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It should not be be too long a list of key phrases, otherwise it faces the complication of the problem of website promotion in search engines. Limit the list of your five or six key phrases. This is enough to start working on promotion of the website. Later, after the first month of website promotion in search engines, analysis of the situation to understand which of the key phrases is really in demand and what is actually possible display site in the first ten positions TOP-issue popular search engines. Try to identify the strategic direction of the company, several of the key phrases for which you, as representative of the company, making the main focus to increase sales.

This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses for promotion of your website, focusing on a specific 'master' plan of the company. The logical question: how does the design on site promotion in search engines? Certainly we can say that increasing your site's ranking is directly correlated with the placement of keywords on the pages in the form of isolated fragments of text and headings corresponding to the subject site and focused on the needs of potential clients. Electrolux recognizes the significance of this. How to do it properly – a task a professional web designer. Try to consider all possible word-formation and possible interpretations of phrases based on key customer needs (different cases, plural, etc.) This will also help in promoting the site. Particular attention should be paid to design the home page, as this page is actually a 'person of the company' on the Internet. Your task – to produce the desired effect on the viewer with an emphasis on quality of service companies, competitive pricing, additional features and etc. It should adopt one of the main rules: the first screen of the home page (note the author – we are talking about the scope of the browser window without scrolling the screen) is created in order to show what the company to make proper advertising emotionally positive effect on the potential customer, offer him something special, while on affordable terms, to show the breadth of choice of the opportunities provided by this company, the second and third screen main page is designed for content site. They serve, in turn, to keep the site in the top positions in search engines, provided the correct organizations with overlapping blocks of text and word-formation, based on key phrases that are selected in the first stage.

Texts presented on the site must be filed interested. Some key phrases in Internal pages have little value to users, but very important to maintain the site for high search engine rankings. This text should be formatted very carefully, making it visually less priority to users' attention to the main text. Try to avoid partial errors for which Yandex can delete your corporate website from search engine indexing of their own: – can not be format text with color background – can not format the text using the bold style, visually displayed as text without distinguishing – can not be completely hidden from the user text blocks that contain key words and indexed by search engines. Now you know that literate adaptation of design sites for search requests from clients to help achieve not only high positions in the delivery of search engines, but also to achieve real financial success by means of selling goods or services through the corporate website. We hope that you will benefit from the advice presented in this paper, the design of your corporate website company. We wish you a successful outcome of web development!

Business and Internet

Now comes the Internet, more and more visitors. In Western countries, the number of people visiting the Internet regularly, and has long been firmly passed for half of the total population. But in parallel with the growing number and sites that are not in order to provide necessary and useful information to internet users live, and a few other purposes. Who creates these sites and what are they? These sites are made and optimizers 'Moneymaker', ie, those who wish to make the Internet a relatively simple way. Today there is no shortage of information about creating sites, and almost anyone, even beginners can easily learn how to create sites of their own. Source: Ben Horowitz. This often leads to the temptation to immediately try to apply their skills in practice to start making on the Internet. Such a purpose is especially attractive because today, increase the market for Internet services, advertising, website promotion services, etc., there are many ways to generate additional revenue for website owners. For instance, hanging on his website contextual advertising site owner can get a good income from the advertisement, while showing visitors who came to read some materials they need at the same time and several commercial deals, which are close on the issues of interest. This is normal and acceptable model – after initially are predlzheny advertisers and search engines was to focus on owners of existing sites that are visited and have their own interested audience, and generating revenue for them would only be an additional application to the main purpose of this site.


As soon as I list – and the price changes for the request. Accordingly, in the list of all the prices are averaged. Dear requests cheaper, cheap expensive. As a result, it is likely to be in high positions only inefficient queries, paying for them at a very decent level. How to avoid: demand guarantees you hit the TOP of the most interesting and popular needs.

If the offer as a guarantee of certain% of the number of requests – to break the list into 2 groups, the most interesting and the rest. And prescribe the obligations of each of the "5% discount for a quick agreement" terms: If you sign a contract within a period not exceeding 10 days from the moment of the company, then as a bonus, get a discount of 10 to 15%. Pitfalls: of course, get the customer interested in everything quickly. But the actual costs for companies prodvizhentsa This decrease is insignificant. Accordingly, the risk of project outputs in the zone of non-profitability.

But such projects are rarely successful, and for the customer. How to avoid: to give a discount. "The site will be the first Yandex page immediately after its development, "conditions: the name of the proposal speaks for itself. Pitfalls: the only way to achieve results in such a period – like open a site for indexing by search systems at the very beginning of development. This creates the risk that people will go to the still unfinished site and their first impression of the company will be ruined.