RSP Makes The Approval Process For Scandlines Mobile

Successful SAP workflow process via BlackBerry Rostock. The Scandlines Germany GmbH, one of the largest Fahrreedereien in the Baltic Sea region, commissioned the RSP consultancy with the implementation of enhanced SAP workflow process. Scandlines uses the SRM-system to ordering of all goods and services that are required for the operation of ferries, ports, restaurants and shops. In combination with their own solution implemented RSP the new SAP Internet service: the existing SAP standard process, which foresees the approval or rejection of shopping-cart operations only from the WEB portal of the SRM system or the appropriate eMail to the approvers, expanded so that this functionality now also using BlackBerry is possible. “The acceleration of decision-making processes, as well as the possibility of 24-hour access, connected with the independence of the place for the responsible staff and me real, profitable mobile business represent, that I no longer want to abandon,” says Birgit Kafeero, purchasing manager of benefits and advantages have Scandlines Germany GmbH. the employees, after reading the editor eMail in the BlackBerry, in the Web portal of the SRM system signed up and edited the shopping cart process.

Through the implementation of RSP solution is the process now more efficiently and faster processing times have been shortened. Further advantages of this solution are the low implementation effort, no change to the existing workflow, maintaining the Scandlines security standards, as well as improved process acceptance among users. About RSP RSP is a renowned, internationally active corporate consulting with focus on SAP. What is special about RSP is that their customers through extremely well each other played competence team care – guaranteeing you a valuable knowledge, considerable cost benefits as well as efficient best business solutions”at the highest level. Headquarters of RSP Unternehmensberatung GmbH is Wiehl, has offices in Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg. About Scandlines the Scandlines Germany GmbH is one of the largest Fahrreedereien in the Baltic Sea region. The company was founded in 1998 by the merger of the two largest national ferry companies in Germany and Denmark. Scandlines operates on 8 lines, which operate in the Baltic Sea region between 11 ports with 17 ferry.