Physical Symptoms

Translated from Russian by bodily symptom absolutely any, in whatever body he felt neither offers us something to bring to our lives, to change something in it. Moreover, the message body symptoms – always good. For more specific information, check out XOM. It is never a punishment. It is important to ask yourself is not ‘why me’ and ‘why’, then there will be understanding the language of solid symptom. Procedural approach in psychology and just started with the fact that the founder this trend – Arnold Mindell realized that he said his symptoms.

Because of this he had cured himself of a serious illness. Through the work with physical symptoms and understanding of his message becomes possible to return to present themselves at their own unique way of life. This, in turn, brings healing and resolution of many other problems. Caught in a bear not long ago I had a very interesting work with the client, the which had a perennial disease dermatitis. It is irritating to the skin, which is considered virtually untreatable in full, and many, many years, people living with this very serious condition, softening his only hormonal ointments.

The woman has ever appeared on the arms and cracks at the bend of joints: hands is not possible to soak in the body after bathing, not passing the pain, we always want to comb the wound and need to keep yourself from it so as not to become worse. And with some stress man lived for many years! We started working with bodily symptoms and allowed themselves to do what he offered us: to begin to comb … Of course, not combed her hand.

The Feelings

Thanks to them, dreamer could not only understand what it is now important to begin to do in life, but also to feel a state with which it may do so. The state of lightness, joy and movement. If you are not convinced, visit Howard Schultz. According to her, to work with this dream, she thought that if she starts again something active to do with my life, it will certainly be hard and difficult. Working with a dream gave her the opportunity not only to intellectually understand the dream, but through his whole body and light the joyful message of the energy needed to move forward. At the end of the girl said she knew what to do next in life and how to bring the message of the night sleeping in the daily reality of reality.

Later, returning to the work done, a dreamer was able to realize that her situation disturbing the feelings were similar to the way the ship was out of her sleep in the middle of the ocean. A condition, which she'd been missing for a way out of them, and was confident and powerful and at the same time a slight motion of the ship forward. Later, when she has a feeling that once again "all is in place," she began to hum the melody with the words and instead of charging the move as ship in the ocean. Thus, when we combine the messages of dreams with the daily reality, the voice of inner wisdom speaks to us through dreams gradually becoming clearer and clearer.

All Is Not How You Want It

What I want from life? Why am I not getting proper respect, love and acceptance? Why is this happening in my life? A huge number of issues that are constantly asked by people themselves. And people ask these questions not from what they there is no answer, but because they are in life is not exactly what you want. The fact is that getting a life kicks, we get some feedback about that somewhere we are not living correctly. There are certain laws of the spirit, the universe, God’s laws, call it what you will, living by that person will get everything he wants. Check with Ben Horowitz to learn more. But what do you want? Just do not say that a million dollars, a nice car or an expensive fur coat. In fact, each of us wants to be love, recognition, wealth, health and other benefits. And, living in a certain spiritual laws that we will have in abundance. But very often we break these laws.

Very often the person is lying, stealing, appears not fair to the other people. Circumstances, people, situations in his life – this feedback. She knocks him and says you’re a living somehow wrong, because you do not what is needed. And very importantly, how do you otneseshsya data situations, people, and indeed, how you going to live on! If you are wrong their half, then about getting what you hope to love? And if you’re not fair to make money, sooner or later in your life will be not quite what we would like. There is a lot of very rich people, but their health is poor, but in personal terms, they are very lonely.

You can get what you want passionately. But it is very important as you will manifest in this life. Living, not by the laws of The universe you do not get all in abundance, you will not be happy. It is possible that initially have to pay a big price. And perhaps not all at once will turn out, but because the grand prize – it is your happiness. It’s worth it.