Working Areas

At the equipment room office furniture for the staff, the aim is recruitment comfortable, functional, stylish, quality furniture, thereby creating all possible conditions for effective work of employees. At the same time remembering that the creation of a unique interior – mostly due to the furniture, enhance trust and cooperation among business partners of your company – these are the first impressions. Style. The interior decoration business materials – glass, plexiglass, metal and wood-based panels, coated with various kinds of plastics. Forms – practical, clear, geometric and ergonomic. The colors – bright, combined, but not striking.

The main can be expressed in two words – the comfort and image. Functionality. Using a wide range of manufactured office furniture can significantly transform your office. Work tables for the staff – rectangular, angular, streamlined, and other forms provide an opportunity to maneuver, make rational use of floor space. Organizing office space, pay attention to ergonomic and functional work places, using various prefixes and side tables, providing a convenient location for your staff.

Using different tables, both fixed, putting to the desktop, allowing to increase the area of counter tops, and mobiles, roll up stability. Broad range and size range will allow you to design aesthetically interesting interior design. Reliability. Particular attention in terms of reliability should be given to hosts connections, fastening If you move, which is not seldom happens to many companies that rent office space. On the modern equipment is a high reliability and durability of the furniture. Environmentally friendly. Used furniture materials, of course, must meet hygiene and safety. The most environmentally friendly material in the furniture industry is a natural tree, which is why the highest price for its products. In the trail followed by MDF – MDF Explanation (English MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard) – fiberboard medium density. Made from dried wood fibers impregnated with special gluing substances, further compressed to a density at the temperature 650 …