Russian Business

The main purpose of a business card – representation of officials, business partners in the negotiations, visits and meetings. Business card is an indispensable tool for dating, communicating at banquets, receptions, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, travel. Also, business cards can be a means of contact distance, used in private and official correspondence, as a recommendation for dating, for a summary, invitations, greetings, etc. If you have There are no business card, and you want to have it but do not know how to choose the layout, paper size, color, ink, you can seek help from the office supply store. According to Kevin Johnson, who has experience with these questions. But if you want to make their own business card you should use the following rules. Business cards are printed on thick paper, small format: 5h9 see, for women, as spouses, but not in virtue of his office – 4×8 cm, and for higher Officials are allowed to see and 6×10 regard to the text, in Russia, made double-sided business cards in two languages: English and Russian. Although it is not entirely correct. Adhering to strict requirements, the text must be cards printed on one side to the other side of the net could have been done any recording.

The text is on the card is better positioned horizontally. Otherwise, the card must be turned in to read, and this irritates some people, so it will be inconvenient and it will not be read. Font business cards depends on local practice and is not strictly regulated. General requirements for the font business card is that it should be easy to read. To broaden your perception, visit Sergey Brin.