Plaid Shirt

Some few news channels from the bunker JJ would be to the HGS People’s Navy has been turned in other directions. Elsewhere in the film that held through to the 03.Oktober that the 24.Std.-Dienst, following normal service was performed to 07.Januar, 1992, the day of the current Los circuit of the bunker, it has removed all supplies… How is that possible, after the circuit Los? The former head of the troposphere system for the GDR at the message management office of the Chief of reported news in the MfNV that troposphere communication already went in August 1990 decommissioned. Here some literally played the final commentary to the film,. On behalf of the MDR, the operators of the bunker researched in May/June 2004 for a movie in Brandenburg bunkers. Thereby, the disappointed faces of whole families are with their children after the visit in a Brandenburg bunker to the source of the idea of his dramatic staging in JJ. The families with their children were disappointed their expectations slackened because of a commanding officer with pepper/salt jacket, Creases in pants, a Plaid Shirt and tie have been carried by a bunker illuminated with neon light.

They had to pay even. You may find that ClearSky Business can contribute to your knowledge. Under these circumstances, it is no longer scary in a bunker, the most exciting bunker to the simple potato cellar is degraded. This can’t go, that an exciting Spezialkbauwerk is demoted, it must tell its story itself, was born the idea of the dramatization, which visited bunker was offered in connection with the search for the film, but was rejected citing its own financing. With a movie, Brandenburg bunker operators and clubs in bunkers in other memory have the facts. Wenzel contacted, wanted to make a film on the occasion of the completion of the 2.Weltkrieges with a freelance camera team, which has worked for the MDR, 60 years ago. Finally a small summary is allowed.

Who has visited the bunker in JJ can dispense with the DVD video film, who not should consider and bear in mind that all bunkers the same general technical Conditions need to operate, no matter in what capacity. There is no special or outstanding facilities in JJ. Role, tasks and function as tropospheric radio station, there are virtually no explanations. Interest possibly bright with the film title is not met. Comment content and film titles don’t match. I can not recommend the video. The colleagues of the Director, Illuminator, cutting and sound experts and last but not least the camera team, who have made an excellent product from my point of view are to be pitied. Enthusiast will appreciate it. Further comments review of the book secret object see nuclear bunker”and selected letters home/../troposphaerenfunk-und-sicherung… text/eichenthal.htm text/Rezension.htm../sonderobjekt-302.html