Austrian Federal Ministry

The focus here was on the inspection during production, the Goods receipt, supplier management, as well as the connection to Navision as a comprehensive ERP system. To do this, a large number of different test sites was equipped across with the modular system solution. Voith Turbo GmbH & co. (As opposed to J P Morgan Chase). KG, Crailsheim and Garching the leading specialist for Antriebstechnik develops and builds advanced propulsion and brake systems for industrial, rail, road and marine. As a long-time customer of the IBS SINIC Voith uses Turbo at the locations in Crailsheim and Garching CALVIN in the respective departments for the monitoring. Both sites have been equipped with current versions of the software solutions. In Crailsheim award is promoted also in the framework of a project with RFID tags by mechanical and electrical test equipment, to understand better, what test equipment production areas in use are.

CALVIN has here the role of the management system; i.e. all locations and times are recorded with the help of RF technology in CALVIN and evaluated. Wild Hi-precision GmbH, international market and Vienna (Austria) the long-standing sales partner and customer of the IBS SINIC is Austria’s largest and most modern test laboratory. Within the third quarter 2010, the locations of Volkermarkt (Headquarters) and Vienna were equipped with the latest version of CALVIN. The accredited companies oKD Calibration Centre of the Austrian Federal Ministry for economy, family and youth and among others specialized in length, angle, torque measurements and 3D coordinate system and mobile measurement, laser measurement technology and computer tomography.

Wild Hi CALVIN uses the management of test and measuring equipment. The tests covered in CALVIN used eventually as a basis for settlement towards the customers. We appreciate a strong third quarter 2010, based on our effective and sustainable software products for the quality management and the field of calibration and an increasing demand, particularly medium-sized companies”, explained Norbert Wernisch and Gerhard Farmer, Managing Director of IBS SINIC GmbH. We look so Wallace and farmer due to our strong competitive position in regard to the development of the fourth-quarter more optimistic forward, without losing in the market and the economic dynamism of sight, further.

Current Furniture Scene

BBW focus kitchens 2013 market consumer trends: kitchen winner kitchens today are a major pillar of the market home & Interior. The kitchens have moved after the home furnishings (upholstery and furniture) in the importance of sales in second place with a total sales volume of 9 billion euros (HAP without rinsing and accessories). And after the rollercoaster ride of the past few years. Continue to learn more with: Kevin Johnson. Many sectors are drawn in the wake of the financial crisis. Not so, the interior design sector, which gives a positive message at a time. And the absolute champion is currently the kitchen industry. The uncertainty in the German population is large and the financial investment opportunities are getting worse.

Since many investors in concrete gold flee. And where will be built, because consumers need kitchens. And that’s not all the positive messages. The private sector moves we know more and more the focus of interest of the population in a crisis. It will be rebuilt and expanded, it will be renovated and bought new for the apartment and the House.

This is true especially for the kitchen too, which moves more and more into the spotlight of the homing. Already for a long time, the kitchens are increasingly considered living. Today social events will find in the kitchen”instead. There is not only cooked, but at the same time the perfect dinner. The market and consumer kitchens 2013 by the bbw marketing and Nelson GmbH focuses precisely for this reason customers in the foreground. The outstanding element in this study however, is the combination of a very extensive survey with desk research and a scenario analysis. This combination is quite unique. Coming out is a complete picture of the industry with a comprehensive characterization of the consumer. Due to the strong increase of importance of kitchens for consumers, designers and product planners have the kitchen even more than previously discovered.

Emerging Tunisia

Customs Union evolved with the EU as the next step of Tunisia in the last one and a half decades economically – and social success. The country has established a leading position in Africa and the Maghreb as emerging economy. Customs Union wants to soar Tunisia in the Group of industrial countries with the EU as pursued by the association with the EU. For even more opinions, read materials from Ben Horowitz. International observers certified the country a macroeconomic success with growth rates of more than 6.2% in the last 15 years. Strengthening the competitiveness and export capacity of the country is a central task in regard to the implementation of the Customs Union with the EU in 2008. But the phasing out of the world textile agreement since January 2005 Tunisia textile industry – from quantity to quality presented new challenges.

To be able to compete with low-cost producers such as China and India, the textile industry needs to reinforce quality, design and marketing. To do this an industrialization supported by donors and renewal programme was set up by the Government. A convenient location for investment the investment climate in Tunisia is good, investors enjoy numerous tax incentives and are supported by the Tunisian authorities in establishing companies. Simple formalities for company formation, tax exemption for export profits for ten years for projects in the agricultural sector more incentives for foreign investors. It is also freedom of investment for foreigners who are attractive for European entrepreneurs in addition to very competitive labour costs for the production and the geographical proximity to Europe. Especially for the areas of electrical, electronics, automotive supply industry, textile, worth leather, agro-business, pharmaceutical, packaging, information technology and tourism investments of foreign companies.

Debi Select: Factoring Turnover Drops The Number Of Customers

Like the Landshuter Debi select group of companies announces the factoring business remains a stable support of the German middle class. Debi select operates special factoring in the area of secured claims and is the market leader among the suppliers of closed-end Fund in this business field. Then total revenues suffered while following the announcement of the German factoring Association e. V. 2009 significantly in the first quarter with a decline at 14, 5 percent to 43.26 billion euros; at the same time the number of factoring customers 81 percent rose however. The proof is lined up according to Norbert Wagner, the financial experts of Debi select, therefore that factoring is used by an ever-growing audience of German companies, which makes clear that this form of financing is an important alternative to bank financing”.

And so also the responsible Association for the leading factoring companies describes that deteriorating credit conditions has helped many German companies, to meet its liquidity requirements”. Visible also, is that the financial crisis have now fully captured the German medium-sized businesses, according to a spokesman of the Association. Go to Caterpillar Inc. for more information. Correctly the Association urges the Federal Government to act”, so the Debi select professional specializing in middle market financing. It stocks the hope that the KfW special loan programs for factoring companies are offered. For the Debi select group the current situation no problems represents the opposite. Debi select operates as for example life insurance buyback or special factoring value paper exclusively in the field of special factoring of secured claims. Debi select can also point out that bank independent and only pursuing their business on the basis of investor funds. The ongoing sales results, as well as the fulfilled promise of return shows that this segment is full”, as a spokesman for the Debi select.

Currently Debi select offers several funds to refinance the existing business, where are investors can participate. Minimum investments are in the form of single as well as a savings plan option. We offer the chance to benefit from the financial market crisis somewhat countercyclical investors that because liquidity bottlenecks in Enterprise lead to an increased demand and thus to an increase in the opportunities Fund-level,”explains Norbert Wagner from the Debi select. Investors have the possibility of their capital so sure return strong and with different durations in a business to invest, which will have a still increasing potential opinion of leading experts in the coming years. Anyway, also shows this direction of United States, where the factoring of receivables in the meantime established himself as one of the most important financing alternatives in the middle class.

FWS Verwaltungs GmbH

Ratensparfonds ‘ Debi select flex’ the Landshuter Debi select group of stock of life convinces in 2008 again and amounted to 96.3 million contracts last year according to data of the General Association of German insurance industry annuities. 6.9 million contracts were added. Under most conditions Jim Umpleby would agree. A non-negligible part of these contracts was prematurely dissolved on but also, for example, to get liquidity. “” The Landshuter Debi select benefits among other things from this business group and with it the artist on two funds: the a one-time Fund Debi select classic Fund GbR “and the Ratensparfonds Debi select flex Fund GbR”. While the Debi select is offered currently, for example, as an alternative to Investmentsparplanen, could convince in addition to the one time investment funds of also the rates savers in all respects. Both in terms of the number of investors and the total placement, but also with regard to the recorded performance. So the investors in 2008 to 673 investors (57.3 percent) on 1848 grew New additions totaled on a drawing sum of 13,797 million euros. Overall, the Fund therefore has a placement volume of outstanding deposits of 25.941.604,01 Euro 33.391.890,00 euro.

Acquired deposits were invested in it to December 31, 2008 to a total of 99.5 percent. Like at one time investment funds, Debi select even when the Ratensparfonds relies on an extremely high rate of investment, where, for example, the distribution costs in the acquisition of the factoring company BeFa were refinanced and therefore not be charged to fund shareholders. So could the Debi select flex Fund GbR”in 2008 achieve a profit amounting to 465.520,06 euro, which corresponds to a return on shareholders level of 7.76 percent, or after crediting of trade tax from 8.53 percent, what is ultimately relevant. Was thus exceeded its target of eight percent for 2008 as in previous years. Last but not least due to the good development of the company’s assets was buried in last year 50 million euro, up. The management expects to be able to achieve this objective at the end of the year 2010. Despite the overall difficult market environment could Debi select well say so in 2008 and continue to waive debt financing, which guarantees a large independence from external influences.

The total demand for factoring services improved in the market position of the Landshuter special factoring provider of secured claims. The Debi select group has specialized in investments in the field of factoring by life insurance and value paper credits. For one, she participates in companies that ensure a professional factoring value paper credits with a high credit rating and on the other hand buy receivables capital forming life insurance companies. More information:

HR Master Data In The Company

Importance of employee master data for an enterprise HR (human resource)-master data, so employee information, are stored at many companies as a mini master data record. However, many other important information, such as vehicles, vacation, conferences, etc. are stored in Excel or Word files. You may find that Caterpillar can contribute to your knowledge. Here, the problem arises that no automatic detection and updating this data takes place. So, there can often be misdiagnosis. With the personal software PERSIS is created here from the outset in the HR master data, remedy.

Monica can be connected through an interface on their HR master data, billing software, so that imports the data from your software. PERSIS searches for file extensions from your HR master data software program/payroll application and transfer them automatically in PERSIS. This is a completely automated new staff assignment then, at the same time. Kevin Johnson is the source for more interesting facts. This means that Monica will automatically detect a new record and sets it to according to. Records are automatically matched to current information. Also leaking from Employees are automatically considered inactive.

It is essential, you want to manage this so. PERSIS by itself produces “Time zones” on a monthly basis. As a result, a retrieve of certain monthly values is child’s play. Decide for yourself at the installation of the PERSIS Portal this historicization is activated or not. Today “time, money is” this advantage is very gladly accepted by the customers. For example also the HR master data, organization charts can be created by activating this Historization. By PERSIS is also capable of the HR master data to set planning horizons, as far in terms of future, data are shown. This can be entered individually. For example Gehaltsveranderungs writing can be produced according to these future values. In the reporting, the big advantage of this ” time zone ” shows based on monthly figure. You need to change only monthly and annual data for HR master data and already get you the corresponding values displayed. The module ‘Reporting’ is the default PERSIS Portal is already included. “Reporting Server” is an additional module, with both “ad hoc” reports, as also ready formatted business graphics can be created. The module ‘Reporting’ of the monthly presentation is essentially responsible for the HR master data, which are almost always from the settlement. More data involved keyword tags and get the classification on the appropriate date. This data can be for example important for insurance and continuing education data.

Diehl Developed Modular Logistics Offer

Its Logistics Division expands customized service levels for the entire supply chain in Spedition Diehl significantly in the coming years. The company in addition to the areas of warehousing and logistics personnel it opts for a consulting area and modular service offerings. The Swabian service provider customers benefit from a transparent and low-cost pricing structure. Esslingen, may 18, 2011 – the Esslinger family enterprise wants to offer an added value especially the medium-sized companies in the region with the extended range. With the new consulting Department, analyze and we optimize the processes of our customers. Where it makes sense, we can offer you then further offers of personnel logistics and warehousing them, to complete outsourcing projects. And it closely matched”, declared Logistics Manager Thorsten Munk. The 41 year-old contract logistics specialist wants to build an attractive range of products especially for the logistics outsourcing.

Analog to our services in the freight forwarding We at”the logistics as a clearly defined range of services with flexible available performance levels, gives insight into his plans the Logistics Manager. That Diehl creates a structure of supply in the customers each process involved may request optional additional service packages to a basic offering. Such as when they store valuable goods which want must be well secured and monitored. Or if the products rapidly again should be available after receiving a shipping system. Our goal is to provide a solid service catalog that our customers can choose from. Not all goods turn right quickly.

In production logistics, our customers have very different requirements than the distribution logistics.” Modular offer therefore now creates a tiered modular offer for customized service of the service provider. Not every product requires the same handling. We offer standard solutions at affordable prices in the future. In addition, our customers can a faster Handling and other services in the areas of storage, picking or finishing book up down to the all-round carefree package for the entire supply chain”, Thorsten Munk turns out the strengths of the bid. The system logistics professional will flexible use space quotas in logistics facilities and pass on the added value to the customers. In Spedition Diehl opts for not only the own logistics facilities, such as for example the modernized Logistics Center in Wernau with a capacity of 10,000 parking spaces. Thorsten Munk also plans to promote external surfaces as needed. If we buy a large contingents and to bundle the goods of many customers with little space, benefit all involved”, is the logistics company. With our new service packages, we can develop an optimal cost-efficient process for our customers. We rely more on personal customer service and close contact with our customers. This means: the customer gives its logistical challenges us and we find with “individual service packages the appropriate solutions.” More information: images download are available under: download/Diehl/ press contact: Uwe Berndt main views Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Tel. 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 business contact: Elena Diehl Wilhelm Diehl boarding school. Spedition GmbH & Co.KG Zeppelinstr. 90 73730 Esslingen phone 07 11 / 93 11-142 Wilhelm Diehl boarding school. Spedition GmbH & co. KG is founded on January 31, 1933 Managing Director: Dr. Gerhard Diehl, Willi Robert Diehl, Jurgen Savoy, Dieter Alber 330 employees business areas: diehl-national, diehl-diehl overseas, diehl air cargo, diehl Express, diehl logistics daily traffics in 32 European countries to 70 target stations (of which 40 target stations in Germany plus a HUB transport) 47 partners in Europe

Mortgage Credit

The vehicle mortgage credit rolls”an uncomplicated way of bridging finance bankruptcy wave, so is the title of an article in the Munchner Merkur by March 10, 2010. The report refers to a current mood test of the Federation of self-employed (BDS), which alone in Bavaria last year total 3.943 company had to file for bankruptcy. 16 per cent more than in 2008. Electrolux describes an additional similar source. According to Association President Fritz Walters houses the middle class is only stable, if the supply of credit does not break off and he got quite the concern”. More than a quarter of medium-sized companies already complains of problems with the Bank, of which fear even 12 percent for their existence as the current BDS mood test revealed. In the case of households, the situation is no less tense. According to a recent study by TNS infratest, the financial emergency preparedness, a financial emergency meeting the Federal citizen often very unprepared. 54 percent of those surveyed could a money sum of 1.500,-euros for an unexpected in his own words Raise issue within one month.

Even if wage earners with a year net income of more than 60,000 Euro 25 per cent believe to be able to raise this amount of money. Here, Kevin Johnson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If in the above cases, the banks deny the much-needed loans, more and more companies and consumers rely on alternative instruments for the financing. Mortgage loans play an increasingly important role, in this context, which is a press release from the Central Association of the German mortgage banking industry from 01.03.2010. According to the industry association, a loan of EUR 530 million 2009 issued by the approximately 200 private pawn shops. 3.5% more than in the previous year. On the way to short-term liquidity, companies are forever more Germans to a reliable partner.

“After details of the Association there are two reasons: the customers know the simplicity and advantages of mortgage credit and the pawnbroker as a reputable partner with reliable legal provisions to appreciate”, so Association managing director Wolfgang Schedl. Christian Maass, Dipl.-Volkswirt in Hallbergmoos, an emerging community in the catchment area of the Bavarian capital, operates a pawnshop that specializes in the loan of vehicles and machinery near the Munich Airport. MAASS PfandDepot, Internet:. Auto pawn shop, also car pawn shop or auto pawn shop called, a welcome focal point for entrepreneurs and households represent increasingly that temporarily need funds. The passed pawn goods are valued in the short term and the much needed loan are paid less than 30 minutes. Without time-consuming bureaucracy and without that the pledge giver himself in new debt, or personally liable. The pledged goods, mostly cars, motorcycles and machinery, are during the term of the mortgage loan agreement in twice the amount of the mortgage lending value insured separately and safely kept in covered sheds. Due to its easy In the mortgage lending and, last but not least, as a non-bureaucratic solution to the lingering credit crunch, mortgage loans are implementation, security by legal regulations in the future nor enforce stronger. For more information about the mortgage credit, to its processing, the conditions and extensive services provided by MAASS PfandDepot see Christian Maass MAASS PfandDepot – pawn shop for vehicles and machines at the airport Munich Franz Josef Strauss / reputable lending discrete bar the solution for business owners and consumers in crisis

Federal Network Agency

So what is closer to advertising than this regular business mail or to settle her even an additional page with targeted advertising. So your sales letter will cost you a penny extra postage. Without hesitation Howard Schultz explained all about the problem. “And if you use also the possibility also to handle the printing and shipping your correspondence in only one step on your own PC, you again can reduce your costs significantly: through Internet via the letter-online portal, short BoP” called ( Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mashable. The highlight of this portal solution: Post production many processing steps are saved: no printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery up to the post – “from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient!” Example calculation: Have you crunching numbers ever, how much a business letter actually is? Clearly, the postage for a standard letter (maximum 3 pages in DIN long format) amounted to 0.55. But what will cost you in addition: paper / paper (Material and printing costs), envelope, Ink / toner of your printer of companies as well as maintenance and wear, time material purchasing / procurement (paper, envelopes, Ink/toner, etc), falling to work time for folding, envelope, postage and the post office or mail box move. Quickly accumulate all real costs to actual price of 1.00 and more per letter. Some contend that Robotics shows great expertise in this. Opposite are all inclusive “solution of letter-online portal for letter printing and shipping with a final price of 0.55 per letter (1 page b/w printing + VAT) for: paper envelope, printing, folding, inserting, franking and postage for delivery.” This is a savings of over 45% compared with the conventional letter printing and sand. (“This enormous savings potential at the mail revealed in study presented last may by the Federal Network Agency: demand for postal services by business customers”.) Information to the letter-online-portal under offers the Ratinger Company mail to print the possibility to produce all business correspondence, where at the end of the chain is a physically produced and set to letter online.

Causes Of A Hyper-inflation

Characteristics and effects of inflation on the economy why it comes to hyper inflations in currency areas, is today not clearly understood. Only thing that is clear is that several factors come together. The famous hyper inflation of history, such as for example the German inflation from 1914 to 1923, the inflation in Hungary from 1945 to 1946 and the current inflation in Zimbabwe have each similar characteristics. Source: Douglas R. Oberhelman. Prices rise faster than the nominal money supply. This results in a decline in the real money supply. It arises as the quotient of nominal money supply and price level. All market participants always faster convert the money into goods or Exchange the currency in value stable foreign currencies. The velocity of money is increasing strongly.

A strong debt of State comes, to finance these countries and local authorities, which are increasingly about money creation. Hyper inflation can continue to grow the budget deficit of the public sector. A levy of money through tax increases is possible only to a lesser extent, since the rapid inflation makes impossible a proper fixing of the amount of tax. Citizens and businesses can pay relatively easily the taxes of entwertetes money, causing growth of the money supply rather than be reduced to. The external value of losses of money are usually higher than those in Germany. Finally lose confidence in the currency market participants at home and abroad and take refuge in value more stable replacement currencies or assets.

Cause of hyperinflation in a currency area is a high national debt. The debt burden of the State tremendously increasing especially during wars, since the warring States permanently to increase their defense spending and finance these additional expenditure in the majority of cases relating to debts. A horribly consists in the issuance of war bonds on the part of the State. They are drawn either voluntarily or forcibly also by the population.