Stefan Eisermann

He graduated from the master chef exam in early 2008 in Heidelberg. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mount Isa Mines on most websites. He has a confidence and respectful leadership with clear, goal-oriented requirements and would never ask employees, what it requires not even by yourself. He is not only a creative designer and maker, but also as a colleague, who maintains his network and continues his knowledge with the system to the next generation”, so Ctefan penny, Member of the jury and President of the Association of chefs in Germany (VKD). Were also nominated in this category: Stefan Eisermann, owner/chef de cuisine, Eisermann’s CreativCooking, Saarbrucken of Matthias Ludwig, pastry chef, restaurant grey goose in the Hyatt Regency Cologne Felix Petrucco, Grand Hyatt Berlin, Chef de cuisine / Chef de cuisine in the Vox Restaurant Steffen Weller, currently product developers, the Smokehouse, Klein Meckelsen about the competition the competition is open to applicants from the fields of hotel, gastronomy and catering. Candidates need at least a mentor (E.g. Manager or human resources Manager) who supports your application through a written statement.

Other basic requirements for participation are an exemplary/behavior of understanding of leadership and first professional success on the way to the top of the leadership. The candidate must be maximum 29 years old. Selection process and jury from each of the three segments of the industry the chief editors of the three title five applicants select, proposed a star-studded jury. On the day of the award ceremony, the 15 candidates must undergo a 20-minute interview. After the interviews, the jury consulting withdraws and decides on the three winners. The jury of the category of hotels”under the direction of Thomas Karsch (Chief Editor TOP HOTEL) the hotel Director Germany Association and Director of the hotel of the oschberghof Donaueschingen Arne Lorenzen, CEO of cones & Lorenzen recruitment consisted of Michael brass, Chairman of the FBMA Foundation and Managing Director of the hotel Bayern, Tegernsee Alexander Aisenbrey, Chairman consultants, Dusseldorf.