Daily Resistance

The JPY was the most volatile currency, the USD / JPY minimum recorded in the area of 105.02, following the publication of GDP during the morning, but later recovered reaching 106.20, managed to stay in the area of 106.00, and is expected to pass more volatility in coming days. The GBP and EURO, both were under some pressure given the lows during the week. The Swissy reached the 1.0900 area, but the loonie minimum recorded at the end of the day, apparently the USD will remain under pressure until more information is taken with respect to the financial rescue plan. In my view, we observe the same behavior in the market until it is realized the bailout – in one way or another. The discussion focuses on the final details of how the rescue bill, and will soon be subject to a vote to be late to practice. Apparently, on Monday, is estimated to reach consensus, but in my opinion, it is not easy to achieve that consensus.

It is estimated that the USD will start lower on Monday, and the stock market will remain under pressure. Comments The couple was under some pressure, had ended unchanged to slightly higher, double action was observed overnight. It is estimated that the pair will continue to rise while the data do not favor. The stock market was low because it is not yet concrete economic rescue plan, which ended up pushing the greenback.

United States Economy

Bonds were and are the heart of the financial system. Volcker’s shock therapy for the economy has meant enormous profits for the New York financial circles. Here, Douglas R. Oberhelman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So, the first – to serve their interests the Yankees easily change the value of its macroeconomic indicators. Second – when the Yankees say ‘we are saving the U.S. economy and, consequently, the economy of the world’ do not believe them.

And in both cases the shadow rulers of the world economy priberayut to their mischievous little hands denzhonki strangers. As is well known, murky waters of big fish caught – now there is MAJOR redistribution of property. Plans for the database to resolve the crisis Option number One. The Government does not approve of the selection to ‘rescue’ the economy 700 yards (highlight a couple of days ago). In this If the dollar devalues automatically to new lows with no options, for Jews, in particular, an updating of the peaks above 1.60. Option that number. Government approves plan. After that, as zashyut slightest their holes, will squeal is not about saving the economy, and on post-crisis recovery.

Then they will need to loot. And for what it would be the most loot again flowed to the United States should restore the country’s image Pindos as a financial center where all quiet bagopoluchno and attractive. What to do this. 1) raise interest rates in order to image the attractiveness of U.S. assets, 2) arrange with the heels of local wars in order to frighten investors and make them seek safe harbor.