – spending a little time. In this review, we consider three basic, in our view, aspect: how to begin: choosing software, with the development of the Company whether change / upgrade the existing information system of the feasibility of investments in new software. The main sections of this review: Description of Your Company (the formation of the system requirements) Classification of baselines 1C: Enterprise 1C: Enterprise 7.7.

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