VisuKom Germany

VisuKom offers live hacks, presentations and news about ICT security at the CeBIT fair visitors in Hall 9 booth B20 in a comprehensive programme of first hand information in terms of ICT-security. The experts at VisuKom organize interesting demonstrations, live hack sessions (daily live hacking interactive”around 10: 30 and 15:00 at the booth) in and introduce themselves in the context of lectures. The spectrum of topics is broad, ranging from RFID on vulnerabilities in mobile networks to protect against spying. On Saturday, March 8, the Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann from 15:30 at the community booth of Bavaria will also be innovative on-site. Visit VisuKom in Hall 9, booth B20. Brief description: VisuKom Germany the founded in 1996 VisuKom Germany GmbH with seat in Stegaurach near Bamberg is a service company that specializes in the areas of security consulting and carrier solutions. The company offers a wide range Range of services in the field of ICT (information and communication technology)-security.

The core competencies lie in on the examination by the ICT network infrastructure vulnerabilities and detect and address existing vulnerabilities using IT/TK-penetration testing and individual Securityaudits. Special focus (E.g. based on IEEE 802.11(x) and Bluetooth) VisuKom inter alia on uncovering vulnerabilities of modern media such as telephone and fax networks (PBX, PSTN and VoIP) and wireless networks for mobile communication. The services range from development to testing to implementation of security concepts in information technology and network technology and programming. Workshops and training courses round off the portfolio.