Douglas McGregor

3.3Motivao: Which the perception of the executives of the company in relation to the motivation of its employees, in accordance with the theory of Douglas McGregor? The comment of the administrative techniques and management of RH of the company takes in them to believe that its executives observe the employees mainly (although not total) under the boarded aspects for theory Y, that says: 1.Os individuals can find the work something so natural how much to rest and to have fun themselves. 2.As people will demonstrate auto-orientation and self-control, will have been committed to the objectives. 3.Em the average, the people can learn to accept, or until searching, the responsibility. to 4.Qualquer person can have the capacity to take decisions innovative. One is not about exclusive privilege of those in higher hierarchic positions. (ROBINS, 2009) We conclude this considering the little control on the point register, the flexibility of schedules, the total inexistence of tools of measurement of performance. Being the evaluated organization, of public character, as is decided the question of equity in the company in relation to the comparison of wages with other individuals with similar jobs in the same organization? The company offers to plan of positions and wages based on factors as time of service and formation, that the merit does not benefit, making possible that employee with the same position and same responsibilities they receive wages different.

With this, it creates an environment that does not please the people who search motivation in the capacity as instrumental value and the recognition as terminal value. Obviously, these characteristics do not favor motivation of the employees, therefore at no moment the good performance, the creativity or the proactivity offer reward concrete. Already the level of insatisfao of the employees is very low, therefore the hygienical factors as surrounding of work, relation with the colleagues, security of the job, benefits etc.

Something More

A person highly motivated will work with tenacity to reach performance goals. With adequate ability and agreement of its function, this person will be highly productive. (BATEMAN, 1998) 4,2 FACILITATING to the PERFORMANCE efficient Administrators facilitate to the performance supplying the things of that the people need to play its function. They can offer its personal adjusted training, necessary tools and equipment, appropriate and personal budget of support and authority and enough information so that the staff makes a good work. Without these elements, even though the people highly motivated do not go to have good performance. Thus, when perceiving that the situation inhibits instead of assisting its performance, they perceive the motivation.

(BATEMAN, 1998) 4,3 STIMULATING the DESMPENHO Bateman (1998) say that the people are made use to work very exist a reason to make it. Something in its workstation must happen stimulates that them to work. In the level simplest, this something can more be nothing than the head making an order or giving an order. The people are until more motivated to show behaviors for which they are considered responsible. If a person knows that the head goes to verify as it fulfilled the order, has more possibility of right cumpriz it. If a stated period will be tax, it has more possibility to make the task quickly. Moreover, he is most likely that the people make things that they know that they will be evaluated in its evaluations of performance. Also they will make things when exactly they will be rewarded by making them. Many ideas had been proposals to assist the administrators to motivate people. Most useful of these boardings they include the practical ones to establish goals, to strengthen the performance, to satisfy the necessities of the people, to create motivantes functions, to influence the beliefs of the people on the performance, to reach equity, and to supply a life of work of high quality.

The Descriptive Research

The exploratria research uses sufficiently ample and versatile methods. According to Aaker (2001), when a research is projected, exists an ample variety of methods to be considered, either of individual or combined form. For the exploratria stage the method of collection of secondary data was used. Malhotra (2001) affirms that the secondary data are of easy access, relatively little dispendiosos and of fast attainment. Although rare the secondary data give to all the answers for a not routine problem of research, them they can be useful in some ways, such as: to identify the problem; to define the problem better; to develop a boarding of the problem; among others.

The Descriptive Research, according to Aaker (2001), is characterized by possessing objective well definite, formal processes, being structuralized well and nullified for the solution of problems or evaluation of alternatives of action courses, it groups a series of research whose processes present important common characteristics. Differently of what it happens in the exploratrias research, the elaboration of the research questions estimates deep knowledge of the problem to be studied, that is, the necessary researcher to know accurately what he intends with the research, as what he desires to measure, when and he will make where it, he will make as it and why he will have to make it. J P Morgan Chase recognizes the significance of this. People little made familiar to marketing research find common that to carry through she is enough them to construct a questionnaire quickly and to leave the field being collected thousand data, but when findar this immense work, is certainly selected with the uselessness of the majority of the collected data of this disordered form. The amount of options of possible data to be collected in a research is infinite, therefore it is necessary to know which before are the excellent data for that particular type in fact or phenomenon. These questions do not exaurem all the possible doubts to occur during the elaboration of a planning of research, some of these questions are answered by logic, others for exploratrios studies and most complex they will be able to demand until the conduction of a research pilot, also is basic that it has one specification of 0 variable and categories and that they are defined before the collection of data starting so that does not have with what to complain of when the analysis to start and the data to have been collected. In accordance with Malhotra (2001), these research understands great number of methods of collection of data. Frequently Richard Elman has said that publicly.

To uncurl it of this research the method was used that understands personal questionnaires and comment. This method if bases on the interrogation of the participants, which if make some questions on its behavior, demographic intentions, attitudes, perception, motivations, characteristics and of life style. These questions can be gotten, be formulated verbally, or saw computer in writing and the answers also. Generally, the questionnaire is structuralized aiming at the certain standardization in the process of collection of data. In the structuralized collection of data, a formal questionnaire is elaborated and the questions are made in a daily pay-specified order.


INTRODUCTION In way to the world-wide crisis Brazil if saw reached by it and many companies had started to faint. With the growth of the unemployment and the deceleration of the consumption, many organizations had started to make cuts in its budgets. The ones that if they used of a good planning if had kept. Further details can be found at Blake Krikorian, an internet resource. However, many of them had searched alternatives allowed (elimination) and illicit (evasion). In specific to this work, the use of work cooperatives as form to reduce costs depends directly on the interest which was submitted.

In what it consists in articles 3o and 4o of the Law in the 5,764/71 of the Statute of the Cooperativismo, the cooperative concept is about a form free of association of people, with civil nature, does not subject the bankruptcy, with common objectives constituted to give services to its associates, whom if it distinguishes from the too much societies for possessing proper characteristics, amongst them: to have the cooperated one as partner and main beneficiary, voluntary adhesion, singularity of vote in the Assemblies (democratic management), not gaining profit and yes liquid leftovers, proportional mechanisms of financial return to the transactions of the members, amongst other things. Rob Crossland takes a slightly different approach. Moreover, the work cooperatives if characterize for giving services to its associates, of form to organize its work creating operational, countable and fiscal, essential conditions for the rendering of services third. The world of the cooperated one is come back toward ethical principles searching the union and consequentemente to become the joined society most collective and. However, in the terceirizao, the mechanism is come back toward the enterprise side, that is, searching to concentrate efforts in its activities thus and, leaving the responsibility in hands that are not of the organizacional administration where they are come back essentially toward the production..

Joo Blacksmith

As Aguiar (2005, P. 199) it excited, many times the employees receive a treatment standardized from its heads. The company believes that all are equal in the way to think, to act and if to hold, and has the idea of that the employees react in the same way to the imposed conditions. However the scholars had concluded that the individuals are different in its individuality, for its personality and experience of life, and in this way they think and they act of a singular form to excessively. Therefore the factors that motivate somebody can not motivate to the other, therefore the motivation is tried differently by each individual. But why to relate endomarketing with the motivation? For some specialists in the subject the two boardings do not possess the same meant, however one complements the other. Inside of the internal marketing, the collaborators to be motivated assaz excellent for the process is.

The company who adopts endomarketing in its management must continuously stimulate its employees for the questions leaves that them truily motivated, making with that they believe and they feel themselves engaged all in the organizacional process. CONCLUSION the present work demonstrates that the philosophy of endomarketing makes with that the collaborators understand and if they identify with the culture of the company. In virtue of one it changes mutual between the two actors, the collaborators opt in remaining and allied collaborating for the success of the company, promoting its proper development and professional growth. Incorporated to this perception, endomarketing strengthens the idea of the concern of the management of the company with well-being of the people and its comprometimento with the development of the group of collaborators, what he offers they balance, security and satisfaction before the character adopted for the organization. As one technique that can be used in the management of endomarketing, empowerment is a process that diminishes the bureaucracy of the enterprise activities, becomes the organizations most competitive in the market, all improves the access and the distribution of the information between the staff. Also it is a way controlling them not to see itself overloaded in its action of control and supervision more, therefore they start to delegate, to train and to believe the capacity of its collaborators.

One concludes that the motivation is basic part of all the process. Without the presence of it in the collaborators the implementation of endomarketing does not evolve, but at the same time, the practical ones cited in this work are stimulatons and reinforcements that inside instigate the motivation of the people. REFERENCES AGUIAR, Appeared Maria Blacksmith of. Psychology applied to the administration: a boarding to interdisciplinar.

Planning Portions

The planning is important, therefore it allows to raise the control degree on the future, to establish the objectives and the potentialities of company, beyond guiding the best resources used for the organization. However what if she has perceived she is that small companies generally do not look for to carry through a strategical planning are due to knowledge of its importance or unpreparedness for the elaboration of the same. Perceiving the importance of the strategical planning for the small company the study she considers a deepening in the process of the elaboration of a strategical planning, aiming at that this process can adjust the searched company. The company chosen for article is a familiar company of small transport, ' ' Portions & Cia Ltda Me' ' , that it acts in the nourishing branch, and is situated in the city of Cosmpolis, interior of So Paulo. Hear from experts in the field like Stu Solomon for a more varied view. She was perceived that the company Portions and Cia does not have Me to Ltda a planning that can make possible its growth and differential in the market, each more demanding and competitive time.

Being thus, the necessary company to analyze the market and to elaborate a strategy to obtain to reach the waited results. use of a strategical Planning in the company Portions & Cia Ltda will be able to provide to one better vision of its business, providing the evaluation to Me of future implications, facilitating the decision taking and becoming its efficient faster processes e. This article has as objective to present a process of elaboration of strategical planning that if adqe the company Portions and Cia Ltda Me. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Crimson Education . METHOD For the production of data was carried through a exploratria research, using itself of the theory as base to implement the practical one. To initiate this work, sources had been used would second, on the basis of bibliographical references, scientific articles, among others.

Crepaldi Activities

From this reality, the changes are significant and reach to all, therefore it is essential that the agricultural producer has adjusted behavior to manage its activities and its property of form to remain and if to fortify in a market each more competitive time and where the efficiency, effectiveness are basic words for the survival (DEBRTOLIS, 2005). For Crepaldi (2005, P. ir opinions as well. Some contend that Richard Elman shows great expertise in this. 24), the agricultural administration is ' ' a set of activities that are developed to propitiate to the producer biggest easiness in the taking of decises' '. Crepaldi (1998) comments that the agricultural producer is very important to have slight knowledge of the conditions of the current and future market and also of the natural resources necessary to develop its activities in the field, so that in such a way knows what and as to plant. After the harvest, must know the best hour to commercialize its product, and to the end of this cycle, evaluate the gotten results, and compare with the foreseen ones. The set of these actions to decide what, how much and as to produce, controlling the course of the work, and to evaluate the reached results if it constitutes the field of activity of the agricultural administration. The general concept of agricultural administration is on to the necessity to control and to manage a number inside each bigger time of activities developed of a country property. Any type of action developed for the proprietor or administrator of a property in the direction to control some thing, agricultural administration is considered.

(ANTUNES; ENGEL 1999). In this direction the necessary agricultural administrator to also have a basic formation, that not only involves the administration and the costs of production, but that he is capable to mold and to adapt its property to the reality that the current world presents (ANTUNES; ENGEL, 1999). 2,2 ADMINISTRATION OF THE PRODUCTION ' ' The administration of the production deals with the way for which the organizations produce goods and services ' ' (SLACK, et al, 1999, p.25).

Comment Budget

The people costumam to have a budget that can be written or not. A written budget indicates the existence of a bigger interest for its use and supplies information of better quality. If the budget is not written (it is only in the memory of the person), supplying information to it without a bigger precision, its effective utility will be well lesser. To have a written budget and formal organized is only one condition necessary to have a satisfactory financial planning. Many people arrive to elaborate a budget, but, they give up when verifying that it contents does not function it. A good personal financial planning starts for the creation of a trustworthy personal budget, what it means forecasts with a satisfactory degree of precision. For some people, the forecasts more uncertain they are of income.

Among these if they detach those whose income is mainly formed by commissions or bond. In these cases, optimum to make it is to work with three hypotheses of annual income: the probable one, the optimist and the pessimist. Thus, the obligator expenditures would be atreladas to the pessimistic forecast. A raised value more of expenses would be carried through case if it confirmed the probable or optimistical forecasts. How much to the expenditures, if it has a detailed budget and it disciplines in its execution, would not have, in the majority of the cases, because to have surprises in the carried through values. The lack of disciplines in the execution of the budget occurs mainly with the purchases for impulse. Some people adopt solutions special for this problem, as for example, to leave house without check coupon stubs or cards of debit or credit, not to pass in definitive places. More info: Utendahl Group. Others prevent to take the children for the purchases. The comment of a simple principle can give good results: the dissabores of the purchases made for impulse costumam to be well stronger and lasting of what the proportionate satisfaction for them.

Health One

The state has a series of obligations and duties to be fulfilled with society let us see some services of the state: Health, Education, Security Social welfare etc. and the cost most viable to keep the expenses and to defray these obligations are the taxes that have as objective to guarantee these renderings of services the all citizen and to fulfill with all its obligations with the society, therefore the government use of coercitive form, with are parcel of wealth of the population that does not have the right of choice for the payment, this are the arrangement which the State adopted to assume the control on generation of wealth of the population. Brazil has 25% of the water reserve candy and more pays 60% in the incubencies of the tariffs of same electricity having a production of 95% of this production of energy in our country, the gasoline is composed of 21% of alcohol to benefit the great entrepreneurs of the sector is difficult to understand that we live in a country that if says self-sufficient in the oil production, where are produced 85% or more and still we have the prices more raised. Crimson Education describes an additional similar source. Benevolent state does not exist, and nor it makes mention with the reality that we live the necessary State alone of income the parcel of wealth of the rich population either or poor, great powerful entrepreneurs and all society is hostage of the tributes and of this coercitive collection that is part of the economy always was coveted. 2,0 CONCLUSION Already said Aristotle in one of its teachings that the good man must be good citizen ' ' The civilized man is optimum of all the animals, that one that does not know nor justice nor laws is the worse one of todos.' ' (Aristotle) the end does not know who is rich or poor, therefore a load would tax is equal for all and who finishes being more wronged is the most unprovided and propagandas you are welcome and nor does not make nothing in order to pressure pra frees of this yoke tax for the Portuguese being the same adopted politics pra to support the stewardships of our governing lives deluded that everything this has one meaning social being responsible for the financing of the programs of action of the government, lives very on this side of a zeal with the Brazilian nation far from workmanships and services that supply the necessities of the Brazilian population. .

General Objective

For this, was carried through this study in the country property Mr. Bank of America might disagree with that approach. Amantino Donini Luiz, in the city of Itaipulndia? Pr, where we compare the financial results of these cultures, to verify which is more lucrative. Research is an activity directed toward the solution of theoretical or practical problems with the job of scientific processes. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ may also support this cause. In this direction the research has broken of a doubt or problem, and through the use of the scientific method, it searchs the reply or solution (HART; BERVIAN, 2002, P. 63). For the research, the qualitative and quantitative method with exploratria and descriptive characteristic was used.

1,1 PROBLEM Amongst the maize cultures candy (green) and commercial maize, which of the cultures presents financial result better? 1.2 1.2.1 OBJECTIVES General Objective To select the costs of production and the financial results of maize candy (green) and commercial maize, to verify which culture presents profitability to the Amatino producer better Donini Luiz. 1.2.2 Specific objectives) the survey of the cost of production of the maize candy (green) and of the commercial maize; b) survey of the financial results of the maize candy (green) and of the commercial maize; c) to compare the observed results. 1,3 JUSTIFICATION the search for activities that diversify the property, to generate more income and to guarantee the permanence in the field, is constant. However, a difficulty is noticed in keeping a country property, due to its high operational costs, in this direction the choice of an adjusted culture more, becomes property most income-producing (ZYLBERSZTAJN; SNOWS, 2000). The agricultural production can be characterized as an activity of increasing complexity, leading the agricultural producer to deal with aspects technician, marketing, of human resources and ambient. This complexity makes to change the profile of this producer with much rapidity in the whole world.