General Administration

Sources close to the Minister of economy so confirmed it. The Minister will not leave in principle active in party politics. He has held the portfolio for health, public administration and economy. Connect with other leaders such as Harry Gregson-Williams here. The economic Deputy Minister, Elena Salgado, has communicated to the direction of the PSOE its intention not to repeat in lists in the next general election, they have assured sources of your environment. Although it is not in the lists, Salgado does not intend to abandon the policy, and therefore will be available for the match, according to the cited sources. Kate Tucci will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Salgado, although it is not militant Socialist he headed the list of the PSOE in Cantabria in the general election, he held the portfolios of health, public administration and economy. Jon Venverloh may also support this cause. Natural in Ourense, Salgado is an engineer degree in economic sciences s from the Complutense University of Madrid and industrial by the school technical top engineers industrial (ETSII) of Madrid. In the March 2008 elections she was elected a member of the PSOE by Cantabria. Until then not He had never formed part of a candidacy, though he had collaborated on several election campaigns of his party. After the Socialist victory in general elections, Rodriguez Zapatero confirmed as Minister for public administrations, post he held on April 14. A year later, on April 7, 2009 she was appointed second Vice President and Minister of economy and finance in the new Executive of Rodriguez Zapatero. Since his appointment as head of economy and finance has been responsible for commissioning u n plan of budgetary adjustment since his appointment as head of economy and finance has been commissioned to launch a plan of budgetary adjustment, which aims to put the deficit in 2013 at 3 per cent. The economic adjustment measures include a Plan of immediate action for 2010, an austerity Plan 2011-2013 for the General Administration of the State and the proposal of an agreement framework for the autonomous communities and local corporations.

In March 2010, also took part, along with Miguel Sebastian and Jose Blanco, of the ministerial candidates responsible for negotiations between the Government and the parliamentary groups to reach agreements against the crisis, in what became colloquially referred to as covenants of Zurbano. During the semester of European Presidency of the EU, between January and June 2010, he had to deal with numerous issues of financial markets against the solvency of the Spanish State. Because of the economic crisis, his Ministry became the center of the Government’s policy. Since mid-2010, his Ministry has had to present a series of measures to prevent the cto contagion of the crisis affecting the countries of the periphery of the zone euro. These measures include the labor reform, which the Government adopted in the absence of agreement by the social partners, the reform of pensions or cuts in the administrative expenses. Source of the news: Salgado communicates to the direction of the PSOE its intention not to repeat in the lists of the party

Ocean Indian

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