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Videos for the web generation has today become an activity required for webmaster, especially with the effective use of social networks like Youtube and editors. However find music appropriate for a video short this is, is often a daunting task because it understands that a good audio is the key between a video of good quality and one that is not. Music awakens emotions and accompanies the feelings when viewing images; images and audio are inseparable companions who must always be in agreement when it comes to convey ideas effectively. For people who work in Video editing, often finding a suitable musical theme is quite difficult task. Do not always have a good musical repertoire, but an inexhaustible source of good music to make video are the Hoaxes and chain letters that reach us daily in ppt or pps format. In these messages so persecuted by some connoisseurs of the internet we can find what we seek: very suitable for the videos that only audio tracks are they go up to Youtube. Them someone already took the job of finding the appropriate theme music. Now, how is it done? In two ways: first, by using the same program Power Point.

With PP you can export images and sound files from the same platform, using the following procedure: we give right click on your mouse and select Rename, changing the extension to *.ppt. After the file is opened with PowerPoint, we click on file > save as > other formats > save as type > Web page. Then will create a file *.htm and a folder with the same name containing the slide (image and sound) files. Second, if you don’t have PowerPoint, download PowerPointImageExtractor software which allows you to extract all the images and sound (in WAV format) files. This program is free and gives you a folder with the files you need. Original author and source of the article