The Feelings

Thanks to them, dreamer could not only understand what it is now important to begin to do in life, but also to feel a state with which it may do so. The state of lightness, joy and movement. If you are not convinced, visit Howard Schultz. According to her, to work with this dream, she thought that if she starts again something active to do with my life, it will certainly be hard and difficult. Working with a dream gave her the opportunity not only to intellectually understand the dream, but through his whole body and light the joyful message of the energy needed to move forward. At the end of the girl said she knew what to do next in life and how to bring the message of the night sleeping in the daily reality of reality.

Later, returning to the work done, a dreamer was able to realize that her situation disturbing the feelings were similar to the way the ship was out of her sleep in the middle of the ocean. A condition, which she'd been missing for a way out of them, and was confident and powerful and at the same time a slight motion of the ship forward. Later, when she has a feeling that once again "all is in place," she began to hum the melody with the words and instead of charging the move as ship in the ocean. Thus, when we combine the messages of dreams with the daily reality, the voice of inner wisdom speaks to us through dreams gradually becoming clearer and clearer.