Allan Kardec

And is that Spiritism, or what is the same doctrine spiritualist, little or nothing has to do with what is known: its main mission is the moral transformation of humanity. It is based on the set of principles and laws, revealed by the spirits to Allan Kardec exceeding half of the 19th century and which sets out concepts such as God, the universe, the men, the spirits and the laws that govern life. Reveals, Furthermore, who we are, where we come from and where we’re going, which is the goal of our existence and what is the reason of the pain and suffering, says the President of the Association of studies Spiritist in Madrid. In addition the spiritist considered that his doctrine is part of science since this study phenomena caused by spirits as something natural. There is no supernatural or abnormal in Spiritism; all the facts or strange phenomena have a scientific explanation. They are natural order, it added.

Hence, for his followers the mediumship or reincarnation are seen as something innate. Mediumship is an organic Faculty of the human being, of a spiritual nature, which serves for communication with the spirits. Reincarnation is the means of achieving perfection. It is the re-entry of the spirit to the Earth through a new body. Occurs in fertilization and allows the plurality of corporeal stocks of the spirit as the only means for its moral and intellectual evolution, stressed Juan Miguel Fernandez. So things who is interested in attending this 6th Congress spiritualist world can register and find all the information in. The total price for the three days is so solo100 euros.

Finally point out the program that already confirmed more than 2,000 delegates will continue during the following days that lasts the appointment.

International Monetary Fund

With the same recipe used by Greece, Hungary just recognize that it has distorted economic data and its fiscal situation is much more serious than the affirmed by their numbers. Do many other European countries have done the same thing? It is so easy to falsify economic data in Europe? Is a new crisis of great magnitude inevitable in the coming months? Increasingly it is more clear that the problems in Europe are not easy to verify. What has come to light so far, probably not all the garbage that exists. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Electrolux by clicking through. Many must be regretting not have known about the decision that he would take the Hungarian Government of honest to bet against its public debt. The profits that would have been achieved had been immense. Is that only in the day of Friday Hungary CDS have soared 100 basis points. Perhaps the spokesman of the Hungarian Government, Peter Szijjarto, before having to give the news, was able to telephone any stockbroker and leverage to become of a good gain. Is that if managers of the Societe General (and many other directors of companies that have enjoyed Insider), eventually did so, do not think that members of the Hungarian Government, not yet done? For the new Government of the first Conservative Minister, Viktor Orban, who last week assumed power, there will be no results nothing pleasing to find out the real situation of the economy of the country.

In a reckless manner, Szijjarto said about the situation of public finances: talk of insolvency or cessation of payments would not be an exaggeration. The problems that have come to light, nor were good news for the Hungarian currency, the forinto, which fell against the euro by 2%, up to 287,7 units per euro, and promises to continue with that trend, at the risk of generating more destabilizing effects for the stricken and fragile economy. You will need to help Hungary a second? Is worth remembering that in the month of October 2008, and a Some have been triggered the international financial crisis, Hungary received an international of 20,000 million euros loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Union (EU) and the World Bank (WB), to save the country from bankruptcy. From the Hungarian Government announced that carry out tough reforms to prevent the collapse of the economy. But what kinds of reforms can be implemented to recover public finances in a collapsed economy that is part of a continent, also collapsed? The Hungarian economy represents just 0.8% of the gross domestic product (GDP), from the European Union (EU), but despite its smallness, its crisis can cause deep damage, incalculable dimension. -Special report on international markets as closed international markets? What factors behind the decline of more than 10% in indexes on Wall Street? Why the euro does new lows? Those closures, the analysis of international markets, commodities, currencies, and update about everything that happened in the markets tomorrow so you own the information and analysis necessary to start the trading day. All summarized in a report only. Sent to your email every morning before box opening in New York. If you want to subscribe, click here. BlogRoll a 4.4 degrees magnitude earthquake shakes southwest of Colombia LIBERTARIAN newspapers from Bolivia in the United States: does can be ANARCHIST and right-wing?