Space Production

With the systems of artificial climatization the temperature is most comfortable possible and its consumers not only leave of being bothered by rain and the strong sun, but also they do not perceive passing of the hours. As result can be easied and intent in its activities of consumption, that it is not summarized only of the material, but also of the time and the space, there with merchandise character. 3.Shoppings and condominiums: auto-exclusion in the capitalist production of the space Through the production in mass made possible for the industrial production, new necessities had been introduced in the modern society, and were needed that new spaces if to configure to accomodate the full accomplishment of the necessities of the capital. Amongst these, the most significant in the cities contemporaries they are shopping to center and the closed condominium. The two elements if relate and are complementary in the urban space. The two use forms fellow creatures to take care of some of the primary functions of the daily one of the urban society: housing, consumption and leisure.

However they only take care of the parcel of the population that has financial resources. They are real estate enterprises that if have multiplied large-scale in function of the sensation of unreliability in the cities, sufficiently explored by the marketing. Already sufficiently the idea of the public space as concentrative of perigos is spread out. On behalf of the security, both congregate one same layer of the society that if takes refuge in these spaces and searchs to enjoy of a life calm, however tied with the consumption, attributing to the space a significao of merchandise. Constantly present in the capitalist space logic it is had as condition and product of the accumulation process. (CARLOS, 2003:78). The condominium as housing, place in which if they carry through the habits on the privacy to the familiar one, the home is inlaid in them, for having this character is part of day-by-day.