Ultima Displays

We also supply self-adhesive film for offset, screen and other printing houses, printing houses which in turn is used in the production of labels, stickers and other products. As for the self-adhesive film in the design of exhibitions and exhibition stands, this material is needed as the construction of the above-mentioned complex of exhibition structures and more cheap and simple variants of the stand when using vinyl cutting technology or large-format printing is produced an image that is then applied by our staff directly to your booth, area, and without prejudice to the surface as well as after your participation in the exhibition can be easily removed without leaving traces, due to the special funds of the adhesive layer adhesive film. Examples of work by this method globally reduces your costs, while maintaining your budget for other needs. For added protection for your images, we offer wide-format lamination on their own automatic laminator. In addition to fining the booth self-adhesive film, we offer you manufactured with the help of our banners and banners that can be used not only once, with the participation in the subsequent shows. To do this, we suggest that you printed on a wide loom fabric banner material add grommet (metal rings), or profiles with special mounting systems reusable. You can stretch or hang banners and banners on your exhibition stand to attract additional attention or to accommodate additional information between the walls of exhibition structures in the pavilion. In addition to importing a self-adhesive film advertising and printing company "Komint" is exclusive distributor display equipment, mobile stands, exhibition designs Ultima Displays, the UK production.