Create Your Website

How to create a website? Who has not dreamed of having her on the Internet site? I first thought about this when you first hit the Internet. Then, for me, the creation of the site was far off. For two years I shoveled a lot of literature, visited hundreds of sites and finally decided to do Web design. And why there is a website? Well, firstly, to prove himself. To show the world (yes, world), that in the ocean of human resource is YOU, and deserve to be reckoned with! Oh, and secondly, the Internet provides an opportunity to strengthen its financial position by implementing and monetizing their then-development, to market products of other people. In fact, the site you can buy. But it is very expensive, and not so interesting. And in order to create a website with their own hands, we must know a lot.

This HTML tables and CSS and PHP and more. Click John O. Utendahl to learn more. True, there are special programs to facilitate the creation sites, but even without such programs still need to know the basics of HTML and PHP (at least of them). If you want to create a good website, you need to know languages such as minimum HTML + PHP + MySQL. Everyone who decided to create a simple site should look or become familiar at least with HTML. On the Internet a lot of proposals for the creation of ready sites, Web pages, Web cards, and more. The main thing – do not get caught on the proposal dishonest people. A couple of years ago I purchased an electronic book promises to teach me to create a site for a few days. If you pick it all up to the end, I saw that I offer 'seriously' to study languages, and then decide whether I should create a website or not. The money for book have been paid.

The Scenes

Pushes these people to do this, as I mentioned earlier different reasons. This is mainly financial problems. You must agree, they all want a beautiful life, ride a beautiful car, live in beautiful conditions. Why, in Russia it is so prevalent? I think this question will be many opinions. Perhaps because of the specificity of the Russian people, in fact agree that everyone is talking of democracy, democracy, and we in fact most do not eat capitalism.

And looking at the rich and successful bit of hunting to live like them. Why can they live, and we can not? After all, turns, and there fraud here, only some of them do not shun morality and principles. Maybe it spitsyficheskoe misunderstandings and nedolyublivanie , amid the Soviet collapse, and that they have done with Russia in the coming years. Basically to Russian carders is America, but in recent years from us suffers evroppa. Why? And because of that everyone decides for himself, and is guided by its principles. In carders have their code of honor behind the scenes that everyone understands their own way. You might think that these are people devoid or notions of justice, and here and there.

We often help to orphans, disabled, and just to those who need it. Suppose that not all people, but for some it's assistance is substantial. Examples like this abound, but I will not delve into the details, but often this can help someone brighten lives, and sometimes a chance to live.

Web Design

Nowadays, very few web – design studios Mercator excellent job with his work! Today I will Tell you about the web – design studios Mercator create sites in the uCoz. Some studios will not go through, (there are many) are deceiving svoyh customers, putting them taking the payment for the order. But there is a Mercator studios do not work for money but for fun and take quite poorly paid for their work, providing a wide range of services. One of these web – design studio yavlyaetsya Webster Design Company studios on the Web – Design Webster Design Company 'At the moment, every Internet user can create for itself the most common site is using the system Ucoz. But not everyone can make it progressive, functional, with a unique design embodied in a contemporary style, their beauty and elegance .. You may want to visit Kevin Johnson to increase your knowledge. To realize your dreams for the perfect site to help you our company! For the low price we do for Ucoze that what you dreamed. Create a site from scratch, optimize existing site, install a bunch of useful and the choice of scripts for stable operation of the site, nastroym Ucoz'a modules to suit your theme Projects and more! As well as providing domains in both.

Net. Biz (value domain included in the total amount of payment) is also our web studio – design is a series of profiles on the site developers – Architectural project creatures uCoz'om Order osobovo not be working! The forum skazhivaete application form and then send to specified email address on the form application and wait for an answer! Description of Payment – First, create a website on a free service by uCoz. In order to show the efficiency of the customer site. After that proyzvoditsya payment for services, then we Please login or register the chosen domain you. And send the number via e-mail all the data concerning the administration panel of the site and domain control panel. As our studio has those customers.

support within a month. Deadline equal to = 2 to 4 days. Price of creating the site with uCoz composes = 180 rubles. Payment proyzvoditsya through online payment Webmoney. ' Choose yourself

Manager System

Virtually any modern website works by using a content management system – CMS (Content Manager System). Select the system should at the very beginning of developing the site, and come to the decision to seriously, because CMS change ready site in most cases leads to the necessity of creating the site again. It should be remembered that the developer and the customer may have different interests, and the customer must actively participate in the final choice of content management systems. All existing CMS can be divided into two groups – commercial and freeware, that is free of charge. Among the commercial systems can be divided into two large group, it is called boxed and samopisnymi systems. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Kevin Johnson on most websites.

Boxed CMS – is a system supplied as a standalone product that allows third-party vendors can create Web sites. With the system The detailed documentation is required. Samopisnymi system called CMS, developed a web-studio for internal purposes, ie to create a site solely by specialists of the studio. Separately, CMS are not sold, but only used when creating the ordered sites. To create and support the site should be used free and commercial boxed CMS, and samopisye system, in general, use not recommended.

Although the ordering site assumes long-term cooperation with a web-studio, practice shows that the change of developers is often enough. In this case further support the site, its development and changes will engage other professionals. If your site uses unique content management system, for which no documentation available, or source code, full support for specialist other Web Studio will be impossible.

Yandex Site

It should not be be too long a list of key phrases, otherwise it faces the complication of the problem of website promotion in search engines. Limit the list of your five or six key phrases. This is enough to start working on promotion of the website. Later, after the first month of website promotion in search engines, analysis of the situation to understand which of the key phrases is really in demand and what is actually possible display site in the first ten positions TOP-issue popular search engines. Try to identify the strategic direction of the company, several of the key phrases for which you, as representative of the company, making the main focus to increase sales.

This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses for promotion of your website, focusing on a specific 'master' plan of the company. The logical question: how does the design on site promotion in search engines? Certainly we can say that increasing your site's ranking is directly correlated with the placement of keywords on the pages in the form of isolated fragments of text and headings corresponding to the subject site and focused on the needs of potential clients. Electrolux recognizes the significance of this. How to do it properly – a task a professional web designer. Try to consider all possible word-formation and possible interpretations of phrases based on key customer needs (different cases, plural, etc.) This will also help in promoting the site. Particular attention should be paid to design the home page, as this page is actually a 'person of the company' on the Internet. Your task – to produce the desired effect on the viewer with an emphasis on quality of service companies, competitive pricing, additional features and etc. It should adopt one of the main rules: the first screen of the home page (note the author – we are talking about the scope of the browser window without scrolling the screen) is created in order to show what the company to make proper advertising emotionally positive effect on the potential customer, offer him something special, while on affordable terms, to show the breadth of choice of the opportunities provided by this company, the second and third screen main page is designed for content site. They serve, in turn, to keep the site in the top positions in search engines, provided the correct organizations with overlapping blocks of text and word-formation, based on key phrases that are selected in the first stage.

Texts presented on the site must be filed interested. Some key phrases in Internal pages have little value to users, but very important to maintain the site for high search engine rankings. This text should be formatted very carefully, making it visually less priority to users' attention to the main text. Try to avoid partial errors for which Yandex can delete your corporate website from search engine indexing of their own: – can not be format text with color background – can not format the text using the bold style, visually displayed as text without distinguishing – can not be completely hidden from the user text blocks that contain key words and indexed by search engines. Now you know that literate adaptation of design sites for search requests from clients to help achieve not only high positions in the delivery of search engines, but also to achieve real financial success by means of selling goods or services through the corporate website. We hope that you will benefit from the advice presented in this paper, the design of your corporate website company. We wish you a successful outcome of web development!

Business and Internet

Now comes the Internet, more and more visitors. In Western countries, the number of people visiting the Internet regularly, and has long been firmly passed for half of the total population. But in parallel with the growing number and sites that are not in order to provide necessary and useful information to internet users live, and a few other purposes. Who creates these sites and what are they? These sites are made and optimizers 'Moneymaker', ie, those who wish to make the Internet a relatively simple way. Today there is no shortage of information about creating sites, and almost anyone, even beginners can easily learn how to create sites of their own. Source: Ben Horowitz. This often leads to the temptation to immediately try to apply their skills in practice to start making on the Internet. Such a purpose is especially attractive because today, increase the market for Internet services, advertising, website promotion services, etc., there are many ways to generate additional revenue for website owners. For instance, hanging on his website contextual advertising site owner can get a good income from the advertisement, while showing visitors who came to read some materials they need at the same time and several commercial deals, which are close on the issues of interest. This is normal and acceptable model – after initially are predlzheny advertisers and search engines was to focus on owners of existing sites that are visited and have their own interested audience, and generating revenue for them would only be an additional application to the main purpose of this site.

Google Caffeine

Already some months ago we had the news that Google tried to improve his motor search to give better results us in the searches, or rather LESS results and of better quality. For it, it had in march a test version than they have called " Google Caffeine". You may find Douglas Oberhelman to be a useful source of information. What is Google Caffeine? Like Caffein in the humans has an effect of improvement of the concentration and the speed of the thought, Caffein in Google gives like result an improvement of its operation. It will provide the results to us in less time and will be results that Google will decide that they are the best ones. It is necessary to consider that Google is a company and that the results search are the base of their business, so they must provide a product of high quality, updated, of excellent contents and, mainly, express. Mainly now that has increased the competition with the Bing finder, the seeking Web of Microsoft.

But, how Google decides now who yes meets the conditions and that no. Now who is the best one for Google Caffeine? How is determined the positioning? With the new algorithm of indexing of Google Caffeine the global quality of the page will have if more importance fits than before. The factors of the page will be valued in the first place: pages with a correct design, unique content and of quality, with good densidad of key words, a good rank of visits, time of visit of the users and good navigation can elevate to us in the ranking. The Time of load of a page apparently is going very also to be valued. A good optimization as far as key words with key phrases in title, description will be fundamental, metaetiquetas, contained everything is adding for Google Caffeine. However, contained superfluous, I connect broken and I connect projections of low quality (towards not very well positioned pages will lower) us in the ranking of Google Caffeine. Which is going to be the importance of the connections? And again we return to the subject of the connections. They are a part of the very important organic positioning and that Google Caffeine it will value very positively.

And here something new: bookmarking social, that is to say, the number of social connections that a page has and that will score much for Google Caffeine. That is to say, it will give to priority to the results in the form of the news and mentions in social Webs. It is necessary to consider that Internet is evolving and that sites as Twitter or Facebook shows a new type to us of user of the Network. Perhaps therefore it is a good idea to review our pages again so that with the entrance of Caffeine we pruned to hold our positions (or even, to improve them). Original author and source of the article.

Gasoline Customer

And here you can add it here, but any color will change to blue? Put here … please. Many developers logos for certain familiar phrases like))). Moreover, vyshenapisannoe – it's flowers. But very often they turn into berries, not very priglyadnye to view. Like all good. Order is executed. The customer is satisfied.

Logo design is fully paid. But there's something wrong … And it is not "something" – Ready logo, but rather that picture, in that it evolved after the so-called "wishes" of the customer. Not always, of course, all too badly. But if you do not want to place the logo in its portfolio, it is already on to something.

How to explain to the client that he is wrong, in good sense of the word. A good designer (if he is really good), never make the logo less than the director of law firm or a sales manager food company. But very often the "ideological creators logos are the customer's name. I'm not talking about wishes for some items or colors that are commonly accepted even before the development. This is quite normal practice. Detrimental to further interference with the logo design. Moreover, it is detrimental for the customer, because you can draw anything you like, get the money and disperse happily with a satisfied customer. But in addition to financial satisfaction and approval of the customer, it is necessary and a sense of quality work done … How can that be? What about when you want to return the money, but would not continue "this wonderful creature?" Before you start creating a logo sure to thoroughly discuss with the customer such moments, namely: Listen to all the wishes of the client before work to present to the client The maximum approach to work Try to put a clear distinction between concepts of "wishes" and "always Explain to the client that if his choice had fallen on your studio on the basis of a portfolio, so he has full confidence in your professionalism Learn how to talk to the client – "it's bad," "so impossible, "" it is incompatible, "etc., if wishes were consistent with the phrases. Based on our experience developing logos, we can say that the best works were produced in exactly the case when the client said before work – "I completely trust your professionalism." Dear customers. Trust those who fell on your choice. We are also interested in creating an original logo, which will not get lost in the mass of his fellows, and also decorate not only your business but our own portfolio, for which then did not have to blush. Trust and you'll be rewarded for that trust. Especially since you have so much trouble in their own business to spend more time to create the logo.


Unique content (content) is very relevant topic for any website owner. A site with unique content indexed by search engines Horch, he is on nizkochastotnikam, there is traffic. If your site filled with non-unique content copied, it can remain and even without indexing. Ignoring the name of the site is always needed to fill the tag. This is the most important place for keywords is not only helps you optimize your site, but the text is displayed in the search engines as the page title. Wrong keywords The mistake that many people do, especially beginners. Taking the usual description of the site for keywords.

Key words reflect the specifics of the project and nothing else. To choose the right keywords, help services Yandex and Rambler service on the selection of keywords. Correct their selection is very important, it allows you to increase position of the site. Even though it is believed that of keywords are ignored by search engines, I can assure you considered weaker than before, but ignored. Flash-site than it is bad I've already written than to unwind bad sites such I repeat, Flash-sites can be beautiful and dynamic to the eye but not for search engines. Search engines can not index the content of such sites.

JavScript Menu, JavScript is often used for navigation, but search engines do not like JavScript. If you can not do without a JavScript menu, I recommend you make a map of the site. Using images for headers Many people believe that the image looks better than text for headings and menus. The image can improve the appearance of the site, but the use of images in the headers and menus confusing. Backlinks very common misconception is that the more the better bekov. Not to be confused and just a lot of bekov many CASE bekov. It is believed that the registration everywhere, you can lower the position of a site in the search engines, still it is nothing more to be confirmed. Lack of optimizing I often come across customers who think that optimize your site You can once and for all. If you want better results or a permanent place in the issuance of search engines, you have to constantly optimize his website, edit content, follow the changing positions of the grant. Algorithms search engines are constantly changing. For good positions in search engines should be directed to SEO-specialists.

Service Web Site

Roughly the cost website design, business cards with straightforward design and standard components. Next. Filling the web site information. Price – from 25 rubles for a one-page insert for tables or photos. For purposes of clarity – following example. You've decided that your site will be 15 pages and 30 photos. Count: 15 multiplied by 25 = 375 rubles. 30 multiplied by 25 = 750 rubles.

Total: 1100 Delivery deadline – 7 days spent on the development and 2-3 days to content website. True, working with a good studio, the customer will always be able to edit and fill the site itself. Support web site web site. You may be offered: the maintenance of the site in working condition; systematic Updated information on the website revision software, design changes and other minor works cost of all these services – from 4000 rubles per month, if you have concluded a contract – 3 months or more. Here are . But it's still "stuff" compared to what it would cost custom website in the studio of a well-known Lebedev. There's money web site – from 60000 to 100000 $.

And it is – just the creation of the site, excluding the cost of support. Of course, if you full of extra money for the order, the questions will not be. But what about the user, owner of the computer (at whom it is now not) have access to an Internet, a head on her shoulders and arms, but finances do not allow to seek the services of the founders Web sites? It's common in the present situation. Well, a man wants, that would have been his own site – for the soul and earn – in advertisements, for example. There are in fact those who earn a good idea! That has to find a way to Self-Service Web Site Many people are turning to designers of websites, including website builder uCoz. The first thing that attracts customers to this resource – the magic word free! uCoz will not only give you the opportunity to create a website on the engine, but will provide hosting. At first glance – that still need something? But in reading reviews on uCoz, my attention was immediately attracted the following comment: Quote: After the latest update them not recommend to anyone! If you want to learn to create websites from scratch – start on a paid hosting – it will be easier and cheaper, because if you will need something to enable or disable you unexpectedly receive an offer to pay for it, and throw made site sorry and move hard and the code they'll be closed! For support to be paid! Free support does not work. Etc. What do you ask? A conclusion from all of the above suggests this: if there is no extra bank notes – better to do a website yourself. Of course, to make the site level professional web-studio, you are unlikely to be able to. The most viable option would – take a ready-made Web site template and place it on your taste. Benefit to the web templates – many, including free. Of course, in this case, you can not do without knowledge of html and at least the basic foundations of php. Well, after all, a game worth the candle!