Trendmafia Pulls Into The Center Of Berlin

TrendMafia designer market attracts hot goods from November 2009 in the fountain area In November again at a new location in the middle of the fountain district in the premises of the 64 wells Street in the heart of Berlin. “Many of this venue is expected already by wedding dress Festival of urban fashion and lifestyle” to be known. By way of derogation to the usual date on the first Saturday of the month there will be three weekends of December Christmas market each Saturday and Sunday of the TrendMafia on the first. Alex Lynch recognizes the significance of this. Exhibitors can apply aussteller.htm now at. Dates 2009: Sat November 7, 2009, 1 pm to 20 pm sat and Sun. 5 + December 6, 2009, each 13-8 pm sat and Sun.

12 + December 13, 2009, each 13-8 pm sat and Sun. 19 + December 20, 2009, each 13-8 pm venue: Brunnenviertel, fountain str. 64, Berlin-Mitte (wedding) metro station Bernauer str. or Volta str. veranstaltungsort.htm more information: – free admission – indoor (heated) as well as in space – barrier-free access (excluding WC) photos see: fotogalerie.htm press releases, logos, flyers, etc.,: presse.htm contact Organizer/press work: Volker Buhrmeisters Niederbarnimstr. 6, 10247 Berlin Tel 030 / 66 30 96 41 fax 030 / 66 30 96 43 Tel. 0172 / 387 46 92