SUS People

We live a period of stabilization of the currency, since the real plan, however, it very did not change the question of the purchasing power of most of the people. James Joseph Truchard will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We saw to each day, some notice of people leaving the line below of the poverty but, we do not see to speak of people leaving the poverty, with the same empolgao. Of any form, this result sample that has people that they desire the service psychological, but is barred by the financial questions and for this, I suggest to search in the facultieses that have the psychology course and disponibilizam in its clinics gratuitous service to the population. Another possibility is in the proper SUS, as I mentioned, that also they offer psychological attendance. It is not something Crimson Education would like to discuss. To make a research in the Internet the search of these services and finally, when searching the psiclogica aid, talking with the professional on its possibilities and to find a denominator who takes care of to the two sides.

In all way, exactly being difcl to reach this so longed for complete well-being, we saw that we live a new paradigm, a new reality in terms of vision of man, values and in terms of society. We are in a transistion phase and as such, is necessary a period of adaptation, mainly in a country with as much diversity cultural. All these questions exactly send in them to a central question, that is the improvement of the quality of life that, with as many obstacles, can find our skill. What it matters is the conscience taking, therefore, this is the great step for any change. Health also starts in the world of the ideas!


This act of refrear a fidget from the consumption is a banal example, vulgarized until, of the close relation that has between individual psychology, mannering ways and sentimental states and the modern economic-social structure. (BOTELHO, 2002). It is possible to detach that, people without financial conditions to keep certain social status, are each time more being influenced for ambient and cultural stimulatons. Kushner Companiess opinions are not widely known. In its reasoning, Botelho (2002), makes a diagnosis on the critical evaluation of the economy politics and of they will problematizaro of the modern consumption, standing out that, the limits in the lack of the critical recital derive the proper consumption, inverting the imminent development to the exchange process and stumbling at coarse a volitional explanation. Additional information at Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ supports this article. (BOTELHO, apud CAMPBELL, 2001) We live in a world where who commands is the advertisings and individuals with such upheaval internalizam the propaganda and if it projects stops a world of ostentation, welfare, recognition prestige or satisfaction of one ' ' necessidade' '. Skinner standes out that when believing that practical the cultural ones had emerged of the pleasant effect of the reinforcing, and that great part of the fortalecedor effect of the consequences of the behavior if lost. The fortalecedor effect if loses when the stiffener ones are called reward, atentamento for the imperfection of practical the cultural ones occurs.

' ' People are rewarded, but the behavior is strengthened ' ' (Skinner, 1987, P. 3). 5 To if considering the money as stiffener secondary a conditional one it can analyze the promotion of its pleasant effect and the consequences of the behavior, in detriment of the effect fortalecedores, that have consumed the reinforcing contingencies. (SKINNER, 1987). In a good exchange, the bought object is more highly stiffener than the money expense, and the sales if it processes quickly. When the stiffener consequences for the purchaser exceed wide the aversivas consequences to pay the price of an article, the simple behavior to buy is strengthened.

Miraculous Healing

Dennis has a fever 40. 1.5 days and then did not stop vomiting, I could not even drink water. It was evident that he suffers from severe pain, the whole body is stretched and throws back his head. After retiring baby pediatrician, my husband and I waited until evening, but then in my heart I heard: "it is time to hospital, urgent!" In the evening, an ambulance drove us to the children's department. It drew a few doctors. When we stripped Denis, my legs, "as if the vessels are left out" arrows, and the eyes of all it spread up to the hips. Vomiting was thick, "coffee-colored." Made a decision to urgently make a puncture.

We have your consent. Doctor declared that the child is a rare form, is very contagious, infectious meningitis. AND showed us a test tube with a white-yellow pus, saying that it is in his brain, the condition is extremely serious. Then told me that usually when such disease 5-6 hours and death. Checking article sources yields Crimson Education as a relevant resource throughout. It's amazing that it took almost 2 days and he's still alive! Noted that the strong-willed boy, fighting for his life.

We held hands, went out into the hallway of procedure room and from my heart cried out to God for the salvation of her son, all given into the hands of our Heavenly Father and fully trusted in Him. A warm wind rose and we were "covered with" like oil, heat flowed through the body. Together we have heard the Word of God: "He is healthy!" And then came the heart of this peace and quiet. Three days of Denis was in intensive care, we as a family every morning made the breaking of bread (it was in our hearts). On the fourth day I heard that today will be transferred to the ward. We arrived at the hospital – and was. Dennis put the catheter. My husband and I were together with him, taking turns watching dropper, just 3 weeks, although the doctor said that the second puncture will not earlier than 2 months. After 2 weeks, the doctor showed us a test tube with clean, as a "tear" the liquid joy, not hiding, with tears in his eyes. To us House came to different doctors and husband, all the while saying that the consequences might be (partial or complete loss of memory may have to re-learn to walk), said: "He is completely healthy!" We have banned all relatives, to complete the healing words of Denis confess doubt and unbelief in his life. We talked about the long-term care and stay in the hospital, but on the restoration of his son took 3 weeks. It was not an instant miracle, the Lord Dennis gradually restored. He's not lost his memory, we found out right away, asked favorite toys and cartoons. Biblical cartoons and sermons we heard in the House from morning till night, and the entire hospital staff listened to them. Grace was everywhere. The treatment was very expensive, but since the case is rare, primary treatment, the doctors decided to conduct the meeting through the hospital. Finance "fell." We had enough for treatment, and for meals in the hospital, and on family life. Glory and Praise our Lord for healing her son! Thank God for the precious Pastor Lyudmila Mikhailovna, brothers and sisters of our church "Word of Life," for prayer and support in every way! Thank God for talented doctors Nizamova Irek Mirhazeyanovicha, Hanmurzinu Engelsinu Kamilevnu, all doctors and nurses, and infection of intensive care department of the city hospital.

Client Questions

Solution found independently, always far more valuable than simply follow others advice and recommendations. Coach understands that everyone, without exception, are endowed with tremendous potential for virtually any problems he may encounter in their lives. The task of a coach to help your client to disclose this potential and use their own benefit. This is precisely the focus questions coach. The ability to intelligently ask questions – this is probably most importantly the ability to coach. These questions are called "effective questions" – they are arranged so that the client was able to depart from the usual stereotypes, to remove unnecessary restrictions, unable to articulate their mission and find ways its decision. Questions to be answered, require clear language, awareness and responsibility. And this is the way to solve the problem, the way to achieve this goal.

In his coaching issues constantly follows the interest of the client. It is the customer interest is the determining factor in any coaching session. What is actually the customer wants? In clarifying this issue, as a rule, begins session. And often, the client, especially at first, it is very difficult to articulate their desire, the question, its purpose, which he wants to solve during the session. JPMorgan Chase & Co. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Meanwhile, the clear question often contains within itself the answer. Of course, asking questions and following interests of the client, the coach is still trying to comply with a particular scheme, the model session. This is to ensure that the session was of a constructive nature and was most effective for the client.


The problem of this procedure is that many times this rigidity can generate an attitude of passivity in the children or same to inside create a hostile climate of the room. It happens that the movement for the children, some times, means that a mere one not to dislocate itself in the physical space, but it is through this movement that the child can express itself and communicate itself through mimic face and gestures, being able to interact through its proper body. Kevin Johnson brings even more insight to the discussion. In this direction, it is basic that if it makes a work integrating the expressividade and the proper mobility of the children. From this we can even though rethink the indiscipline in the children through a optics where ' ' a disciplined group is not that one where all remain silenced quiets and, but yes a group where some elements if find involved and mobilized for the activities propostas' ' (Mattos & Neira, 2002, P. 28). From this, we mount the rich plan of interventions of activities that involved the playful one, and all the times that we arrived in the classroom of the group to search them for ' ' schedule of psicologia' ' , the group in them received with a motivadora commemoration and a collective shout from ' ' ! ' '.

This goes in accordance with what Mattos & Neira (2002, p 29) places to ' ' we remember the commentaries, the smiles, the happiness printed in the face of the children when it is allowed to them simply, to play. This happiness, evidenced to long the playful activities, represents the envolvement with proposta' ' (P. 29), with the life the activity, the experiences and the emotions of this process. For this we made some meeting with the children in an ample room, empty, with a mirror great long cushions of physical education. We choose this environment to leave the space of classroom and to more leave them the will for the group.

New Social Psychology

Comparing itself with others you discipline social and human beings, we can surely consider Social Psychology being sufficiently young. However, one knows that questions as the collective behaviors and the social interactions if they confuse with the origin of the human thought. As well as other sciences, Social Psychology also possesss in its history important changes of paradigms. Something that we believe to be deserving of attention is its transformations front to the slight knowledge of the positivismo. Sergey Brin is likely to agree. The positivismo, as philosophy, is dated officially with the launching of the great workmanship of Comte, Principles of Positive Philosophy, in 1868. Passed some years, more necessarily in 1879, Psychology if emancipated of time of the Philosophy, earning science status, with the inauguration of the laboratory of Wundt, in Germany. (WALNUT, 2001; SCHULTZ; SCHULTZ, 2005). As Walnut (2001), the landmark of birth of Social Psychology as specific area of Psychology happened at two moments: the first one was in 1908, with the launching of two texts: crisis in Social Psychology intends to go beyond what it is observvel, that is, beyond the behavior, searching to understand the invisible world of the man movement. Some contend that Jim Umpleby shows great expertise in this.

It includes between these, studies in the perspective of the social representations with Moscovici, the development of Partner-historical Psychology with Bock and Lane and other sources directed to discursiva Psychology and the social construcionismo with Spink (CURED, 2008). Appeared as critical for the individualizante vision, as well as for the psicologizao of the collectives that social psychology vine keeping, from the decade of 60, in the Europe, the studies of had taken it to Moscovici to the elaboration of the Theory of the Social Representations. According to Bock (2003), the social representations are the concepts elaborated collectively and practised in the common sense, differently of the scientific theories that present one high logical severity and of tecnicidade. In short, they are the representations of world, created socially.

Work With Groups

Set and matrix are non-separable during the work. The matrix discloses and reflects the underlying set with this the integrant ones starts to perceive the matrix and goes acquiring knowledge of itself, each component individually and the group as a whole and while the coordinator interprets the group as a whole. Its integrant ones go giving touchs that contribute to enrich the work still more. To this first phenomenon subjaz pairs of the equal and ambivalent opposites. The behavior repeated and disclosed by the group is transformed by the matrix.

Thus a group marked for the egoistic and hostile meiguice and integrant cordialidade can this occulting the behavior of excessively. The coordinator must be intent to these details, however leave the process if develop for proper itself until the emergency of the matrix, when then he will be able to carry through interpretations, therefore a premature interpretation could be presumption to know for dominating the instruments, the tools of the process, does not wait resulted specific, respect the development of the group opportunely, therefore he does not make extreme demonstrations of knowing not to take the group to a success climate or I spoil and nor privileges no component not to exarcebar in the narcsicos the exhibitionism nor in the depressive ones, absence> to know the process worked in always will have capable structure of if keeping firm and continuing its work, if it makes in contrast necessary and efficient of that if they find worried in its narcissism to make look like successes. No matter how hard we strengthen in them in defining the matrix, we will never arrive at a logical conclusion because first it is law and thus if it holds, is in the process, but it is not part of it, however it is the common base for all group event, is a present law in all the events and all the integrant ones. The work still consists of the comment of the degree in the polarities, in the ambivalence: set-matrix. The causes and the events are that they will go to determine greater or minor degree of the conflicts. The resonance will determine the degree of found catexizao or descatexizao in this polarity. All the events in the group as, for example, the degree of cooperation in the resolution and conflicts of its components, are denounced and elaborated from the interpretation of the matrix when the group well is lead. resonance comes of the set, the conflict and the ambivalence also.

The matrix is a neutral unit, that discloses what he is occult, desvela and if it undoes. It imposes itself impartial following its natural law, the expenseses of the behavior of the formed set then. The matrix points the pleasant one and ackward and it interprets it to the coordinator in impartial way. Components of the group are not superior nor inferior to the set. Material the same underlying to the group, subjaz the matrix.

Human Suffering

Summary: This work brings a story concerning the particular experience of an individual in relation to a serious illness that brings it suffering. Leaving of the basic estimated one of the felt search of and the question of the being in relation to the espiritualidade, objective to bring a bigger clarification concerning the particular experience of suffering. Word-key: suffering, particular experience, search of direction. Story of a particular experience: When an individual is born with some disease, seems that it does not have perspectives for this exactly individual. The people around of the patient do not bet that this obtains to develop itself.

In the truth, as all being in the world this individual that suffers obtains to develop and to search a direction in its life. All and any being that is born, expects that the best physical and psychic conditions are in favor of this new to be that it finishes to be born. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jim Umpleby. But when somebody with some special necessity is born, the best conditions are not waited although the parents to aim at to reach it. These if they become attached to the faith as a shelter of the suffering to have an ill son. The GOD makes responsible for having brought a son with a physical deficiency. The individual with necessities special as well as any another human being, is not born with a preset destination.

In the truth, it must construct throughout its experiences a direction for its existence with a being that is in the world. The hope to continue fighting to live in a world where the conditions are favorable for an individual with a deficiency makes with that the parents not only stimulate its son motivate as well as it to continue its day. Being in the world as one to be that it is not given, the individual suffers lives deeply the anguish that makes possible it an opening.

Jung Personality

Only in 1928, exactly thus affirming that one better evaluation of the subject, Jung if pronounces on subject, affirming that would fit to the future the mind possesss legacies of historical contents, that if become gifts in the conscientious zone, for diverse reasons, preponderantly those of emotional character. Certainly, the understanding of the concepts of immortality of the soul, the reincarnation and the communicability with the Espritos would assist very in best understanding the developed work. They observe that interesting, when Jung approaches the personality Manna and its arquetpicas structures: ' ' I recognize that in me a psychic factor acts that if occults ahead of my conscientious will. It inspires extraordinary ideas to me, to the side to produce affection and whims in my nature. I feel myself important ahead of these facts and what I consider worse, I am tied to these facts in order admir-los' '.

Jung still says: ' ' The personality Manna is dominant in unconscious the collective one, is arqutipo of the powerful man in hero form, mago, saint, healer, owner of men and Espritos, friend of Deus' '. Would be this the recognition of Jung of the influence of the processes spirituals in psychology? It would be the convergiz form them for the acceptance of the scientific way of its time? In junguiana therapy, that explores the dreams and fancies extensively, a dialogue is established between the conscientious mind and the contents of the unconscious one. The psychic illness is had as a consequence of the rigid separation between them. The patients are guided to be intent to the meanings personal and collective (arqutipo) inherent to its symptoms and difficulties. Under favorable conditions they will be able to enter the individuation process: a long series of psychological transformations that culminate in the integration of trends and opposing functions, and in the accomplishment of the totality.

Jung trod the individuation, therefore it had the imperious necessity in it to go to the hell and to come back to be able to show the way of the return to that they had been lost for the way of the life. It became a sincere and courageous reply our time. ' ' I am proper a question placed to the world and must supply my reply; in case that contrary, I will be reduced to the reply that the world me der' '. (In #Jung_-_Uma_resposta_a _nosso_tempo) Unquestioned, however, that the espritas concepts allow to one better understanding of the unconscious zone or Spirit. Front to immortality of the Soul, the Sonambulismo and the possibility of the communicability with the espritos, carried through for intermediary of the medinicos phenomena, the understanding of the affective complexes and the personality Manna would more easily be understood. While science, the Esprita Doctrine if characterizes for its excellency, its dynamism and for its logic always established in the thought faith, stimulating the human being in the search of its moral and scientific evolution.

The Extration

The power to discipline would be present in the quotidiano functioning of all the Institutions that fit the life and the bodies of the individuals, having as main function to put in charge itself of its time, transforming it into work (FOUCAULT, 2003). … under the form of these Institutions pparently of protection and security if establishes mechanism for which the entire time of the existence human being is rank to the disposal of a market of work and the requirements of the work (FOUCAULT, 2003, p.118). Beyond kidnapping the time and the body of the individual, these Institutions, would have other functions as, the creation of a new to be able to discipline, polimorfo, being this complex and consisting through diverse other forms of being able as: the economic one, the politician, judiciary and the epistemolgico, this last one would be a form power-to know, of which it has as objective to extract of the individuals one to know, and at the same time, to extract one to know on these same individuals, that are submitted to a vigilant look (FOUCAULT, 2003). This power, is installed in very subtle way, to the look it individual, for using simple techniques as: the hierarchic monitoring that only watch, the normalizadora sanso, that punish or reward with the function to normalize, and the examination that would be the combination of these two techniques for the extration of one to know. Being thus, the base in such a way of being able to discipline, would be to watch, before being necessary to punish (FOCAULT, 2003). As punishment control, it appears the arrests, that would be a form to correct the citizen infractor. The objective of these Institutions would be of ' ' formatar' ' the individual, of which the main concern would not be of as the citizen is felt, if guilty or not, for inflicting one or more laws, but the interest would be where, a time remaining in that isolated place socially, this would learn and it would not make it again. .