The Ten Commandments

People who establish these links do not dare to think, speak, think and feel for each other Dwellings, by contrast, do not know exactly who they are and their partners need to define them. When you hear about people involved in relationships like these escuchaa so and so says menganita makes we believe in Anyway as there is no clear differentiation of individuals who make up the parejaa live, experienced, and feel hurt by their partners. Not having a partner leaves these people living in a huge vacuum, there is nothing inside, they lose track of themselves and life lacks sentidoa Each person is linked differently and have different ways of conceiving relations parejaa I ask him to reflect on what you mean to live and be a partner, and perhaps find some explanation for their troubles of married life. Obviously love is a feeling that leads us in the first instance to bind and form relationships, but I mean the feeling that draws us to one person in particular actually talk about something much deeper how the relationship mismaa how can we done to be shaping our lives in pairs. In couple relationships are not static but dynamic have ups and downs, good and bad times, situations enrichment and other harrowing, perhaps it is important to rethink our place in the couple who have chosen to be at least the duration and if foreveror what better and if not, take the responsibility that each one touches him according to how it does for a living as a couple.

Each choice of life implies a waiver of another situation. The big problem is that in most cases we want it all: commitment and freedom, living with a partner, for the couple and through the couple and at the same time be independent. It seems like a meaningless play on words, but that for some, are their actions when they come into play the love of his life and relationship with them. In recent months, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has been very successful. Perhaps we live in general in trouble with the couple because we expect something she can not get us shall give or is not willing to offer. Perhaps we expect too much of our media naranjaa Or maybe the questions are in another place? a I still want this person with whom I have decided to form a partner? a I welcome this relationship? a want to spend the rest of my days with this person I've chosen? a I understand my partner, I understand me? When I am able to answer questions from me and not from the other I love so much, then I can be the key to my personal growth, otherwise we will pluck daisy petals, to know how much we want the other and not really how much we love us . I invite you to visit our website, you can download many free articles and if you subscribe to the newsletter will receive immediately the electronic equipment: The Ten Commandments of married life. Cecreto also aware of our quality of life together, offers you the e-book '..