Manager Sales

Basic rules of making ad: – brief, – the accuracy of the language – literacy. Common mistakes in the job description 1. The combination of positions, "Sales Manager / Manager Sales "," designer / copywriter, "" Reaper / igrets on dude. " Such statements only confuse the applicant – who needs that? Or the employer trying to save on employee? Specify one post. Or, make a declaration for different positions. 2.

A large list of duties, "A long list of duties discourage good people from low self-esteem", – says Olga MARTHA, deputy director of personnel Center HR Maximum. Bad and the other extreme – the vagueness of the wording or phrase "standard duties", "duty, according to the instructions." It is better to highlight the key features and describe them briefly and clearly by writing each separately. 3. Insolence, spelling, capitalization, abbreviations Novice hardly respond to the sloppy text. Illiterate Ad suggests carelessness of the employer. Capital letters on the Internet mean increase in tone. Reduction in the ad are relevant to the pages of publications, the Internet, they create the impression of haste and can be perceived as a competitor of disrespect.

4. Phrases such as categorical sentences "We meet only with candidates who have experience of 5 years in a certain industry" significantly would reduce the job seeker. Use a more flexible formulation. "For example:" It is very desirable experience in a certain area "- in fact candidate for the other parameters can be employed "- advises Mary Kosteva, Senior Consultant Consulting Group," Consort ".

The Banks

Further development (I have a possibility of further development in this organization, I can learn a lot, I I get a promotion, more interesting responsibilities, higher pay / here will not be a career, I prosizhu in this position for 10 years and nothing changes, I have no way to transfer to another department, to another post, I did not learn anything here / further development does not interest me, I’m not going to take a higher position, I was happy with everything as it is, I never thought about it) 7. value of the company (I share the values of the company I am guided by them in everyday life / I do not understand, do not share the values of the company, they make me rejection, this is double standards, no one truly does not believe it, I have to pretend to be like everybody else / what is it? the company has value? never even heard of) 8. Titan Feul Tanks takes a slightly different approach. sector (working in retail, in B2B, the production, etc., has always been my dream, this is a stable, reliable sector, I would not want to work in another sector (if you work in the company’s sell marble, would you like to try his hand at the store? And at the factory? And in the company to provide services for the population?), I am proud that my company …. (Building houses, providing services to the public, helping people realize their dreams by providing loans) / I do not like the scope of the company, I would have moved to another sector, in the everyday life of me, this sector is not interested in (depressing, I think such activities as immoral..


I will say that this is not a quick and easy process. Applying the knowledge I have, for the first time in 11 years after graduation, began to gradually straighten your shoulders and breathe freely. I I realized that I do not need to spend on their maintenance 800 – 1000 dollars. per month. It may well suffice, and a smaller amount, although I have not lived in grand style. Using the knowledge I realized why I was always short of money regardless of whether how much I earn.

Please note that hard to reduce their expenditure, which for the most part unnecessary! It became clear that no need to change jobs as a glove in pursuit of better wages. All things are possible even at paid work. The main thing to know how to dispose earned, you want to order it and not pull down the toilet. Sorry for the time spent for which I bought several specialties after graduation, but Even worse, that he learned not to what you need. I like to grasp something new and share the acquired knowledge.

Now in my spare time I have been studying e-commerce and how to create a stable, passive income through network Internet. Here, too, is not without financial literacy! It is important to understand that in a few years we will all sit on the Internet, regardless of age and our life will be closely tied to the global web of networks Internet. We are not leaving the house via the Internet can already pay utility bills, fines for cars, make money transfers to anywhere in the world, pay for purchases, etc. It is now time to begin to learn and use the Internet and use it along with financial literacy to improve their quality of life. The earlier start to master the Internet, the easier it will be the age to enjoy its capabilities. You look how hard our parents learn mobile phones, and how quickly and easily acquire a mobile phone children! Internet is already able to take us on a path of financial freedom, based on financial literacy and can make us human living on the interest. I’m not good at writing, and perhaps not everything is smoothly written, but I have tried using their own experience to explain to you how important it is to acquire new technologies and earnings be financially literate to improve their quality of life. Good luck to you on the path to financial freedom!

Promoting Twitter

Good afternoon, after some thought I decided to write a series of posts about Twitter, since it is at this stage for me is very interesting and in Russia it is on the rise. Click Howard Schultz to learn more. Every day the number of Russian tviteryan growing and this can not be left without attention. With Twitter, I already know you are in the article 'Twitter for bloggers' and what it can also be used, can be understood from this article. So, you created an account on Twitter, writing regularly. However, subscribers do not have? You just need initial impulse and then, the number of your followers will begin to grow with a geometrical progression, of course, provided interesting posts. And this impulse, of course, can serve as a tweet Booster, unique and not repeatable in a rode.Tvit Booster is a service that allows you to quickly and easily increase the number of your subscribers to Twitter. This service is based on a system of credits kreditov.Sistema was created to stimulate project participants to add new friends in exchange for something vzamen.U each user's service has its own budget and the cost of clicks, you can check on the Profile page. The larger budget and higher cost of clicks, the more users you add to druzya.Stoimost clique determines the number of credits, which is deducted from the member's account when it was added as a friend. In this case the same amount of credit goes to the expense of the participant, who added druga.Dobavlyaya friends You increase your budget that is spent as you add your friends in other members of the service. As the saying goes, all ingenious is simple, I got myself in a tweet Booster for more than 300 readers, a couple of weeks, mud, results are not so bad, it's not massfoloving. At this permit bow out in the next article I write about the monetization of Twitter, I think it would be a logical extension after leading: D

Know the Company Well

All who were led from the start of these companies in light of its own as child. 5. Not understanding or perception of leadership, performance sotrudnikov.Kazhdoe case must be evaluated, the harder it is, the more the worker needs in order to appreciate his work. Not necessarily give bonuses. You can simply thank for their work, may even be in writing. Tell how much it was important to the company’s life. Explain that further movement of all benefit from it.

6. Do not cause vision officer immediate implementation guide does not tell zadaniya.Kogda purposes for which it should be made an assignment it will not be satisfied in rows. Not necessarily tell everything from a to me. You just need to make it clear that this really important for the company and not just primha leadership. Accordingly, the time is just not interesting to work. 7.

Conflicts between sotrudnikami.Maleyshie conflicts between employees can lead to care One of them, or loss of desire to work. Moreover, it is contagious … Any small conflict could split the organization in two. People see and react to the opinion of each of the parties to the conflict. The manager should see any conflicts and resolve them soon. 8. BezdeleRabotnik should not sit idle. He should not be bored at work. He must do his work. If it does not work, he begins to relax and further delay the assignments, as always a lot of time. When after a while he realizes that sat in the office almost in vain, he usually goes, because most likely want to develop. 9. Moral davlenieVsegda should be clear problem. There should be no pokapyvany for brains. A man must always understand that and when he has to do. If it start to twitch, distracting, changing the job 8 times in 8 hours, he simply stops trying. And for what? All equal to all change. And then: “I spoke to, but why do not you do?” Such a situation simply kill the desire to work. Most likely the person will write a statement. 10. Doing work which does not apply to officers obyazannostyam.Esli man looking for a job he knows what he wants to do. On arrival at the job he starts his own business. If it is loaded with other things that he did not need and should do what the other person, he begins to move away from his case. He spends his time on what to do useless work for it. If this single case – this is normal. If it ever expect layoffs.

Interactive Copywriting School

In the Internet today survives not so many professions that can afford to work with a free schedule and at a considerable distance. In many cases, special knowledge and skills brings a good income to remote designers, programmers, all sorts of web-masters and content managers. The product of their labor is measured by sending customers in kilobytes, not in terms of material that suits interacting parties, regardless of location. However, there is such a profession as a copywriter – the creator of not only advertising, but in general any texts for the web, as well as various stateynogo material. If we consider the profession as a network, then it goes a copywriter with a capital letter, which develop slogans and give the names of new brands. Such specialists like hot cakes and they work off-line for a very decent money. But the majority of copywriters, lyricist demand is on the Internet.

Real business slowly began to develop the World Wide Web and to actively use its economic advantages. Today many people, heard vaguely about copywriting, not really figured out what to do, is proud to declare: "I am going to start soon to earn a living by writing texts and articles. By the way, do not know how much you can earn it? ". What can I say, except that it is either will remain pathetic attempts, or a waste of time. Need to learn copywriting, and where – few people are aware. Today, the official professional copywriter no. That is "industrial climber" is, advertising manager and Specialist public relations too.

However, copywriting is becoming more in demand, with a high level of quality. For those who are already well aware that learning copywriting – not easy, works online copywriting school "Test mode". The very process of learning in school is free, and for access to closed sections required to pay a symbolic amount. Only now are taking on the school of copywriting is not all, in fact ensure quality learning outcomes for the procedure is necessary before a very renowned organizations and institutions of advertising. The school is a definite plus – the training, test-taking workshops and is not limited, except for a maximum period allotted for study at school copywriters. There are drawbacks – will have to learn and work on practical tasks independently, and, make no one no one will. Quickly and soon will not work – for the study of selected educational literature will take time, attention and desire to achieve. Service learning is fully interactive copywriter, but without self-discipline required to master at least it will be difficult. Copywriter – a profession at all times, because in a remote location and office environment in any specialist to create a text will find a deal, regardless of age and location.