Gasoline Customer

And here you can add it here, but any color will change to blue? Put here … please. Many developers logos for certain familiar phrases like))). Moreover, vyshenapisannoe – it's flowers. But very often they turn into berries, not very priglyadnye to view. Like all good. Order is executed. The customer is satisfied.

Logo design is fully paid. But there's something wrong … And it is not "something" – Ready logo, but rather that picture, in that it evolved after the so-called "wishes" of the customer. Not always, of course, all too badly. But if you do not want to place the logo in its portfolio, it is already on to something.

How to explain to the client that he is wrong, in good sense of the word. A good designer (if he is really good), never make the logo less than the director of law firm or a sales manager food company. But very often the "ideological creators logos are the customer's name. I'm not talking about wishes for some items or colors that are commonly accepted even before the development. This is quite normal practice. Detrimental to further interference with the logo design. Moreover, it is detrimental for the customer, because you can draw anything you like, get the money and disperse happily with a satisfied customer. But in addition to financial satisfaction and approval of the customer, it is necessary and a sense of quality work done … How can that be? What about when you want to return the money, but would not continue "this wonderful creature?" Before you start creating a logo sure to thoroughly discuss with the customer such moments, namely: Listen to all the wishes of the client before work to present to the client The maximum approach to work Try to put a clear distinction between concepts of "wishes" and "always Explain to the client that if his choice had fallen on your studio on the basis of a portfolio, so he has full confidence in your professionalism Learn how to talk to the client – "it's bad," "so impossible, "" it is incompatible, "etc., if wishes were consistent with the phrases. Based on our experience developing logos, we can say that the best works were produced in exactly the case when the client said before work – "I completely trust your professionalism." Dear customers. Trust those who fell on your choice. We are also interested in creating an original logo, which will not get lost in the mass of his fellows, and also decorate not only your business but our own portfolio, for which then did not have to blush. Trust and you'll be rewarded for that trust. Especially since you have so much trouble in their own business to spend more time to create the logo.