American Airlines

Monday, 02 August of the current year. Lourdes is in trouble. With these words the franco Jaime Bayly shooter begins his television program. She claims to be a clean and transparent politics, but who tell us how much money received catano?. Hid us that information, and that silent grants. Catano is an alleged drug trafficker. Almost certainly that it is. She should have not received money from this subject says Jaime.

Jaime shows a voluminous document that Lourdes has sent to you, and that supposedly is the affidavit of all your income (not said since when) as a lawyer at a law firm and personally. Jaime says that it was not necessary to send that Tome, because the question was very simple paid him much Catano as President of American Airlines? She wants to dodge that question, because it gives you ashamed to say how much it paid. You want to wallpaper. He wants us to be confused with a lot of figures. But we have made an overview of this Declaration; and in it we We realize that 74% of these revenues, received them from the safe drug trafficker Catano. This amount is the sum of 320 thousand dollars approximately. Lourdes acknowledges that he received this money, but scandalous is that it has come from this man the payment mentioned Jaime. Continuous Jaime instructing us: when Lourdes last year agreed to be President of this air carrier American Airlines was the fourth television program power and said that she felt proud to work for this guy because he was an exemplary person.

And then in another program that it would put hands to the fire by this man, she felt good to be his lawyer said. It is seen that the radar to capture the maliciousness of the people is broken in Lourdes. Therefore rightly so the leader of the party PPC Lucho Bedoya tilda it of inocentona.

Company Owners

Reliably determine who owns the company, it is possible, determining whose orders do executives today Ukrainian businesses are increasingly becoming an arena of corporate battles. Every day we hear that in the next battle for control of the interests of the face of known or not very well known business groups. An impartial analysis of business practices shows that the concept of 'control' is considered an extremely simplified – only context of the struggle for the seizure of the key positions in various corporations. The rapid spread of raiding further strengthens this emphasis, which leads to a distortion of the essence of this very complex mechanism. Cost-savvy reader probably knows that, like many other business terms, the concept of 'control' has no unambiguous definition. For example, in the French legal proceedings based on the fact that control the company – it means to have a predominant influence on to dominate him, send him to lead them.

Similar statements within the meaning of control is contained in International Accounting Standard 27, the underlying Ukrainian accounting standards. Control in this case is seen as indicating a decisive impact on the financial and operating policies of the company to obtain benefits from its activities. Broad distribution is an approach in which control means the ability to appoint and dismiss members of the board of directors and top management of the corporation. This interpretation is shared by many government agencies and courts, in particular the Ministry of Justice and the U.S. Supreme Court. Another approach is now enshrined in legislation in several European countries (in particular French and English), considering control as a direct or indirect ownership stake, providing the largest number of votes in the governing bodies of the company. Well, what is said about it in the Ukrainian legislation? In matters of corporate control our legislation is extremely controversial and eclectic.