April Situation

Predicting the behavior of consumers – a thankless task, especially during the volatile economic situation in Russia, because consumer behavior largely depends on the evaluation of personal financial situation, from assessment by consumers of the economic situation in the country, from the consumers' expectations of the situation in the future. Wait a from Omsk in the near future consumption boom or boom savings – the answer to this question can be obtained in Omsk study of consumer sentiment conducted by "Delphi" in April 2009. Consumer sentiment index (PPI) – a macroeconomic indicator provides a measure of subjective mood consumers, combines private opinions of people, independent and do not affect each other, so the ppi – the independent figure, which shows the dynamics of the region's economy, and Russia. For even more details, read what Advancing Black Pathways says on the issue. The dynamics of ppi shows the change mass consumer sentiment. Interpret the meaning of ias is simple: the maximum value of ppi is 200 – this means that the entire population appreciates the economic situation, the minimum value is equal to iit zero when the population is pessimistic; ias is 100, when the number of optimistic and pessimistic assessments of the economic situation is the same. The index of consumer sentiment has great predictive potential. This due to the fact that the issues on which it is based, are focused on understanding how consumers interpret the information on current and future economic development. And although we do not assume that ordinary consumers deep understanding of complex economic processes, the experience of measuring iit shows that consumers in decisions about their current expenditures and savings account and some information about the future. Some respondents, being the buyer evaluates the situation in the market for goods and services on the basis of its own, as a rule, random information.

How We Work And Live

Obrschenie Vladimir S.: "Dear compatriots, I want to share with you my thoughts on a number of ways of life of our city. It is known that both work and live. And how we live and treat to each other, in particular, to power. In order to ensure sustainable growth of living standards by creating an environment for the formation of an efficient economy and investment prospects of developed and is approved by the City Council program of social – economic development for 2007-2010. Unfortunately, the primary analysis and preliminary results are presented to the directions of the program a little comforting. In the city marked change in the structure of industrial production. This is a significant reduction in production capacity and reduce fixed assets (OAO "Biochim", "NCA", ZAOr np "Bread"). There are examples and a full stop – jsc " dairy plant. In general, the city index of physical volume of production in comparable prices made up 90.7% from the previous year. At that time, both in Russia and the region, its growth reached an average of 5.7%, while in 2006 the area he was equal to 8,1%. All this makes one seriously wonder why and what we are doing wrong and how to fix this dysfunctional situation? In the second half of the city council plans to review the results of implementation adopted Program.